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Gamera: Super Monster is a 1980 film about alien forces sending all the monsters Gamera has faced in one final battle to rid the planet of its last hope.

Directed by Noriaki Yuasa. Written by Nisan Takahashi.
Clash of monster vs. huge spaceship! Special effects blockbuster thrills and excitement!  (taglines)


  • There are 200 billion stars present in the Milky Way Galaxy. Our sun and its nine planets consist of just one solar system within the galaxy. There are billions of other such systems many greater than our own solar system. But, compared to the enormous size of the universe itself even a galaxy is but a tiny pinpoint of life. In our vast universe, there are billions of other such galaxies that are just as big. The universe is limitless in size, and mankind is not the only creature in it that wages wars against itself. There are others who make war throughout the universe. From the farthest reaches of space comes a space ship bent on murder and destruction. It is the pirate space ship Zanon.


Policeman: You've been reading too much of those comics. You know very well that those stories are just plain fiction.
Keiichi: Well, that stinks.
Policeman: Now you kids best run along home, or I'll have you arrested! [laughs] I really had you scared that time!

Keiichi: Sister, what I'd like more than anything is for my turtle to be able to fight Gaos.
Kilara: Your turtle against the monster Gaos?
Keiichi: You see, if he could turn into Gamera, then he'd be able to fight and win.
Kilara: Gamera?
Keiichi: Right. Now Gamera is the only one strong enough to protect the Earth.

Giruge: Space ship Zanon is about to attack. Even Gamera is not powerful enough to stop it. You must find some way. You must!
Keiichi: Sister, you'll be all right!
Giruge: Thank you, boy. If it's true we are reincarnated after we die, then I should be born here again. Goodbye.

Kilara: Keiichi, Gamera sacrificed himself for the sake of the Earth.
Keiichi: So, does that mean we'll be able to live peacefully from now on?
Kilara: That's right.


  • Clash of monster vs. huge spaceship! Special effects blockbuster thrills and excitement!
  • Finally, the strongest super monster of the universe came!


  • Mach Fumiake — Kilara
  • Yaeko Kojima — Marsha
  • Yoko Komatsu — Mitan
  • Osamu Kobayashi — 'Zanon' Captain
  • Keiko Kudo — Giruge
  • Koichi Maeda — Keiichi
  • Toshie Takada — Keiichi's mother

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