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Full Metal Panic! (フルメタル·パニック!, Furumetaru Panikku!) is a series of light novels written by Shoji Gatoh and illustrated by Shiki Douji. The novels, having been first published in 1998, have been adapted into a number of manga and anime series since.

Full Metal Panic![edit]

The Guy I Kinda Like is a Sergeant [1.1][edit]

Sousuke Sagara: What are these?
Melissa Mao: Things most Japanese high school students probably have. I gathered them from all over the submarine.
Sousuke: Is that right? What's this? [picks up a condom still in its wrapper]
Mao: A condom.
Sousuke: I know that, but why would high school students need such a thing?
Mao: Hey, don't pretend to be so innocent, you dirty old man!
Sousuke: What are you talking about? I've used it before.
Mao: [cries in surprise] Wow!
Sousuke: If you don't have a water bottle in the jungle, you can use this. [smiles] It can hold a litre of water.
Mao: [sighs]

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu[edit]

A Goddess Comes to Japan (Part 1: The Suffering)[edit]

Kyoko: And she's the class representative, Chidori.
Kaname: [hears her name and turns to look at Kyoko talking to Tessa]
Kyoko: She's also the Vice President of the Student Council. You can ask her for anything.
Kaname: I don't think I can help much...
Kyoko:' Come on, come over here and introduce yourself.
Kaname: Geez... [gets up to introduce herself to Tessa]
Kaname: Nice to meet you. I'm the class representative, Chidori Kaname. Please consult me on anything from how to use a Japanese toilet to helping a helpless Captain.
Tessa: [clearly miffed by Kaname's statement] Thank you, Chidori-san. Please advise me when I am having problems with the other sex.

Kaname: [clearly offended] Sure thing... [starts laughing]

Tessa: That would help me a lot. [also starts laughing as a red aura surrounds both Kaname and Tessa]

Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid[edit]

Her Problem[edit]

[Right after Leonard Testarossa kills Xia Yu Lan. This is the first time that Kaname meets Leonard.]

Leonard: ... this is the real reason I showed up tonight. And you saw the unpleasant side.
Kaname: But I don't understand what's going on. And why...
Leonard: Why what?
Kaname: You didn't have to kill her, did you?
Leonard: Well, I certainly didn't want things to end this way. She made her own choice.
Kaname: But you--
Leonard: Besides, I haven't killed as many people as your boyfriend has.
Kaname: Well, that guy ... he's been forced to fight in wars ever since he was a little child. He never even had a choice. All of those he fought against were bad people. But he always goes out of his way to help people who are weak an innocent, unlike you casually taking a life for the thrill of it. And still, you think you can compare yourself to Sousuke! He's a soldier not a murderer!
Leonard: Are you serious? You can't possibly believe what you're saying. The essence of our actions is the same. And yet I'm the one you criticize. You're very partial to him, aren't you?
Kaname: No, I'm not.

>:Leonard: You like him.

Kaname: You're wrong!
Leonard: Oh, really?
Kaname: Yes, really.
Leonard: Look at me [catches Kaname off-guard with a kiss].
Kaname: [slaps Leonard before she rubs away at her lips] You bastard!
Leonard: That was a wake up kiss. Because I've fallen in love with you.
Kaname: I think I'm gonna puke. You make me sick!
Leonard: That's what I like about you, see? Fragile and ferocious, vulgar and noble at the same time. You're quite the compelling enigma.
Kaname: Shut up!

Light Novels[edit]

Volume 2: One Night Stand[edit]

Chapter 1: Page 56[edit]

  • [Kaname is mad at Sousuke and Sousuke is trying to apologize to her and brighten her mood]
  • ... Sousuke held out a white bouquet of flowers, each about the size of a human fist.
  • The six flowers gently opened into four petals, which tenderly concealed the round ovaries. Sousuke's limpid gesture entranced Kaname.
  • I picked these last night. I want you to have them.
  • Th-thanks, she stuttered, making a great effort to suppress the smile that threatened to escape. Perhaps she was being childish; maybe she ought to forgive him. "What kind of flowers are these? They're pretty.
  • The flowers themselves aren't important. It would be better if the blossoms fell off right away.
  • They're poppies. When the petals fall off, you can cut the seed pods to make opium. Basically, these are the raw materials for heroin. If you sell that in the city, you should bring in an impressive amount.
  • Kaname stared dumbly. Her face, which almost had reached a state of calm, reverted to grim. The more she thought of it, the more she realized this war nut wouldn't have the common sense to give a bouquet to a girl in a bad mood.

Volume 6: Dancing Very Merry Christmas[edit]

Chapter 1: Page 16[edit]

  • Alert message. It is now fifteen minutes past time of scheduled attack. You must soon maneuver to Way Point Foxtrot.
  • Shut up.
  • Roger... however, a piece of advice first. According to statistics, in this kind of situation, the danger of making a mistake doubles because of the feeling of impatience to complete a mission. In order to calm the mind, I recommend singing a song. I have prepared 50 of the latest hit numbers, so if you have a request.
  • This kind of joking attitude helped a little, but Al's very deep, monotone voice started to get on Sousuke's nerves.
  • I didn't give you any orders to prepare music. Don't waste storage capacity without approval.
  • It is not a problem. It only takes up a mere one or two gigabytes.>

"Delete them all. If you don't, I'll destroy you for the sake of the mission."

  • I interpret that message to be a joke. Another joke is an effective counter-measure. I have prepared 50 volumes of jokes to make humans laugh, so if you have a request
  • It's not a joke, it's a threat.

  • After that, Al was quiet. Inside the cockpit, Sousuke wearily shook his head; in response to the movement, the Arbalest also moved its head in the same way.
  • Really, an AI that gives that kind of ridiculous advice?
  • The controlling support system of this machine saying "sing a song", of all things.
  • Since Hong Kong, this AI's speech and conduct had become stranger day by day. It increasingly would talk without permission, which was all the more puzzling since there were no obvious malfunctions detected. The technicians said that, by Al's request, they would connect the circuit to FM radio or BS television so that it could receive the programming on them- but perhaps Sousuke should have them stop that from now on.

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