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Genevieve Cogman is a British author of fantasy literature and role-playing games.


The Invisible Library (2015)[edit]

All page numbers are from the trade paperback first American edition published by Roc, ISBN 978-1-101-98864-0
Italics as in the book.
  • The atmosphere of the place soothed her automatically; the rich lantern-lights, the sheer scent of paper and leather, and the fact that everywhere she looked, there were books, books, beautiful books.
    • Chapter 1 (p. 12)
  • “I met one (that is, a dragon) once,” Irene said.
    “What did you talk about?”
    “He complimented me on my literary taste.”
    Kai blinked. “Doesn’t sound like a life-threatening sort of conversation.”
    • Chapter 3 (p. 54)
  • She did find that the books displayed prominently in every chamber had been dusted, but the spines were pristine and uncreased. They had the sad, untouched air of literature paraded for display purposes but never actually used.
    It was profoundly depressing.
    • Chapter 4 (p. 62)
  • She’d sort things out later. She’d explain things later. Right now she just had to make sure there would be a later.
    • Chapter 13 (p. 174)
  • She was a Librarian, and the deepest, most fundamental part of her life involved a love of books. Right now, she wanted nothing more than to shut the rest of the world out and have nothing to worry about except the next page of whatever she was reading.
    • Chapter 20 (p. 276)
  • She wasn’t actually going to lie, but there was…well, there might be an element of flexibility.
    • Chapter 23 (p. 322)

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