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Gamera is a 1965 film about a giant turle released from the arctic who attacks Tokyo.

Directed by Noriaki Yuasa. Written by Yonejiro Saito.
The super-monster even the H-bomb cannot destroy...


Alex: Here we are. It looks wild, huh?
Catherine: You can say that again.

Nobuyo Sakurai: I met Kenny's teacher today.
Mr. Sakurai: Oh, and what did he say?
Nobuyo Sakurai: That Kenny was quite the expert at drawing turtles.
Mr. Sakurai: When I was his age, I used to draw girls.

Mr. Sakurai: Gamera saved your life.
Kenny: Because he knows I like turtles.
Nobuyo Sakurai: Gamera liked you. Gamera must have a good heart.
Kenny: Gamera's a good turtle.

Dr. Hidaka: Well Catherine, I suggest you forget science and instead really become Alex's inspiration.
Alex: Hahaha. Thank you. Thank you.
Dr. Hidaka: Well, Kenny, Gamera will be safe there. You happy?
Kenny: Yes, I'm glad that Gamera wasn't killed. I'm going to be an astronaut and ride in rockets. And I'll see Gamera again, right [turning to Gamera] Gamera! See you soon!


  • Eiji Funakoshi — Dr Hidaka
  • Harumi Kiritachi — Kyoko
  • Junichiro Yamashita — Aoyagi
  • Yoshiro Uchida — Toshio

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