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Gerolf Annemans

Gerolf Emma Jozef Annemans (born 8 November 1958) is a Belgian politician of the Flemish nationalist party Vlaams Belang (VB) and formerly of its predecessor, the Vlaams Blok. He has been a member of the European Parliament since 2014 and a city councilor in Antwerp since 2000.


  • But it is true that many people are dissatisfied and that is because there is something profoundly wrong with our society. Freedom and respect for cultural identity, these are themes that need to be translated politically. People now see that the health system is being abused to limit our freedom. We are developing a society in which many people no longer feel served by politics. It is our democratic right to act on that and tell those people that our program can help them escape that discontent.
  • Vlaams Belang has become a large party, and that is part of the game of democracy. If policymakers want to know how to organize democracy, then one has to listen to what the voter says and asks about it. Now we notice that people are actually doing the opposite. The vote of the voter is ignored for the sake of preserving power. The federal government does not have a majority in Flanders. Democracy is thus neutralized, not only through the cordon sanitaire, but also through the formation of a Vivaldi government. In such a case, Vlaams Belang should not wonder whether it will become a people's party. No, we are the only resistance.

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