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Gay Purr-ee is a 1962 American animated musical film produced by United Productions of America and released by Warner Bros. It features the voice of Judy Garland in her only animated-film role, as well as Robert Goulet in his first feature film. The film received positive reviews, but was a box office disappointment. It is also the first animated film to be theatrically released by Warner Bros.

Directed by Abe Levitow. Produced by Henry G. Saperstein and Lee Orgel. Written by Dorothy & Chuck Jones.
Vive La Fun!... Vive La Joy!... Vive La Judy!... taglines


  • Boys, if you ever marry, marry for love... of money.
  • As they say, evil is the root of all money... money trees, that is! Big, green money trees!
  • [eats some sardines from a can] Canned fish, what will they think of next? Everything is packaged these days, even pretty girls hmm?
  • [his henchcats catch Mewsette in a sack after she tries to jump off a bridge] Nice fielding, team. Come along, we'll take the scenic route home.


[Jean Tom and Robespierre are on a ship bound for Alaska]
Robespierre: It's all right, Jean Tom. We'll get back all right.
Jean Tom: Oh, it's such a big ocean, Robespierre. Bigger than all of France. Bigger than the whole world.
Robespierre: But you haven't given up hope yet.
Jean Tom: I have now. [it starts raining] It's too big, Robespierre. We'll never get back to find Mewsette.
Robespierre: It's not as big as you think, Jean Tom. [noticing the rain] Why, it's just made little drops. It's all how you look at it.

Jeanette: [to her sister] But darling, think of Paris! Lovely, gay Paris! Have you forgotten the sidewalk cafés and how we sipped champagne?
Mewsette: Champagne? That must be what they call catnip in Paris. How nice!
Jeanette: ...the button champignons sautéed in butter with tiny shreds of herbs...
Mewsette: I know what they are - mushrooms! And delicious, too!
Jeanette: And oh, my dear, the Champs-Elysées!
Mewsette: Champs-Elysées? I wonder what they taste like.

Bartender: What'll ya have?
Jean Tom: Er, uh... milk.
Bartender: Uh... milk?
Robespierre: No, no, no! C'mon Jean Tom, let's live it up! STRAIGHT CREAM!
Meowrice: No, no, no, Robespierre. Here we have a little something called champagne.

Robespierre: Jean Tom, do we have to keep doing this? I think we should stop. We could get killed on this track!
Jean Tom: But I'm not going to stop until I find Mewsette.
Robespierre: Fine. You look for Mewsette. I'm gonna look for trains.

Robespierre: Mewsette's gone.
Jean Tom: What do you mean Mewsette's gone?
Robespierre: She just got on a carriage.
Jean Tom: Carriage? What carriage?
Robespierre: The one that took her to Paris.
Jean Tom: Why did she go to Paris?
Robespierre: All felines go to Paris, I guess.

Meowrice: [showing Mewsette a picture] His name is Henry Pfft of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania U.S.A.
Mewsette: [looks at the picture with disgust] You mean you want me to marry this... this fat old...
Meowrice: [interrupting Mewsette] You are as bright as you are pretty my dear, so please get into the basket like a good little bride to be.
[The henchcats show her the basket]
Mewsette: [frightened] Who are they?
Meowrice: They are my business associates Cheri, just get into the basket and you won't have to look at them anymore.
Mewsette: In the basket? No, oh no!
Meowrice: [mocking her] Yes, oh yes!, you are going to Pittsburgh to marry that rich American, isn't that what you wanted? Isn't that why you left the farm?
Mewsette: Yes, I mean no. [crying] I just, I just want Juane Tom. [continues crying]
Meowrice: Juane Tom? The world's greatest mouser? [laughs] Juane Tom is probably in Alaska about now.
Mewsette: He is not, you're lying, just like you did about everything else!
Meowrice: [coming towards her] Call it a weakness, now get into the basket!
Mewsette: No I won't, I'm not going to marry anybody! [runs away]

Meowrice: [after his henchcats run into a bulldog while chasing Mewsette] Get rid of that dog, you bumbling idiots!
Bulldog: Your whiskers tickle cats, and since I can't stand to be tickled by no cats I'm going to tear your tails off and have 'em for breakfast.
Meowrice: [pleading with him] I understand you're feelings, sir, nothing like cats tails for breakfast. [motioning towards Mewsette] But back there among those barrels is a...
[The bulldog growls at him and chases him and the henchcats]
Meowrice: Please let's talk this over.


  • Vive La Fun!... Vive La Joy!... Vive La Judy!...
  • Vive La Coolest Cat Who Ever Captured The Happy Heart Of Paris!

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