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Fun Size is a 2012 American teen comedy film written by Max Werner and directed by Josh Schwartz, It stars Victoria Justice, Jane Levy, Template:WThomas Mann, Jackson Nicoll, Chelsea Handler, Thomas McDonnell, Riki Lindhome with Johnny Knoxville and Osric Chau.

Wren DeSantis[edit]

  • Albert, where are my boobs?!
  • My mom is gonna kill me.


  • Oh my god, my ass is killing that cat.
  • Sexy kitty, or sexy mouse?
  • Oh god, oh no, here comes the uplifting chorus.


Wren: Maybe you can do an explaining rap too.
April: Wren...

Wren: I'm E.O. Wilson and I'm a scientist, I study ants and stuff if you get the gist, I'm about cool as a guy should get.
Roosevelt: Think Jason Bourne with a butterfly net.

Wren: Prang mantis, Prang mantis, the turtle, the turtle.
April: Don't do that.
Wren: What? Wha-what?


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