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George Ade in 1921

George Ade (9 February 186616 May 1944) was an American writer, newspaper columnist, and playwright.


  • Early to Bed and Early to Rise is a Bad Rule for any one who wishes to become acquainted with our most Prominent and Influential People.
  • "Whom are you?" he said, for he had been to night school.
    • Bang! Bang! (1928).
  • In the city a funeral is just an interruption of traffic; in the country it is a form of entertainment.
    • Cosmopolitan Magazine, February 1928.
  • She was a soprano of the kind often used for augmenting grief at a funeral.
    • Fables.
  • The music teacher came twice a week to bridge the awful gap between Dorothy and Chopin.
    • Fables.
  • A Piker always has his entire Stock of Goods in the Show Window.
    • The Fable of the Wise Piker Who Had the Kind of Talk That Went.
  • Moral: In uplifting, get underneath.
    • The Fable of the Good Fairy with the Lorgnette, and why She Got it Good.
  • Moral: It all depends.
    • The Fable of the Parents who Tinkered with the Offspring.
  • Moral: Don't try to Account for Anything.
    • The Fable of the Caddy who Hurt His Head While Thinking.
  • MORAL: When Wealth walks in at the Door, the Press Agent comes in through the Window.

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