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Gertrude Breslau Hunt, 1902

Gertrude Breslau Hunt (1869 - 1952), also known as Gertrude Breslau Fuller, was an American author and lecturer.


Machinists' Monthly Journal[edit]

Quoted by Edwin F. Bowers in "Woman and the Ballot", Machinists' Monthly Journal, Volume XXIV, No. 7, July 1912, pages 598-599.

  • Remember that your brain is no more developed by the thoughts your husband thinks than your body is nourished by the food your husband eats.
  • I would rather be a woman without a vote and yet know HOW to vote, than to be a man who HAS a vote and hasn't sense enough to use it.
  • If a woman with property needs the ballot, a woman who has nothing but her labor power needs two ballots.

Woman's Voice: An Anthology (1918)[edit]

Woman's Voice: An Anthology. Stratford Company. 1918. pp. 36, 108, 171. 

  • A woman's place is like a man's place. It is where her work is, wherever she can do the most good; wherever she serves herself best without invading anyone else.
  • Generations of the past have been responsible for certain iniquitous practises, but it remained for the present century to shut the little ones up in factories, stunting physical and mental growth. Because of child labor today the future generation of men and women will suffer. Their career will bear the stamp of human brutality.
  • Don't you know that the principal business of women, all down the ages, has been to go along after the men and clear up the everlasting muss they made? Well, we are still at the same task. Our politics are no more corrupt than our housekeeping would be if we let you run it alone.

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