Gamera vs. Jiger

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Gamera vs. Jiger is a 1970 film about an unleashed monster that fights Gamera.

Directed by Noriaki Yuasa. Written by Nisan Takahashi.

Dr. Suzuki[edit]

  • As we've now learned, in regards to the monster's strange powers, his deadly ray is based on ultra high frequency waves which it uses to produce heat. Up to now we've been defenseless, now we are reminded that this tranciever emits waves just like the creature does, but their frequency is lower, opposite to it, therefore this charteristic of the tranciver tends to weaken the monster, just as tropical people become weak when they go to a northen cooler climate, and eskimos react the same way to a warmer southern climate.


  • Tsutomu Takakuwa — Hiroshi
  • Kelly Varis — Tommy Williams
  • Katherine Murphy— Susan Williams
  • Kon Ohmura — Dad

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