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Gears of War is a 2006 horror/sci-fi 3rd-person shooter game developed by Epic Games. The story takes place on a planet known as Sera, where a war-torn human civilization fights against overwhelming numbers of subterranean creatures bent on exterminating mankind.

Locust Queen[edit]

  • They do not understand. They do not know why we wage this war. Why we cannot stop. Will not stop. Why we will fight and fight and fight. Until we win, or we die... and we are not dead yet.

Colonel Hoffman[edit]

  • Earlier today your Gears successfully deployed the Lightmass Bomb. We have destroyed the enemy stronghold. This war has exacted a heavy price from all of us. It has torn our world apart. But, you have my word that we will rise again! (There's a lot of cheering in the background)


[After a large attack from Locusts]
Anthony Carmine: What the hell, man; those holes could pop up anywhere!
Marcus Fenix: You think we would find some sort of god-damned defense by now.
Lieutenant Kim: Command tried everything, but nothing's worked so far. If the Locusts want to come up, they come up.
Anthony Carmine: I used to have nightmares about those things when I was a kid.
Dominic Santiago: Shit, I still do...

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