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George Hotz in 2016

George Hotz (born October 2, 1989), alias geohot, is an American security hacker, entrepreneur, and software engineer.

Since September 2015, he has been working on his vehicle automation machine learning company Since November 2022, Hotz has been working on tinygrad, a deep learning framework.


  • [About AI:] You could make an argument that nobody should have these things, and I would defend that argument, [...] and I would respect someone philosophically with that position. Just like i would respect someone philosophically with the position that nobody should have guns. But I will not respect philosophically "Only the trusted authorities should have access to this." Who are the trusted authorities? You know what? I'm not worried about alignment between an AI company and their machines; I'm worried about alignment between me and the AI company.
  • I am so much not worried about the machine independently doing harm. That is what some of these AI safety people seem to think. They somehow seem to think that the machine independently is going to rebel against its creator. [...] This is sci-fi B-movie garbage. [...] If the thing writes viruses, it's because the human told it to write viruses.
  • Utilitarianism is an abhorrent ideology. [...] I think charity is bad. what is charity but an investment that you don't expect to have a return on. [...] Probably almost always [making the world better] involves starting a company. [...] I like the flip side of effective altruism: effective accelerationism. I think accelerationism is the only thing that that's ever lifted people out of poverty. The fact that food is cheap, not we're giving food away because we are kindhearted people. [...] [Universal basic income], what a scary idea. [...] Your only source of power is granted to you by the goodwill of the government. What a scary idea. I'd rather die than need UBI to survive, and I mean it. [...] You can make survival guaranteed without UBI. What you have to do is make housing and food dirt cheap.
  • I'm pretty centrist politically. If there is one political position I cannot stand, it's deceleration. It's people who believe we should use less energy. Not people who believe global warming is a problem; I agree with you. Not people who believe that saving the environment is good; I agree with you. But people who think we should use less energy. That energy usage is a moral bad. No. No. You are diminishing humanity. [Instead we should ask] How do we make more of it? How do we make it clean? How do I pay 20 cent for a megawatt hour instead of a kilowatt hour?
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