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Galaxy High a science fiction animated series that premiered on 13 September 1986 on CBS and ran for 13 episodes until 6 December 1986.  Episodes were rerun for the 1987 Saturday morning season. The show was about a high school in outer space, Galaxy High, where extraterrestrial species of all shapes, sizes, and colours attended.  Galaxy High participated in a student exchange program with an Earth high school, and two Earth teens, Aimee Brighttower and Doyle Cleverlobe, were selected for the programme.  Aimee is a bookworm while Doyle is a jock.  When they arrive at Galaxy High, they find it very different from Earth, both in appearance and attitude.  Aimee is valued for her intellect while Doyle is not.  Aimee helps Doyle make friends and shows how he can use his sports skills to bring glory to Galaxy High.  The show was directed and produced by Chris Columbus, and produced by Tokyo Movie Shinsata.

"Welcome to Galaxy High" [01][edit]

Beef Bonk:  Okay, Earth boy, I challenge you tomorrow to a game of Zuggleball!
Rotten Roland:  Humiliate him in front of the entire school, Beef!  I love it, I love it!
[Bonk Bunch departs]
Doyle Cleverlobe:  What is Zuggleball?
Milo DeVenus:  It is a game where you use sticks to make goals.  It is similar to your Earth sport of hooky.
Doyle:  I think you mean hockey.
Milo:  Oh, right, hockey, thanks.  The only difference is in zuggleball, the puck is alive.


Zuggleball game. Coach Frogface is the referee
Coach Frogface: The only rules of the games are as follows. One, the zuggle must go in the goal to score a point. Two, the first man to score three points is the winner. Other than that, anything goes!
Coach Frogface drops zuggle onto half-court line
Zuggle: Hit me, hit me!
Doyle hits puck, which goes in goal
Coach Frogface: Goal!
Forward to end of game
Coach Frogface: Beef and Doyle have scored two points apiece. The next goal will determine the winning game, and who gets the respect of the school!
Beef uses stick to break Doyle's skates
Beef: Take that, Earth boy!
Doyle: That's dirty!
Coach Frogface: That's Zuggleball!
Aimee: He can do that?
Milo: Yes, other than scoring goals, there are no rules.
Aimee: No rules? Hey, I have an idea.
Aimee{shouting}: Doyle!
Doyle: Huh, Aimee?
Aimee: Doyle, play football!
Doyle picks up Zuggle and pitches it into goal
Coach Frogface: Doyle Cleverlobe is the winner!
Audience applauds

"Pizza's Honor" [02][edit]

[Bonk Bunch bullies Doyle and Milo, but the forthcoming fight is thwarted by Luigi LaBouncy, owner of the pizzeria]
Luigi LaBouncy:  All right, all right, break it up, you all!  We got a lot of work ahead of us!  Milo, get to the kitchen and start kneading the dough; you are going to assist me in cooking the pizzas.  Doyle, energize the pizza shuttle, you are going to be making the delivery.
Doyle:  [shocked he is being sent to the haunted planet of Tingler]  Luigi, I cannot do this.  I have to, uh, study for final exams.
Booey Bubblehead:  But exams are five months away, aren't they?
Aimee Brighttower:  Considering Doyle's grades, he may need five months to prepare.

"The Beef Who Would be King" [03][edit]

Aimee:  [after her car backfires]  This can't be! I get a tune up every 47,000 light years.  [car stalls]  Well Doyle, it is all up to you.
Doyle:  [gets his space scooter out of trunk of car]  Nothing can stop my trusty scooter.  [flies a short distance until scooter backfires; to himself]  …Except for the dilithium crystals being depleted.  [proceeds to a bus stop where two aliens are waiting]  How much longer until the next bus?
Blue Alien:  Ten minutes, P.S.T.
Doyle:  Thanks.  Is that Pacific Standard Time?
Pink Alien:  Plutonian Standard Time.
Doyle:  [does some mental math]  Yikes!  That is three months Earth time!

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