Georges Charpak

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Georges Charpak

Georges Charpak (August 1, 1924September 29, 2010) was a Polish-French physicist and 1992 Physics Nobel Prize laureate "for his invention and development of particle detectors, in particular the multiwire proportional chamber".


  • History of science played a very important role for me. Before I knew well how to do an experiment, I knew why Joliot has missed the neutron, why his wife missed the fission, why they succeeded in having artificial radioactivity, and even why they almost missed the other things, by doing very nice experiments, but didn't come to the conclusion. That is science. Science is doubt, is research. It is not something which is – and that is the danger of teaching – which is too academic and which the people explain you it is like the logic thing that comes out of the computer, which is not true. You have intuition, you have passion.
    • Nobel interview with Professor Georges Charpak by Joanna Rose, science writer, 6 December 2001.
  • Si on veut faire quelque chose, il faut donc s'occuper d'éducation.
    • literally: If we want to do something, we must deal with education.
    • If there's one thing to do, it's to engage in education.
    • in an edition by Michel Serres (2004). Les Limites de L'humain. L'Age d'Homme. p. 81. ISBN 2825118974. 

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