Fumito Ueda

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Fumito Ueda

Fumito Ueda (1970 –) is a Japanese video game designer.


  • I was honestly concerned people might have forgotten or given up or whatnot, but the reaction so far has been very positive. I'm very overwhelmed, very thankful, very grateful. I also feel like those fans and their passion has helped me and the team to continue moving on, heads down, to keep pushing and working hard. That's fueling our motivation at this point.
  • Comics were the source of my entertainment and interest. But they’re the kind of standard Japanese stuff that Japanese kids enjoy. When I got to university, there was a layer of culture shock that hit me. I began to learn about modern and abstract art. Until that time my drawings were more realistic in style. Then I was opened up to abstract images. I was encountering things I’ve never paid attention to or recognized before. I liked that, behind those abstract images, there was always an idea. That set me thinking about art in terms of ideas, rather than depictions. What could I make that had a clear idea behind it, looked unique, and yet wasn’t alienating? All of that led me to the aesthetic of my games.

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