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Gangnam Beauty (Hangul: 내 아이디는 강남미인; RR: Nae aidineun gangnammi-in; lit. My ID is Gangnam Beauty) is a 2018 South Korean television series starring Im Soo-hyang, Cha Eun-woo, Jo Woo-ri and Kwak Dong-yeon. The series centers on the life of a college student who had plastic surgery after years of being bullied because of her looks but has to bear the pressure brought about by her new, artificial look. The title of the webtoon and of the TV series alludes to the Korean word gangnammi-in (Gangnam beauty), a derogatory term in South Korea for people who have had a lot of plastic surgeries.

The series premiered on JTBC on July 27, 2018 and has garnered praise for its portrayal of issues afflicting South Korean society, particularly on its superficial beauty standards and discrimination on the basis of physical appearance.

Kang Mi-rae[edit]

  • [After her plastic surgery; narration] I've become pretty. The difference is really amazing. But the thing is, it's a bit obvious that I got plastic surgery. I'd say...79% out of 100?
  • [Mi-rae meets Hyun Soo-a for the first time and she does a face-scoring on her; narration] 100 points over 100! A super-rare natural beauty. She really is divinely beautiful. The subtle scent of soap that smells like baby powder ... this can't be from perfume. She's pretty and cute. All guys will fall in love with her. Why is my heart fluttering for a girl?
  • [her peers wildly applaud her after her dance number; narration] I wanted to show everyone. Like everyone else, I wanted to be loved. I wanted to be loved in an ordinary way.
  • [to her abusive senior Chan-woo, after being tagged by him as a "Gangnam plastic surgery monster"] What gives you the right to curse at me? What did I do wrong? WHAT DID I DO WRONG?!
  • [to Chan-woo, who is venting his anger against Mi-rae to the entire chemistry freshmen] What did I do wrong? AND WHAT DID THESE GUYS DO WRONG?!
  • [to Kyung-seok] I hate myself for being like this, too ... judging people by their looks and labelling them. People like you who are considered cool even when they don't follow the rules would'nt understand a life like mine.
  • [to her middle school crush-turned-bully, Young-chul, who tagged her as "Kang Orc"] That's right. I realized after I changed that you were nothing. You have't changed a bit. You still look down on people and harass them based on their appearance. Remember this every time you think of the name Kang Orc: to me, you're just a piece of trash.
  • [to Soo-a, when Soo-a finally reveals her true self] I thought I was mistaken and that I was at fault for judging you in a bad way, but I wasn't. You have hated me from the beginning.
  • [to CEO Na Hye-sung, Kyung-seok's mother; after hearing another derisive comment from a fellow part-time worker] I thought I'd be okay if I thought I was. I guess I wasn't okay...
  • [to Kyung-seok, when she rejects his advances even though she likes him] You think I'm obsessed with appearances, but you don't know how hard it has been for me. When I'm with you ... my life becomes a torture.
  • [to Soo-a, who denied Mi-rae's help despite the intense fear she felt after being acid-terrorized by their deluded classmate Dong-won] Why does it have to be this way? Why in the world do we have to be like this? We lose weight when we aren't even fat, we throw up, and do plastic surgeries as if we'll die if we don't become pretty!

Do Kyung-seok[edit]

  • [after letting his senior Chan-woo trip over his foot] Oh, my bad.
  • [to Mi-rae, upon returning her pomelo-scented perfume] Are you really not the Kang Mi-rae from Jaryong Middle School? The bus stop ... pomelo...
  • [to Mi-rae, when she does not sense Soo-a's innuendo against her looks] Are you stupid? What a fool...
  • [to Mi-rae] Are you grading other people's faces? It sounds like what needed surgery is your unhealthy mindset.
  • [to Mi-rae] By the way ... do people think I'm cool? Who said that?
  • [to Mi-rae] In middle school, I only remember laughing once ... and it was because of you.
  • [to Mi-rae] Who cares about attractivenes? I don't care about things like beauty.
  • [to Mi-rae] I'm not an outcast anymore because I have a friend now. I have you.
  • [to Soo-a] You really are the worst.
  • [during Woo-young's housewarming party, trying to impress Mi-rae while the discussion was about strategies to save money] I got a 1+1 ("buy one, take one") deal at a convenience store. I bought one item and got another for free.
  • [to Soo-a] Looks don't get the work done.
  • [to Soo-a, angry for her desperate hugging in front of Mi-rae] You must be mentally ill.
  • [to his mother, CEO Na Hye-sung] It didn't feel real, but now I feel like I really have a mother.
  • [to Mi-rae, about buying couple hoodies; last line of the series] Who cares? Do everything you want to do.

Hyun Soo-a[edit]

  • [pretending she can't see in Mi-rae's face that she had plastic surgery to discreetly insult her] Mi-rae is prettier, both her face and body ... Mi-rae did not get anything fixed either.
  • [to Mi-rae] The truth is, I was a little prejudiced about plastic surgery. "Do they want to be prettier that badly? Isn't it just vanity?" But I understand now that some people are really desperate, that some appearances are painful to have.
  • [to herself, wondering why Kyung-seok is close to Mi-rae] Why? It's so weird. Why?
  • [to Mi-rae] I think it's a blessing to be pretty, don't you think? People naturally like you. That must be why those who aren't blessed get plastic surgeries to enjoy that kind of benefit, harming the ones who were born pretty.
  • [to Kyung-seok; while hugging Kyung-seok in her desperate attempt to make him like her] Do you still not feel anything? ... Did you really feel nothing?
  • They should get their eyes checked. [referring to their chemistry peers who are delighted on the news of Mi-rae and Kyung-seok's relationship]
  • [to Mi-rae] You must think you're at a higher level now that you're dating Do Kyung-seok.
  • [to Mi-rae, denying her help despite being acid-terrorized by Dong-won] Why do you keep acting like your above me? Why do you keep acting like you're happier than me? You aren't even prettier than me!
  • [to Kyung-seok, after realizing her mistakes] I tried something I had never done, and everything else became easy.

Yeon Woo-young[edit]

  • [to Chan-woo, after learning about Chan-woo abusing Mi-rae and the freshmen] Hey, Kim Chan-woo. Regardless of the reason, if you bother freshmen once again, I'm going to do my best to ruin your future. You got that?
  • [to Mi-rae, when she was about to touch a broken Erlenmeyer flask] How many times do I have to tell you to be careful?
  • [to Mi-rae, about her plastic surgery] What's wrong with that? You did it to become pretty, and now you're pretty. What's weird about that?
  • [to Mi-rae, during his confession] There are many other things that you don't know. I don't like samgyeopsal, I get cold very easily, I hate studying, and I like you.


Episode 1 (I'm Pretty Starting Today)[edit]

[Mi-rae is travelling on a train with her mother for her plastic surgery. She is wearing a hoodie and a mask, revealing only her eyes. She looks around and sees a pretty woman and instantly starts grading her face.]
Mi-rae: [in her thoughts] Double eyelid surgery and all-around canthoplasty... A nose job, face contouring surgery, fat injections, and lip fillers... 75 points out of 100.
[Mi-rae scans the faces of other passengers and sees another pretty woman applying lipstick.]
Mi-rae: [in her thoughts] Double eyelid surgery, epicanthoplasty, a nose job, and the V-shape face contouring surgery... 70 points out of 100.

[After Mi-rae's plastic surgery; Freshmen orientation; Mi-rae approaches a group of chemistry newbies: freshman representative Yoo Eun, countryside girl Choi Jung-boon, self-conscious Lee Ji-hyo, and best friends Jang Won-ho and Kim Sung-woon.]
Mi-rae: Hello, I'm Kang Mi-rae.
Ji-hyo: Are you are freshman, too?
Mi-rae: Yes.
Jung-boon: Kang Mi-rae? Oh, the one with no profile photo?
Mi-rae: Well, yes...
Sung-woon: [to the group] No, that can't be. She must be one of the X-Men. [to Mi-rae] Hey. You're an X-Man, aren't you?
Jung-boon: "X-Men"? What is that?
Ji-hyo: Those seniors who fool freshmen at the beginning of the semester.
Sung-woon: [to Mi-rae] You are, right? I bet you are an X-Man.
Mi-rae: No, I'm not. I'm a freshman, too.
Sung-woon: Then what's your Chinese zodiac sign? 1, 2, 3—
Mi-rae: I was born in the Year of the Rabbit.
[Sung-woon looks around, still doubtful. Mi-rae takes out her social security card and hands it to him.]
Sung-woon: (in shock) Gosh, she was born in 1999 indeed. [returns the card to Mi-rae]
Mi-rae: I guess I look older than my age.
[Soo-a joins the group. Everyone looks at her with wonder.]
Soo-a: Hello, this is the Chemistry Department, right? I'm Hyun Soo-a. You all look better in person. I almost didn't recognize anyone.
Won-ho: [instantly attracted to Soo-a] I'm Jang Won-ho.
[The others introduce themselves while Mi-rae stares at her, doing her usual face scoring.]
Mi-rae: [in her thoughts] 100 points over 100! A super-rare natural beauty. She really is divinely beautiful.
Soo-a: [notices Mi-rae] Oh, you must be Kang Mi-rae.
Mi-rae: Y-yes. Hi.
Soo-a: [looking at Mi-rae's clothes] Oh, my... You're so stylish! [grabs her arm] Let's be friends.
Mi-rae: [in her thoughts] The subtle scent of soap that smells like baby powder ... this can't be from perfume. She's pretty and cute. All guys will fall in love with her... [putting a hand on her chest] Why is my heart fluttering for a girl?

[Mi-rae is outside the party venue, teary-eyed over the appreciation she experienced for the first time from her peers. She receives a phone call from her mother, Eun-sim.]
Mi-rae: [in a quavering voice] Hi, Mom...
Eun-sim: (worried) What's wrong? Is something wrong?
Mi-rae: (craking up) Mom... [shakes her head to suppress her tears] It's nothing... I'm having fun. (craking up again) People like me, Mom...

[Mi-rae is surprised on an unexpected video call from her father, Tae-sik, who is against and totally unaware that she had plastic surgery.]
Tae-sik: Hello? Hello?
[Fearful, Mi-rae brings her face to the camera. Tae-sik is rather surprised and does not recognize her.]
Tae-sik: Hello? [to himself] I'm sure I called my daughter's number... [to Mi-rae, in formal speech level] Who is there?
Mi-rae: (confused) Oh, well... [thinking on what to say, then in formal speech level] I-I'm Mi-rae's senior.
Tae-sik: [laughs, still unknowing] I see. Why do you have her phone, by the way?
Mi-rae: Well, that's... [thinking on what to say] The newbies are not allowed to use their phones during the event, so we collected them in the time being.
Tae-sik: (chuckles) Oh, I see. I'm sorry.
Mi-rae: Not at all... I'm sorry.
Tae-sik: Well, goodbye then. [hangs up]
Mi-rae: (worried) Dad...

Episode 2 (You Have To Be Pretty From The Start)[edit]

Kyung-seok: Kang Mi-rae.
[Mi-rae turns around and Kyung-seok walks up to her.]
Kyung-seok: By any chance ... were you a student of Jaryong Middle School?
Mi-rae: What? [in her thoughts] What do I do? What do I do?
[Kyung-seok and Mi-rae just stare at each other, then Kyung-seok breaks the silence.]
Kyung-seok: Never mind. You just have the same name as someone I knew.
[Kyung-seok leaves.]
Mi-rae: [in her thoughts] He's that Do Kyung-seok after all...

[Kyung-seok is having a conversation with his friend, Woo-jin, over drinks]
Woo-jin: Are you okay with your father? Did he say anything about you doing chemistry?
Kyung-seok: He did.
Woo-jin: Then why did you do it?
Kyung-seok: I'm not sure. I wanted to do it even more when he told me not to.
Woo-jin: (rather hesitant) Are you curious about your mother?
Kyung-seok: Let's not talk about the dead. She is dead to me.

[During the entrance ceremony, Tae-sik realizes, in shock, that Mi-rae had plastic surgery. He walks away in disappointment, ignoring Mi-rae.]
Mi-rae: [crying, following Tae-sik] Dad... Dad! Dad! [she catches up with him] Dad... I'm sorry.
Tae-sik: (coldly, in formal speech) I don't know you.

[Chan-woo treats Mi-rae at lunch in the cafeteria. While Mi-rae goes to the restroom to contemplate how to reject his romantic advances, Soo-a approaches their table to do her secret plan. At a nearby table, Kyung-seok is discreetly listening to their conversation while having his lunch.]
Soo-a: Hello, Senior.
Chan-woo: [quickly stands up to meet her] Oh, Soo-a.
Soo-a: Senior, you are in our General Chemistry class, aren't you?
Chan-woo: Oh, I'm not actually in it. I just dropped by today.
Soo-a: Oh... I was wondering why you were in a first-year class.
Chan-woo: [begins to like her] Were you wondering that? Oh... Sit down. Let's talk. [pointing at Mi-rae's seat]
Soo-a: Okay. [takes Mi-rae's seat, notices Mi-rae's unfinished lunch] But isn't this someone else's seat?
Chan-woo: It's Mi-rae's, but she went to the restroom.
Soo-a: Senior, you like Mi-rae, don't you?
Chan-woo: Well, she's a cherished junior of mine. So are you. And why are you calling me "Senior"? Treat me like a big brother.
Soo-a: I think you and Mi-rae would look good together.
Chan-woo: It's not like that yet.
Soo-a: I'll cheer you on, Senior. [looks down, pretending to be sad] I'm a little sad, though.
Chan-woo: [flustered] What do you mean?
Soo-a: Oh, it's nothing. I should get going. [stands up]
Chan-woo: Wait, hold on. [grabs Soo-a's arm to stops her from leaving] What do you mean by that? What do you mean you're sad? Oh, sorry. [lets Soo-a's arm go] What is it?
Soo-a: Well, the truth is ... when I saw you at the orientation, (softly, as if she is shy) I thought you were cool...
[Chan-woo is in shock.]
Soo-a: But please don't take it so seriously. I got over you already, so don't worry about it. [runs away]
Chan-woo: Wait... [to himself] She likes... [He tries to finish his lunch but, dissatisfied, stands up and lifts his tray. Just in time, Mi-rae returns to say her rejection.]
Mi-rae: Senior—
Chan-woo: Oh, hey. Let's just be good friends.
Mi-rae: (taken aback) Pardon?
Chan-woo: It was actually my mistake when I told you that I like you. I got confused for a little bit. I actually like someone else but things turned out this way. I'm sorry. You'll understand, right? I'm sorry if you took it seriously. You're okay, right? Finish your food.
[Chan-woo leaves Mi-rae, who is quite confused that Chan-woo rejected her first. Suddenly, Chan-woo stumbles onto the floor, surprising Mi-rae and everyone in the cafeteria. Fuming with rage, Chan-woo looks around and sees Kyung-seok's left foot streched intentionally into his path.]
Kyung-seok: [to Chan-woo, sarcastically] Oh, my bad.

[Kyung-seok returns to Mi-rae her pomelo-scented perfume she accidentally dropped in a scene at the cafeteria.]
Kyung-seok: This is yours, right? [Mi-rae takes the perfume with a sigh.] You dropped it in the cafeteria.
Mi-rae: I see.
[Kyung-seok keeps his eyes on Mi-rae.]
Mi-rae: (nervous) What?
Kyung-seok: Are you really not the Kang Mi-rae from Jaryong Middle School?
[Mi-rae hesitates to answer.]
Kyung-seok: The bus stop. Pomelo.
[Mi-rae remains silent, then she finally speaks.]
Mi-rae: Keep it a secret.
Kyung-seok: What?
Mi-rae: My old face. Keep it a secret.

[In a semester party among chemistry students, Mi-rae rejected her admirer Jang Won-ho's proposal. She, Mi-rae, Ji-hyo, Jung-boon, Yoo Eun, Chan-woo, and other seniors in the department talk about it over drinks.]
Chan-woo: Soo-a, you must be startled. There are always stubborn guys like him.
[Mi-rae discreetly rolls her eyes, knowing how bad Chan-woo can be.]
Chan-woo: If you're uncomfortable, do you want to get going? I'll drop you off.
Soo-a: (politely) No, I'm fine.
Chan-woo: Oh, you're fine?
Ji-hyo: But who does Jang Won-ho think he is? I'm speechless. It must be tiring to be pretty.
Female senior: Yeah, Soo-a's face looks like someone made it.
Soo-a: Pardon? I didn't get anything fixed, though. [looks at Mi-rae] Mi-rae is prettier, both her face and body.
[Mi-rae looks at her, surprised by the sudden namedrop. The others look at each other uncomfortably, knowing that Mi-rae's plastic surgery was quite obvious on her face. Jung-boon and Yoo Eun look at Mi-rae with concern.]
Seniors: That's true. Mi-rae's pretty.
Soo-a: (innocently) Mi-rae did not get anything fixed either.
[Mi-rae beco mes nervous. The freshmen and the seniors go silent. Kyung-seok arrives at the table, sets a dish on it, and confronts Soo-a.]
Kyung-seok: Hey, are you having fun?
[All turn their heads at Kyung-seok.]
Soo-a: What do you mean?
Kyung-seok: Are you having fun?
Soo-a: Oh, the new semester party? Of course, it's fun.
Kyung-seok: "The new semester party"? I'm talking about your behavior.
Soo-a: [her smile fades] I don't know what you're talking about.
Kyung-seok: You're just pretending not to know.
[Soo-a goes silent and looks down, teary-eyed.]
Seniors: Soo-a, are you crying?
Chan-woo: (getting angry) This son of a bitch...
[Kyung-seok remains unnerved, staring at Soo-a. Mi-rae, Jung-boon, and Yoo Eun get worried.]
Seniors: [to Soo-a] Don't cry. Why are you crying? [to Kyung-seok] What's wrong with you, Kyung-seok? Apologize to her.
Chan-woo: [raising his voice] Hey, Do Kyung-seok! [stands up and puts his glass on the table with force]
Soo-a: [to the seniors] I'm sorry. I must have done something wrong.
Seniors: [to Soo-a] You didn't do anything wrong.
Chan-woo: [to Kyung-seok] Apologize to her, you son of a bitch!
Mi-rae: Don't cry, Soo-a. Kyung-seok must have misunderstood.
[Soo-a leaves the venue.]
Ji-hyo: Soo-a!
Mi-rae: [to Kyung-seok] Hey, what's wrong with you?
Kyung-seok: [eyes Mi-rae with suppressed anger and disbelief] Are you stupid? What a fool... [leaves the venue]

[Soo-a had told Chan-woo that she cannot accept him since Mi-rae likes him. Not knowing it was a big lie, Chan-woo confronts Mi-rae.]
Chan-woo: Do you like me?
Mi-rae: (surprised) Pardon?
Chan-woo: Do you like me? Do you want to date me?
Mi-rae: No.
Chan-woo: Then did you say that to Soo-a to screw me over?
Mi-rae: (confused) What?
Chan-woo: Soo-a said she can't date me because you like me.
Mi-rae: Who said that? I never said that.
Chan-woo: Then go tell that to Soo-a. Tell her that you don't care if she dates me.
Mi-rae: Why should I do that? [turns around to leave]
Chan-woo: (angered) Hey! Stop right there!
[Chan-woo grabs Mi-rae's arm to stop her. Mi-rae swings her arm out of Chan-woo's hold.]
Mi-rae: (in fear) What are you doing?
Chan-woo: Are you crazy?
Mi-rae: What did I do wrong?
Chan-woo: "What did I do wrong?" Hey, I know you're behind this! Don't play dumb, you wench! Did you think we were going to work out just because I was nice to you? What a joke. Gangnam is infested with girls like you. [acts to slap Mi-rae] Gosh, you plastic monster!
[Overwhelmed by the insults, Mi-rae slams her handbag at Chan-woo who instantly falls into the ground. Mi-rae is breathing laboriously in rage and despair.]
Mi-rae: What gives you the right to curse at me? What did I do wrong? WHAT DID I DO WRONG?! [leaves Chan-woo behind]

Episode 3 (You Don't Even Know)[edit]

[The day after the scene at the semester party]
Mi-rae: You somehow keep getting involved in my problems. I hope you can stop overreacting. With the Teaching Assistant, and Soo-a, too... Don't get the wrong idea about Soo-a. She really didn't know. Anyone could tell that I got work done on my face, but anyway—
Kyung-seok: Why did you do it?
Mi-rae: What?
Kyung-seok: Why did you get plastic surgery on your face?
Mi-rae: What do you mean why I got plastic surgery? Why are you even asking? You know that I had no choice but to get plastic surgery.
Kyung-seok: What exactly do you mean by that? Who says plastic surgery is a must for some and not for others?
Mi-rae: Well, I just mean that— (hesitates) You know what I used to look like. I never even dreamed of becoming as pretty as Soo-a is. Not even Ji-hyo. I would've been happy if I just looked like Jung-boon or Eun. Had I looked like them, I would've never gotten anything done. But my face was far below the average, you know.
Kyung-seok: [realizing Mi-rae's insecurity and negative thinking] You... Do you grade other people's faces? It sounds like what needed surgery is your unhealthy mindset.
Mi-rae: (dumbfounded and hurt) What did you just say?
[Kyung-seok does not reply.]
Mi-rae: It's none of your business. Why do you even care about what I think? [Mi-rae quickly leaves Kyung-seok]

[In an outright abuse of his seniority, the deluded Chan-woo brings the chemistry freshmen in the restroom to "punish" them for Mi-rae and Kyung-seok's acts of "disrespect" . Kyung-seok is not present among the freshmen, who are standing in front of Chan-woo in three lines. Chan-woo is shouting orders.]
Chan-woo: Assume push-up position!
[The freshmen remain silent and still.]
Chan-woo: What? Is the space too tight? (beat) All of you girls can leave. I never punish girls. [The freshmen remain still] Get out! [The girls start to walk out of their lines] Except for you, Kang Mi-rae.
[The girls stop at the door. All look at Chan-woo and Mi-rae. Chan-woo imperiously approaches Mi-rae.]
Chan-woo: Girls who think they're pretty despite all the work they got done need a serious lesson. Your face is a reflection of your heart. Am I wrong? Answer me!
Soo-a: Then I'll stay too.
Chan-woo: What?
Soo-a: I'll stay with her.
Chan-woo: Soo-a, this has nothing to do with you. Why would you do that for her?
Mi-rae: Then what did I do wrong?
Chan-woo: What did you just say?
Mi-rae: [bursts out in anger] AND WHAT DID THESE GUYS DO WRONG?!
[Chan-woo gets angrier]
Chan-woo: Guys, leave us. [No one moves] Get out!
[The remaining freshmen rush towards the door and, with the girls, watch Chan-woo abuse Mi-rae. The two glare at each other with equal loathing, though Mi-rae is already fearful. A sophomore arrives and worriedly watches the scene.]
Chan-woo: [grabbing Mi-rae by the collar with one hand] You should really be begging me for forgiveness. How dare you say that you've done nothing wrong? [shaking Mi-rae] Shall I make your face go back to how it used to look?
[Eun and the sophomore try to stop Chan-woo, but he fights back and even slaps the sophomore.]
Chan-woo: (to Mi-rae) You're the one who told all freshmen to call me "son of a jerk," aren't you? It was you, wasn't it? [Mi-rae remains silent] I know it was you! [throws Mi-rae onto the floor] You and Do Kyung-seok are the most arrogant ones in your year.
[With him knowing, Kyung-seok enters the restroom.]
Chan-woo: Fine, I'll punish you for Kyung-seok not showing up as well.
[At once, Kyung-seok throws a kick at Chan-woo.]
Kyung-seok: You crazy jerk.
[Chan-woo fights back, but Kyung-seok drags him into a cubicle. Jung-boon and Yoo Eun rush at Mi-rae's side. After a few moments of noise, Kyung-seok comes out of the cubicle, throws a heavy look at Mi-rae and leaves. Won-ho and Sung-woon goes to the cubicle and sees Chan-woo lying weak on the toilet, eyes closed and breathing faintly.]

[Soo-a talks to Mi-rae on how Kyung-seok saved Mi-rae from Chan-woo.]
Soo-a: I must say, it seems like Kyung-seok gives you special treatment. Aren't I right?
Mi-rae: What do you mean?
Soo-a: Are you two going out by any chance?
Mi-rae: (taken aback) What?
Soo-a: The time when I made that mistake at our frosh week party, and this time, too. It's almost as if he can't stand seeing you in difficult situations.
Mi-rae: Well, that's...
Soo-a: Are you two still testing the waters?
Mi-rae: [smiles in defense] What? It's not really what you think.
Soo-a: But I've seen the two of you talking about your secrets.
Mi-rae: Secrets? When?
Soo-a: That day in front of the vending machine, when you were with Eun and Jung-boon.
Mi-rae: [remembers the day] Ahh, that was about my perfume container—
Soo-a: Kyung-seok must have confessed his feelings for you. [In disbelief, Mi-rae does not reply.] Does he have a one-sided crush on you?
Mi-rae: Hey, stop talking nonsense! [her tongue slips her secret] That's because were alumni[in her thoughts] I must be out of my mind.
Soo-a: (amazed) Alumni? Did you guys go to the same school?
Mi-rae: (hesitatingly) Yes...
Soo-a: Oh, really? I had no idea. Which school? In high school, I assume?
Mi-rae: No, middle school. [in her thoughts] I asked Kyung-seok not to tell anyone, but I ended up exposing my past myself.

[Mi-rae treats Kyung-seok at lunch after the incident with Kim Chan-woo at the restroom.]
Kyung-seok: When you said you owe me, was it about Kim Chan-woo?
Mi-rae: Yes... Thank you.
Kyung-seok: I thought you'd be mad. What is it that you want to say?
Mi-rae: I hate myself, too, for being like this—judging people by their looks and labelling them. People like you who are considered cool even when they don't follow the rules wouldn't understand a life like mine.
Kyung-seok: I'm sorry for talking harshly to you. You know, what I said about your mindset. I'm sorry about that.
Mi-rae: Well... What you said about me wasn't wrong.
Kyung-seok: By the way, do people think I'm cool? Who said that? [Mi-rae does not reply] Is that what you think?
Mi-rae: (in defense) No. Let's be honest, you were popular back in middle school. Don't you know?
Kyung-seok: (as if self-satisfied) I guess I was.
Mi-rae: You're annoying.
Kyung-seok: (changing his tone) Hey.
Mi-rae: What?
Kyung-seok: Have you usually thought I was annoying?
Mi-rae: (worried) No, sorry.
Kyung-seok: I was just asking. Are you intimidated again?
Mi-rae: What?
Kyung-seok: You keep getting intimidated for nothing.
Mi-rae: (in defense) When did I? I'm not the type who easily gets intimidated.
Kyung-seok: Then live the way you originally are.

Episode 4 (You’ll Meet Anyone Destined for You To Meet)[edit]

[Kyung-seok and his younger sister Kyung-hee accompany their politician father Do Sang-won, who made talks with a Christian priest and a Buddhist monk in preparation for the national elections. Kyung-seok is disgusted by his father’s tactics.]
Kyung-hee: So what is our religion?
Kyung-seok: What do you think? Of course, that which is believed by more people.

[Na Hye-sung, CEO of cosmetic company Kelun Korea and Kyung-seok’s mother, delivers her speech in her company’s perfume sampling event after her conversation with Mi-rae, who reminded her of a magazine article she wrote in the past.]
Hye-sung: Hello, I’m Na Hye-sung. [applause from the audience] I thought about what I should say to you, and thanks to a young lady I met just now, I was reminded of what I wrote in a magazine a long time ago:
The true beauty of perfume lies in the fact that it cannot be seen. Scent is the one and only beautiful thing that can be felt even with your eyes closed. I believe this intangible beauty will be somewhat of a consolation to those who are sick of this world that only focuses on outer beauty.

[After her company’s event, Na Hye-sung invites Mi-rae for a drink and they go to the bar owned by Kyung-seok’s friend Woo-jin.]
Hye-sung: I reread what I had written and I realized it was just full of bluff. I was talking about the trend and some other stuff that I didn’t really mean. But I came to my senses as soon as I talked to you. I realized that I’m just someone who likes perfumes more than I am a businesswoman.
[Mi-rae pours the liquor into Hye-sung’s shot glass but it was filled only halfway. Hye-sung orders for another bottle.]
Hye-sung: I always drink my shots in one go. This is why they say it’s hard to change old habits.
Mi-rae: I think it’s great.
Hye-sung: I’ve aged and deteriorated in many ways, but I’m still good at drinking.
Mi-rae: I envy you so much.
Hye-sung: Why?
Mi-rae: Because you’re living your dream.
[Hye-sung ponders on what she said with her head down and her smile fading away.]
Hye-sung: Being envious… [looks at Mi-rae] …is also a sad thing. Being envious of something that is ordinary … is sad.
[Mi-rae ponders on what Hye-sung said, then the memories of her painful past return to her, overwhelming her to the verge of tears. Among the reminiscence was her attempt to commit suicide over the Han River due to the pressure driven by the insults and discrimination on the basis of her looks. She remembers how Hye-sung approached her and comforted her, saving her from her suicide attempt. Hye-sung notices Mi-rae’s teary eyes.]
Hye-sung: Mi-rae…
Mi-rae: (wipes off her tears) Yes… Ms. Na, I have something to tell you.
[Kyung-seok arrives in the bar to help Woo-jin and notices Mi-rae but not his mother. He passes by their table, and Mi-rae sees him. Hye-sung turns around and is shocked to see Kyung-seok, who eyes her with equal shock and with hate.]
Mi-rae: [to Hye-sung, not knowing the relation between Kyung-seok and Hye-sung] He’s my classmate. This is—
Kyung-seok: What are you doing here?
Hye-sung: [stands up and looks at him with longing] You’ve grown up so much.
Kyung-seok: [gives his mother one last look and turns around to leave; to Woo-jin] I’m sorry but I don’t think I can help out today. [leaves the bar]
Woo-jin: Kyung-seok. Kyung-seok…
Hye-sung: [turns back to Mi-rae] I’m his mother.

[Kyung-seok asks Mi-rae for a talk after class, the day after he had seen his mother and Mi-rae at the bar.]
Kyung-seok: How do you know that woman?
Mi-rae: [keeping her first real meet-up with Hye-sung years ago a secret] I met her for the first time at the perfume sampling event that day. Our Teaching Assistant was there, too. He introduced me to her, saying she was our alumna.
Kyung-seok: You had a drink with someone whom you met for the first time that day?
Mi-rae: Well… It happened that way by accident after the event.
Kyung-seok: Is that all?
Mi-rae: Yes. She left right after that as well.
[Kyung-seok sighs.]
Mi-rae: Are you okay? I was worried.
Kyung-seok: Why would you be? It’s none of your business. Don’t tell the others about this.
Mi-rae: I won’t. Why would I tell such a thing to others?
Kyung-seok: (getting angry) You asked me not to tell the others that we went to the same school, but you revealed it first.
Mi-rae: Well, that’s because it was my problem. It didn’t harm you either.
Kyung-seok: Are you the type who changes words like that, too? I hate those who don’t keep their promises.
Mi-rae: I also hate those who vent their anger on others.

Episodes 5 – 6 (The Genius Face's Counterattack, Parts 1 and 2)[edit]

[Upon Hye-sung’s request, Mi-rae invites Kyung-seok for a drink to convince him to make amends with his mother. Kyung-seok keeps looking at Mi-rae.]
Mi-rae: What?
Kyung-seok: Sorry.
Mi-rae: For what?
Kyung-seok: For getting mad at you for meeting that person even though it wasn’t your fault.
[Mi-rae does not reply, though she is pleased to hear Kyung-seok’s apology.]
Kyung-seok: Aren’t you mad?
Mi-rae: I have a pretty big heart.
[Mi-rae forces herself to drink more liquor, which Kyung-seok notices.]
Kyung-seok: What’s wrong?
Mi-rae: Don’t get mad at me, okay? (beat) Do you really have no interest in talking to your mom?
Kyung-seok: Is that why you asked me to go for a drink? When you said “a big heart,” I guess you meant you’re very nosy.
Mi-rae: I know it’s nothing compared to your situation … but I couldn’t see my dad for a while either. He was against me getting plastic surgery, so I did it secretly after telling him I was going to study abroad. And then I saw him for the first time at the entrance ceremony … but he got mad and left. When family members hate each other, it’s usually out of disappointment. (teary-eyed) He must have had a really hard time. Much more than me.
Kyung-seok: So, are you satisfied?
Mi-rae: With what?
Kyung-seok: With your plastic surgery.
Mi-rae: I wouldn’t say I’m satisfied…
Kyung-seok: Why not?
Mi-rae: It’s too obvious that I did it. (beat) You made fun of me, too.
Kyung-seok: (taken aback) I did? When?
Mi-rae: Forget it.
Kyung-seok: No, tell me. I won’t let you go until you tell me. Tell me when I did that.
Mi-rae: That time … at the bus stop. You laughed at me. You probably don’t remember, but for me—
Kyung-seok: I do. I clearly remember it, but I never made fun of you. It wasn’t your face. It was your feet.
[Mi-rae glances at her feet. Kyung-seok chuckles softly.]
Kyung-seok: Your feet were funny. I’ve never seen anyone else dance like that. That’s why I asked you at the orientation. It seemed like you. In middle school, I only remember laughing once, and it was because of you.

[In her attempt to know and expose Mi-rae’s past, Soo-a invites one of Mi-rae’s schoolmate in middle school, Park Young-chul, to the school festival. Soo-a brings Mi-rae to Young-chul’s table. Mi-rae has been apprehensive since seeing Young-chul arrive in their department’s food kiosk, knowing he could reveal her ugly past to the others.]
Mi-rae: You should go.
Young-chul: You can’t tell a customer to go.
Mi-rae: I said, go.
Young-chul: What’s wrong? This is nice. It’s nice to see Kang Orc again.
Mi-rae: [raises her voice] Hey.
Young-chul’s friends: Is she that “Kang Orc”?
Young-chul: [to his friends] She’s that “Kang Orc.”
Mi-rae: (loudly) HEY!
[Virtually all in the kiosk turns to check on Young-chul’s table. Kyung-seok nears the table.]
Mi-rae: Come with me.
Young-chul: I’m just bringing up old times. Does that piss you off?
Soo-a: (feigning concern) Young-chul…
Mi-rae: I said, come with me.
Young-chul: (snickers) Oh, I’m scared. Kang Mi-rae, do you think you’re something now because you’re pretty?
[Mi-rae stares at Young-chul with intense dislike. Young-chul’s smirk fades.]
Mi-rae: That’s right. I realized after I changed that you were nothing.
Young-chul: (taken aback) What?
Mi-rae: You haven’t changed a bit. You still look down on people and harass them based on their appearance. Remember this every time you think of the name “Kang Orc”: to me, you’re just a piece of trash.

[Soo-a “apologizes” to Mi-rae for inviting Young-chul to the school festival.]
Soo-a: I shouldn’t have asked them to come. I don’t even know them very well. They came to where I work part-time, so I invited them to the festival. I didn’t know he was like that. I’m sorry.
Mi-rae: It’s not your fault.
Soo-a: That’s not true. I’m really sorry. This wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for me.
Mi-rae: That’s okay. Don’t worry about it.
Soo-a: No, I will. I want to be better to you. The truth is, I was a little prejudiced about plastic surgery. “Do they want to be prettier that badly? Isn’t it just vanity?” But I understand now that some people are really desperate, that some appearances are painful to have.


  • Im Soo-hyang - Kang Mi-rae
  • Cha Eun-woo - Do Kyung-seok
  • Jo Woo-ri - Hyun Soo-a
  • Kwak Dong-yeon - Yeon Woo-young
  • Woo Hyun - Kang Tae-sik
  • Kim Sun-hwa - Na Eun-sim
  • Lee Tae-sun - Woo-jin
  • Park Yoo-na - Yoo Eun
  • Jung Seung-hye - Choi Jung-boon
  • Jung Hye-rin - Lee Ji-hyo
  • Kim Do-yeon - Jang Won-ho
  • Kim Eun-soo - Kim Sung-woon
  • Oh Hee-joon - Kim Chan-woo

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