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Get Real is a 1998 British romantic comedy-drama film about the coming of age of a gay teen while growing up in rural Britain during the Cool Britannia era of the late 1990s.

Directed by Simon Shore. Written by Patrick Wilde, based on his play What's Wrong with Angry?.
Boy meets boy. Boy likes boy. Boy, oh, boy. (taglines)

Steven Carter[edit]

  • I'm sick of feelin' totally alone. I want to have friends who like me for who I am. I want to have a family who loves me for who I am and not for someone I pretend to be to keep their love! I'm sick of hiding... of being sad and... scared.
  • It's only love. Why's everyone so scared of?


  • Jessica: I was right about one thing: you're different from other blokes.
  • Kevin: Am I right with it, Carter? You really are a queer!
  • Steven's Mother: He's my son and I'm very proud of him. And if you do something to hurt him, I'll have your bollocks for earrings.


Mark: So you're in the school magazine this year.
Wendy: Well, I am the school magazine. No one else can be fucked.
Mark: I can be fu— I'd like to help.

Mark: We want the magazine to be more radical, right? And what could be more radical than a gay story?
Jessica: It is not a gay story. It's a pervert story.
Kevin: What's the difference?
Wendy: You're not gay, you're a pervert.

Steven's Father: But all that stuff of this town having nothing for someone of your age — I thought you really catched how a young person sees life.
Steven: Life? What d'you know about my life?

Steven: John Dixon and me... We're lovers.
Linda: In your dreams.

John: I like her. I really like her.
Steven: Do you... do you love her?
John: Steven... I love you.


  • Boy meets boy. Boy likes boy. Boy, oh, boy.
  • School's out, so is Steven Carter


  • Ben Silverstone - Steven Carter
  • Brad Gorton - John Dixon
  • Charlotte Brittain - Linda
  • Jacquetta May - Steven's Mother
  • David Lumsden - Steven's Father
  • Richard Hawley - English Teacher
  • Martin Milman - Headmaster
  • Stacy Hart - Jessica
  • Kate McEnery - Wendy
  • Patrick Nielsen - Mark
  • Tim Harris - Kevin
  • James D. White - Dave
  • James Perkins - Young Steve
  • Nicholas Hunter - Young Mark
  • Steven Mason - Cruising Man
  • Morgan Jones - Linda's Brother
  • Ian Brimble - John's Father
  • Judy Buxton - John's Mother
  • David Elliot - Glen
  • Charlotte Hanson - Glen's Wife
  • Louise J. Taylor - Christina Lindmann
  • Steven Elder - Bob the Driving Instructor
  • Leonie Thomas - Aunt at Wedding
  • David Paul West - Bridegroom
  • Andy Rashleigh - Policeman

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