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Ghulam Nabi Kashmiri (2 July 1965 – 7 November 2019) was a Kashmiri Muslim scholar and jurist who served as the senior professor of hadith at Darul Uloom Waqf. He also taught hadith at Jamia Ziya al-Uloom and Jamiat al-Tayyibat in Poonch. He was among the early graduates of Darul Uloom Waqf and authored books such as Hayat-e-Tayyib, a biography of Muhammad Tayyib Qasmi.


  • In the eyes of Islam, the highest and best Jihad is the declaration of the word of truth in front of the tyrant king, the reason for this is that in Jihad with the sword there is still the possibility that the Mujahid will dominate the enemy and his life will remain safe. But the habit of proclaiming the word of truth in front of a cruel and oppressive king is such that the truth has to be washed away with its own life. The history of Islam is rich with such faith-building incidents of sacrifices and sacrifices.
    • Nawa-e-Qalam, p-89
  • The prophet whose teachings are fountainhead of temperateness, moderation, mediation and justice; a group claiming to excessively love the same prophet feels proud in intemperance, stubbornness and excess and paucity.
    • Nawa-e-Qalam, p-34

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