Gaius Licinius Macer Calvus

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Gaius Licinius Macer Calvus (28 May 82 – c. 46 BC) was an orator and poet of ancient Rome.


W. Morel and K. Büchner, Fragmenta Poetarum Latinorum, ed. J. Blänsdorf (De Gruyter, 2011)
  • Cum iam fulva cinis fuero ...
    • When I shall soon be yellow ash ...
    • Fragment of Quintilia, quoted by Charisius, 128B; Julia Haig Gaisser, Catullus (Wiley, 2009), Ch. 1, p. 15
  • Lilium, vaga candido
    nympha quod secet ungui.
    • A lily that a wandering nymph will cut with her shiny fingernail.
    • Fragment of Epithalamia, quoted by Charisius, 186B (147K); Norbert Guterman, A Book of Latin Quotations (1966), p. 117
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