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G-Force logo
Gadgets, Gizmos, Guinea Pigs. In 3-D.

G-Force is a 2009 live-action/animated comedy film about a specially trained squad of guinea pigs on a mission to stop a diabolical billionaire from taking over the world.

The world needs bigger heroes (taglines)


  • [repeated line] I had a brother!


[During the Jerry Bruckheimer Films logo, Hurley, a guinea pig, runs on the road]
Hurley: [panting] Hey! Slow down! Whoa-ah! [falls off the road in the logo as lightning strikes a leafless tree, frightening him] Whoa! That is not cool! [runs away]

Speckles: We've got a worm to decipher.

Darwin: Speckles, you're a genius.
Speckles: I'm a mole. I got a thing for worms.
[Speckles slurps an earthworm hanging from the ceiling]

Hurley: I love the smell of Napalm in the morning! Don't pay any attention to him, he's a quarter ferret.
Bucky: I have no ferret in me, Hurley. That has never been proven.
Hurley: Then why are you marked down?
Bucky: I'm on sale! Everyone goes on sale eventually.
Hurley: This should come as a surprise, but he grew up in the psych ward at the U.C.L.A..
Bucky: The mice are on sale, everybody's on sale.
Hurley: Bucky, enough with the line already.
Bucky: We agree this was my zone. We all agree that, right?
Mice: Right.
Hurley: Bucky, the mice will agree to anything. You guys are all idiots, right?
Mice: Right!
Bucky: Oh, yeah? Fine!
[Bucky mutters angrily as he enters his house]

Mrs. Goodman: [voiceover] Connor! Take out the trash.
Connor: OK. [gets up]
Mrs. Goodman: Now!
Connor: I'm coming! (Sheesh.)

Hurley: My stomach doesn't do well with action-adventure.
Darwin: Hurley, don't you dare.
[Hurley lets out a big fart that fogs up Darwin and Hurley's plastic ball]
Darwin: Yuck, Hurley. That's disgusting. I can't breathe.
Hurley: Roll down the window.
Blaster: These things don't have windows, Hurley!

Mice: Not a ferret?!

[Darwin enters the network core and spots a figure turning to face him, it's Speckles!]
Speckles: [deep voice; maniacally] Hello, Darwin.
Darwin: [happily] Speckles, you're alive! [proudly] You (even) infiltrated the bad guy's lair! Where is he?
Speckles: [deep voice] I am the bad guy. [normal voice] What? You really think I let myself get killed in a garbage truck? Ha! Well, I hid in a soup can, and rode it all the way to the city dump. And it was stinky.
Juarez: [surprised] Speckles?
Blaster: I can't believe the mole was the mole.
Speckles: Actually, you may call me Mr. Yanshu. Business associate of Leonard Saber.
Darwin: [confused] You tricked Saber into helping you build a Clusterstorm? [disappointed] How could you do this to us? I thought we were friends. I put my life on the line for you.
Saber: Yanshu was in my basement this whole time?
Ben: Yeah, and he wasn't a man. He was a mole.
Speckles: "Yanshu" is the Chinese word for mole!

[As the robot lifts the truck up, Darwin looks at Speckles]
Darwin: Speckles, if you keep doing this, then you're no better than the humans who destroyed your home and your family.
Speckles: Well, that's kinda the point here. I lost my family.
Darwin: No, you're wrong. We are your family. Me, Blaster, Juarez, Ben & Marcie.

[After destroying the robot]
Blaster: Darwin, over here!
Darwin: Hang on! [pulling the motionless Hurley out of the wreckage] I got him. I got him.
Blaster: I can't hold it much longer. Ow!
Darwin: No, Hurley. No, not you, Hurley.
Blaster: Look, he landed next to his cake.
[Hurley drops his piece of cake]
Darwin: No.
Blaster: Oh, man, Hurley.
Darwin: Hurley.
Juarez: Oh, no.
Speckles: No, no. This is all my fault.
Blaster: [tearfully] He was my man.
Darwin: Hurley, wake up, pal. Listen, I just… I just wanted you to know you were as good as anyone out there today. I don't know what they call it back at the pet shop, but out here, we… Well, we call it being a hero. All you ever wanted was a family. I've never gotta tell you this, but… I'd be proud… [fights back tears] …proud to call you my brother. (Goodbye.)
Juarez: [whimpering]
Blaster: [voice breaking] Hurley.
[Hurley's nose twitches]
Darwin: (Huh?) Hey, I think I saw his nose twitch.
[Darwin holds the piece of cake over Hurley's nose, causing it to twitch again]
Hurley: [coughing]
Juarez: [gasps]
Blaster: Hurley?
Hurley: Did you mean it when you called me "brother"?
Darwin: Not exactly. (Well,) I was just… That was like a figurative… [sighs] You bet I did.
Hurley: Brother. I have a brother! This is great!


  • The world needs bigger heroes
  • Gadgets, Gizmos, Guinea Pigs. In 3-D.


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