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Frogs is an American 1972 horror film. The film falls into the "eco-horror" category, telling the story of an upper class U.S. Southern family who are victimized by several different animal species, including snakes, birds and lizards, as well as the occasional butterfly. Nature, the movie suggests, may be justified in exacting revenge on this family because of its patriarch's abuse of the local ecology.

Directed by George McCowan. Written by Robert Hutchison (story and screenplay) and Robert Blees (screenplay).
If YOU Are Squeamish Stay Home!!! Taglines


Jason Crockett: I still believe man is master of the world.
Pickett Smith: Does that mean he can't live in harmony with the rest of it?

Pickett Smith: [looking at Kenneth, dead on the ground in the greenhouse] Is there a place where we can put him?
Charles: Yes sir, I'll show you.

Jason Crockett: Karen... and everybody... this conversation is ended!
Pickett Smith: No, it isn't. Look, with Grover and Kenneth dead, I don't know what's going on around here... or if it is happening anywhere else... but we are a bunch of damn fools if we don't face the fact that we are in a hell of a lot of trouble! And we are gonna have to get together to fight it!
Maybelle: Keep on talking Mr. Pickett, 'cause you are the only man around here who's saying anything!
Pickett Smith: First of all, we're gonna have to try to find Iris, Stuart and Michael. To be very honest with you... I don't think we will. Not alive anyway. But whether we find them or not, we have to get off this damn island! All of us, now! We'll take the power boat. If we have to, we'll tow the canoe.
Jason Crockett: And leave this house empty? Deserted?
Pickett Smith: I don't think there's gonna be anybody around here to worry about today. Maybe if you didn't notice, but there hasn't been one boat out on that lake all day!
Clint Crockett: Do you think this is happening everywhere, Mr. Smith?
Pickett Smith: Well if it is, we'd better all get out of here together.
Jason Crockett: Well, I forbid it! I control these people, not you!
Maybelle: Nobody controls me, Mr. Crockett! Now I'm asking for your permission to get off this island, alone or with someone else, I just want to go!
Jason Crockett: You can leave whenever you feel like it.
Charles: Mr. Crockett, begging your pardon, I do believe Mr. Smith made good sense. We must all go together.
Jason Crockett: What are you saying? Are you contradicting me? Just because of one small crisis, you want to run?
Bella: Mr. Crockett. Really, it's not a small crisis. You got to see that.
Jason Crockett: I see who's loyal and who isn't. That's what I see. Now, if you wanna go, both of you, well, go. Do you?
Maybelle: Maybe you haven't heard about it, stuck out here in vacationland, but five score and seven years ago, they just started letting people make up their own mind.
Charles: Mr. Crockett, I wish you'd change your mind, for your own safety. Mr. Crockett--
Jason Crockett: Do you want to leave? Then leave. Get out! All three of you, go on! Clint?
Clint Crockett: Yes, sir?
Jason Crockett: Take 'em across the lake and leave 'em. Take a good look around. Then get right back here!
Clint Crockett: I can take care of that, sir. Ladies, gentlemen, you have about five minutes. Thank you.
Maybelle: [to Jason] Thank you so much for your hospitality. I'll write you my thank-you note when I get back to civilization.
Pickett Smith: You're in for one hell of a battle, Mr. Crockett. You better get ready for it.


  • If YOU Are Squeamish Stay Home!!!
  • Cold green skin against soft warm flesh...a croak...a scream.
  • A tidal wave of slithering, slimy horror devouring, destroying all in its path!
  • ...a terrifying story of times to come when Nature strikes back!
  • It's the day that NATURE strikes back!
  • Millions of slimy bodies squirming everywhere! Millions of gaping mouths devouring... devouring... devouring...
  • Today the pond! Tomorrow the world!

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