Gayniggers from Outer Space

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Gayniggers from Outer Space is a 1992 short film, directed by Danish filmmaker Morten Lindberg.

Sgt. Shaved Balls[edit]

  • [seeing a man and a woman kissing] Holy Phallus! What are they DOING down there?

Capt. B. Dick[edit]

  • Kneel down, and get ready to receive the holy gay nigger seed! May it grant you supernatural powers and eternal life!

Sgt. Shaved Balls[edit]

  • Nigger Jews will just be jewish, and thats how it is!*
  • Nigger Jew has the ardon virus! Together we can wipe out the gayniggers!*
  • Big Niggers love to cream on eachother, very fun and exciting!*


Capt. B. Dick: I know you're afraid, ArmInAss, but my son - this is just a step on the long road to becoming a GayNigger. It started when your father gave birth to you... and who knows, maybe after this mission, you'll get the sign of the brown ring - and can truly call yourself a GayNigger. And that's what you've been preparing for since you went to GayAgent School.
ArmInAss: You really think so, sir?

The Gay Ambassador: Wow! What do you think of my new body?
Capt. B. Dick: Yes, very attractive.
ArmInAss: [shouts] You look like a...dream!


  • Coco P. Dalbert - ArmInAss
  • Sammy Saloman - Capt. B. Dick
  • Gerald F. Hail - D. Ildo
  • Eden Richardson- Sgt. Shaved Balls
  • Konrad Fields - Mr. Schwul
  • Johnny Conny - Black Gay Ambassador
  • Oscar Tapia of Palestine,Texas - White Gay Ambassador

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