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GWAR, American thrash metal, punk and shock rock band


Scumdogs of the Universe (1990)[edit]

  • "Back on the road, its no lie... Stupid fucking humans pay money to die! Crushed in the pit, nailed to the stage, I only suck the souls that are underage!"
    • The Salaminizer
  • "With a battle cry go forth which is "Give the people what they want." And what the people want could only be the senseless slaughter of the gutter-slime that litters this nation for cash and prizes. Yes, this is the show where people bet their lives to win something big. / Cause when your life is shit, then you haven't got much to lose on Slaughterama!"
    • Slaughterama
  • "So, how do ya hide money from a hippy? Put it under the soap!"
    • Slaughterama

America Must Be Destroyed (1992)[edit]

  • "Freedom to all the people / Brave, true and strong / Freedom to all the people / Unless I think you're wrong!"
    • The Morality Squad

This Toilet Earth (1994)[edit]

  • "The cherub screams "NO" as I move to defile / Our bodies entwine in a puddle of bile / Many years later we'll look back and smile / As we thrash about on the urine-drenched tile / The delivery room is as still as a tomb / I fuck the child while its still in your womb / The child is now dead and you start to blubber / Fuck your warm corpse with your child as a rubber!"
    • B.D.F, This Toilet Earth

RagNaRok (1995)[edit]

  • "To die / Perchance to sin / That's the rub / For in that sleep of sin / What, what kingdom may come? / What of the limitless sex and violence in the wake of RagNaRok!"
    • RagNaRok

Carnival of Chaos (1997)[edit]

  • "Raining death on people / Firing into crowds / Over there I got a big bright medal / But here it's not allowed!"
    • Back to Iraq

War Party (2004)[edit]

  • "Hiroshima, a shadow burned in time / Nagasaki, naked baby melts alive / Burnt flesh and rubble from sea to dead shore / Such a hideous theatre of war / But that was the end - why? / There are so many more that must die / Is that not part of the plan? / I must use the nukes I can't kill you all with my hands."
    • Bring Back the Bomb
  • "The Swastika and the Bloody Old Cross / Two great hates that hate great together"
    • Krosstika
  • "The decay of grandeur / From riches to rot / The decay of grandeur say / To have and then have not"
    • The Decay of Grandeur
  • "All men die so don't ask me why / What the fuck else did you think we were for / You were made to decay / It's better that way / This is the price of your war"
    • War Party
  • "It's gone beyond hatred this time"
    • Lost God
  • "The Reaganator and the U.S.A.! / We'll kill anything that gets in our way! / We're the good guys, so you have to die, that's why!"
    • The Reaganator

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