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Frosty Returns is an animated Christmas television special. The special was directed by Bill Melendez and Evert Brown and features music by Mark Mothersbaugh. It first aired in 1992 on CBS.


  • Oh no you don't! You wanna take something? Take the tie! Unless you think I need it. How do you well dress for this Winter Carnival anyway? I mean...I don't want to under dress. But if I could get away with a tank top or something more "caz".
  • What do you say we find a safer place to talk, like Siberia?
  • One friend's a lot more than no friends. One friend is plenty.
  • Like say, uh, a snowman doing a cartwheel? Or singing Puccini? Or maybe dancing a mean mambo?
  • Lighten up kid. Some things just can't be rhythm.

Miss Carbunkle[edit]

  • Snow belongs in its proper places: mountain tops, poetry, and songs by Bing Crosby.
  • (in escalating tone) Before you know it, this darn snow turns into slush—and where there's slush there's ice, and where there's ice there's broken hips, and where there's broken hips there's substitute teachers!
  • Where do you think you are, MTV?!
  • All right, Holly. Bring on the bird! Holly?


Frosty: [sees the Summer Wheeze trucks pass by and spray the snow away] Oh, no!
Holly: Don't get upset, Frosty.
Frosty: Upset? "Upset" is waking up and finding out somebody forgot to give you a belly button. "Upset" is finding out somebody stole your nose to play Foosball! This ain't "upset", kid! This is PANIC! I'm 2 squirts from being HISTORY!

Holly: They're leaving! I think we're safe.
Frosty: Not all of us.
Holly: [sees a hole in Frosty's stomach] Frosty, what happened?
Charles: Looks like the work of the Summer Wheeze.
Holly: Oh, no. There's hard leaning snow left on the ground. How are we going to help Frosty?
Frosty: You better think fast, guys, or I'm going back to the North Pole in a bowl.

Holly: Don't leave, Frosty.
Frosty: Don't worry, kid, I'll be back. Give me some time to find me a new bowtie. This time, no polka-dots. Maybe something in a nice blue, not too busy. Or green. I like green. Brings out my eyes.

Student: My dad says it causes heart attacks!
Charles: He must have snow confused with chili dogs.

Holly: Summer Wheeze is not the kind of magic we look forward to every winter, Mr. Twitchell.
Mr. Twitchell: (whispers to Bones) Call security.
Holly: Your product is dangerous. What's convenient for today isn't always safe for tomorrow. We need snow just as much as we need rain or sunshine or clean air.
Mr. Twitchell: (annoyed) Little girl, I think your hat's too tight. Now, as I was saying...
Holly: (interrupts) I'm not finished, Mr. Twitchell! And unless you got a spray that makes little girls disappear, you're gonna have to listen.
Mr. Twitchell: You've made your point, small fry. And I can assure you there is nobody here that finds anything magical about snow!
Holly: Don't be so sure, Mr. Twitchell. The best kind of magic that only winter brings comes in a big snowy bundle that dances and sings.

(Charles pulls the tarp off, revealing Frosty underneath. Mr. Twitchell, Bones and the crowd gasp in surprise that Frosty is a living snowman.)

Frosty: May I? (Holly hands him her hat) Now, can somebody give me a b flat?


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