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Günter Nooke in 2015

Günter Nooke (born January 21, 1959) is a German politician (CDU), former civil rights activist, and Federal Government Commissioner for Human Rights Policy and Humanitarian Aid.


  • An interim candidate would not make a radical change.
    • International Herald Tribune, March 7, 2000: "2 Kohl Party Contenders Have Strong Ties to Ex-Communist Region : German Politics Opens Up to the East"
    • On Angela Merkel's chance for Chancellorship
  • If we're going to have Kati Witt and 'The G.D.R. Show,' why not have a Nazi-era celebrity introducing 'The Third Reich Show'?
    • New York Times, October 1, 2003: "Artifacts of Überkitsch Evoke Old East Germany; High and Low Culture Offer Powerful Reminders"
    • To German journalists, on so-called Ostalgie revival television shows
  • It was not a vote for Hohmann or against Merkel - it was a vote for an open society.
    • BBC (UK Version), November 14, 2003: "CDU red-faced over 'anti-Semitism' row"
    • During the Hohmann crisis - voting for the expulsion, but saying the No votes represented a kick-back against "political correctness"
  • She showed the direction, and the party followed her. It was decisive that Merkel appeared human and credible, thereby winning over the trust of the party members.
    • The Christian Science Monitor, April 10, 2000: "Embattled German conservatives try 'girl' power"
    • On the fact, that Merkel was the first to break with Helmut Kohl publicly.
  • Sie haben Diktatur nicht erlebt, Frau Roth! Wenn sich alle einig sind, bedeutet das noch nicht, dass alle Recht haben!
    • Translation: You did not experience dictatorship, Mrs Roth! If everyone agrees - it does not mean, that everyone is right!
    • In response to Claudia Roth, plenary session of German Parliament (Bundestag), June 17, 2004, on Controversial Memorial Concept remembering the victims of the 20th century's two totalitarian regimes

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