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Gianna Jessen as a featured speaker at the Alliance Defense Fund Banquet at Meadowview in Kingsport in 2012.

Gianna Jessen (April 6, 1977–) is an American anti-abortion activist.


  • I know God can do anything. The possibility of Roe v. Wade being overturned is quite high—which is amazing to say. But the thing that does trouble me is the hardness of people. All I know is whether it is overturned or not, we will commit ourselves to care for women and children and stand up for them.
  • The only person I've ever met that can ever free anyone from the thing they can't forget is Jesus, you’ve gotta give him that abortion. You've gotta give him that sin and repent and he will free you. But I have never known any other person that can do such a monumental thing as free us. And I just don't want anybody listening and just going, just not being able to get out of bed tomorrow because they feel so condemned. No, no, no, no, that is not God's plan for you. His plan is to free you.

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