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Ghost Rider is a 2007 Marvel film. It is about a motorcycle stunt rider (Nicolas Cage) who, in an attempt to cure his father's cancer, sells his soul and becomes the devil's bounty hunter to kill escaping demons.

His Curse Will Become His Power.(taglines)

Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider[edit]

  • Back to Hell.
  • [To Gressel] Hey, dirtbag.
  • Sorry, all out of mercy.
  • [to the mugger] You, guilty!
  • Look into my eyes. Your soul is stained by the blood of the innocent. Feel their pain!
  • Nice jacket. Very nice.
  • [to the boy] You, innocent.
  • [To Abigor] Time to clear the air.
  • Let's ride.
  • I'm the only one who can walk in both worlds. I'm Ghost Rider.
  • [to Blackheart-turned-Legion] How does it feel to have all that evil inside of you? All their power, [turns into Ghost Rider] all their souls. A thousand souls to burn. Look into my eyes. Your souls are stained by the blood of the innocent. Feel their pain!
  • My daddy once said "If you don't make a choice, the choice makes you".
  • [To Roxanne, after stopping her on the freeway] I want to talk to you. I haven't seen you in 56,000 years.
  • Yeah I'm good, feels like my skull's on fire, but I'm good.
  • [To Wallow]: Surprise!
  • You can´t live in fear...
  • Monster.
  • The last time I let a stranger help me out, it didn't turn out so good.


  • Who? The Ghost Rider? Your greatest creation? Go ahead. Send him after me . I will retire him, just like I'll retire you...Father.
  • [after being told that "he" shouldn't be here] That's what they keep telling me.
  • Looking for someone?
  • Now we know his weakness.
  • You have his heart; now I'm gonna break it.
  • They say raise no more devils than you can lay down. My father raised one too many.
  • [to the priest] Forgive me Father, for I have sinned... I have sinned a lot.
  • [to Ghost Rider] Your penance stare doesn't work on me. I have no soul to burn. The Caretaker forget to mention about that, huh? Surprise. He said you're going to bring me back. I'm not going back; I like it here!
  • [after inhaling all the souls] My name is Legion. For we are...many.
  • All of your world, all of your souls will be mine now.


  • [When Johnny looks at the contract giving his soul to him to save Johnny's father, Johnny accidentally cuts himself on the scroll, and a drop of blood lands on the signature space; Mephistopheles takes the contract] Oh, that will work quite nicely.
  • Forget about friends, family, love.
  • I know why you're here. I know what you're after. It's my contract. They're my souls.
  • You will suffer for this. Now, deal with my rider.

Carter Slade/Phantom Rider/The Caretaker[edit]

  • Good morning, bone-head...
  • You're the Rider. The Ghost Rider. Get used to it, kid, it'll be a lot easier. If you don't, I've got nice cozy spot picked out for you.
  • Congratulations. Your chances just went from none to slim.
  • Figured you'd be back, bone-head...
  • I've got one last ride left in me.
  • Stick to the shadows.
  • This is the end of the trail for me. Got nothing left... I could only change one more time and I was saving it for this.
  • God knows I've made my share of mistakes, and I've been trying to make them right ever since. Guess all I've to do now is hope He sees fit to give me another chance.
  • [narrating] It's said that the west was built on legends...


Johnny: You.
Mephistopheles: Hello, Johnny.
Johnny: Stay away from me.
Mephisto: A little late for that. Nice bike.
Johnny: Why are you here?
Mephisto: Oh, I've always been here Johnny. All along. Phoenix, Denver, Houston.
Johnny: It was you... keeping me alive.
Mephisto: No, no, Johnny - it's all you. You're the best. And I'm your greatest fan. The posters, the video games, the crowds screaming, chanting, "Johnny, Johnny, Johnny." It makes me so proud. It's like watching an investment that keeps growing and growing until the day you cash it in. That day is today, Johnny. Find the one known as Blackheart, and destroy him.
Johnny: Find him yourself. [Gets on bike]
Mephisto: It doesn't work like that. [Johnny finds that he's stuck to his bike] You're under contract, remember? If you succeed, I'll return your soul.
Johnny: I'm not doing it.
Mephisto: You don't have any choice.
[stamps cane, sending the bike (and Johnny) after Blackheart]

Caretaker: Blackheart? He sent you after Blackheart?
Johnny: And others.
Caretaker: The Hidden. Fallen angels cast out of Heaven by Saint Michael, himself. They hide within the elements, waiting for the End of Days. You better hang around here, kid. They can't come onto hallowed ground.

Caretaker: So, why'd you do it? Why did you make the deal?
Johnny: I was a kid.
Caretaker: And what did you get in return?
Johnny: ...Heartache.

[The Ghost Rider grabs a helicopter with his chain]
Ghost Rider: You're pissing me off.
Helicopter Pilot: [frightened] Okay, okay, sorry!

[Johnny arrives at the graveyard, Caretaker is there]
Caretaker: Figured you'd be back, Bonehead.
Johnny: Where's the contract? I can't end this without it. [Caretaker doesn't answer] I guess I'll have to dig up this whole damn graveyard myself.
[grabs a nearby shovel. Caretaker stops him]
Caretaker: It's not there, kid. [takes the shovel and slams it against a tree. The blade breaks off. Caretaker pulls a scroll out of the handle] The contract of San Venganza. [Johnny reaches for it, Caretaker pulls it back] Hell on Earth.
Johnny: Now, you're going to have to trust me.
Caretaker: And why is that?
Johnny: He may own my soul, but he doesn't own my spirit.
Caretaker: [grins] Any man who's got the guts to sell his soul for love, has got the power to change the world. You didn't do it for greed. You did it for the right reason. Maybe that puts God on your side. To him, that makes you more powerful, makes you unpredictable. That's the best thing you can be right now.

[Roxanne approaches Johnny (as Ghost Rider), but he turns away]
Ghost Rider: Monster...
Roxanne: I'm not afraid.

Johhny: I'm gonna own this curse, and I'm gonna use it against you. Whenever innocent blood is spilled, it'll be my father's blood. And you'll find me there, a spirit of vengeance, fighting fire with fire.
Mephisto: I will make you pay for this.
Johhny: You can't live in fear.
Mephisto: NO!!! [face contorts demonically, vanishes]

About Ghost Rider (2007 film)[edit]

  • Yeah, there are a couple of scenes there. There is the scene in the prison cell where everyone jumps on him and beating on him and he turns into Ghost Rider and explodes and burns his way through the bars. You saw a little bit of that in the trailer and that’s from Steve Norrington, or I should say David because David wrote that. I really liked that a lot and I loved David’s script. I thought it was great. It was a different script. That’s also the nature of the beast that when you come onto a movie you want to make your own version of the movie. Goyer’s was a very dark, very hard R which is cool, but it’s one of those things where it’s my deal with the devil, if you will – when you want to make a ‘Ghost Rider’ movie it’s expensive. It’s not like you make like ‘The Crow’ or ‘Blade’ or something. It’s like what I was just saying to you. It’s so expensive that it’s like, ‘If you’re going to give me all the money to make this movie right I have to be responsible and try to get everyone I can to come and see the film.’ You can’t make it a cult film. You have to make it a big film which it should be.
  • I mean, you write the best Johnny Blaze that you can and to be honest, it’s funny because you have all your weaknesses as a writer and your strengths as a writer and I remember writing Johnny Blaze for the first time and he was drinking Jack Daniels out of the bottle and chain smoking. I remember giving Nick the first draft and he was really honest about it. He was like, ‘I don’t know anyone who drinks Jack Daniels out of a bottle.’ I thought, ‘I don’t either, but they’re always in the movies. Who does that?’ No one does that. He was like, ‘I don’t chain smoke.’ So then you start talking to Nick and he brings something different to it. Then Nick starts saying really far out things, and they’re so far out there that they’re honest. I mean, it’s like when Johnny Depp in ‘Pirates’ does this sort of gay, drunk Keith Richards and the studio freaked out and the studio was like, ‘What are you doing?!’ He was just doing something different, but there was something in that character that made it honest. Nick did the same thing. He was just like, ‘I feel like if you didn’t know that any minute you were going to turn into the Ghost Rider, what would that be like?’ Nick said, ‘I think that it would be like I’m in a dentist chair and that musak is playing and at any minute you’re going to go and it’s going to be painful and horrible. So you’re going to try and calm yourself and keep yourself safe because at any minute you’re going to change.’ I thought that was really smart and interesting and different. Nick always brings that.
  • Well, I’ve seen CG fire before and yes, I thought that it would be easier. We all did which is why we come out February 16, but we were supposed to come out in August. Literally, there will be FX delivered up until the end of January 30 because we had to write new programs. Fire is fucking tricky, man. Look at that fire which looks cool and then you move it and you put it on film at twenty four frames per second it changes everything. It all of a sudden looks really flickery and light and not strong, and so you add liquid to it to make it feel stronger and smoother and whatnot, but then it’s like Ghost Rider goes that way and the fire stays here which it really would as a sort of ghost image. We didn’t want that because it looked weird. Fire has to be a Ghost Rider. He commands the fire. The fire doesn’t command him. All of these little things become like your life, and so it’s really about – like I’ve always said – looking at the greatest CG creations which is Gollum, I think. It’s probably like Gollum or the last ‘Pirates’ Davy Jones was genius. It’s amazing, right? Those things are great because you have expression. You have eyes. Gollum’s eyes are huge and you’ve got lines in the eyes and the lips and the teeth are like this. We didn’t have any of that. We had no expression. So you’ve got a skull that’s got no eyes, no lips, no tongue, it’s got no wrinkles. All you’ve got is this fucking skull. So you have to deal with that, and then my idea was to use the fire to give it expression. Once you do that that’s a whole new thing now and the fire has to change colors. It’s got to get smaller when he’s sad and go blue. Then angry goes white hot and it gets super high and that became a whole other thing.
  • Every time you see the Ghost Rider it’s all CGI, but a lot of the times Nick is doing all the expressions and all of that. So it’s his body language. It’s his movement. It’s his talking and everything else. What it would be basically is that Nick, or Eddie his stunt double, depending on the scene and how violent it was, they’d wear a green neoprene skin diver head with an interactive lighting collar to give the interactive light for the flames. So they do that and we remove the head and put the skull on, put the flame on and then it’s like, ‘How much flame do you put in the eyes so that it’s not cartoony?’ But you do want to put light in the eyes so that it doesn’t go entirely black. Black just disappears.
  • Mark Steven Johnson [1]


  • Long ago he made a deal to save someone he loved.
  • Hell Is About To Be Unleashed.
  • His Curse Will Become His Power.
  • Was everything he sacrificed truly worth?
  • He's the only one that can walk on both worlds.
  • Let's Ride!
  • Long ago, he made a deal... to save someone he loved... What he didn't know was the price he would have to pay...


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