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Gianni A. Sarcone

Gianni A. Sarcone (20 March 1962) is an international artist, author, and science writer.


  • A world without problems is an illusion, so is a world without solutions.
    • Puzzillusions (2007).
  • The German poet Novalis said that the eye is a ‘superficial’ organ. That is indeed partly true. I will even add that it is an external organ: the eye with which we see the world is a part of the world itself. As soon as we open the eye, whup, the world pops in it!
    • Curiopticals (2009).
  • The greatest optical illusion of all is to believe that an image has only one interpretation.
    • Curiopticals (2009).
  • Life, like art, is purposeless and unpredictable. That’s what makes it beautiful and rare! In life, we are given the choice between three paths: utopia, illusion or nonsense. The funny thing is, none of us get the joke.
    • ESOF (2010).
  • Life is a space between two illusions: Birth and Death...
    • ESOF (2010).
  • Are the eyes an open door to the world, as poets say? Well, honestly, not really. The fact is, we see the world through a pair of tiny peepholes, the pupils of our eyes. Our brain functions as a highly creative ‘camera obscura’ – the forerunner of the modern photographic camera, named from the Latin for dark room.
    • Amazing Visual Illusions: Trick Your Mind and Feast Your Eyes (2011).
  • Your eyes – those incredible jelly balls beneath your forehead – capture everything around you. They are sense organs allowing you to see, and they give more information about your surroundings than any of the other four senses: hearing, taste, touch and smell.
    • EyeBogglers (2012).
  • Colors are ghosts, they only start to exist when light is perceived on the retina as a stimulus and is processed into color perception in our brain.
    • Tangente Magazine (2013).
  • We long for a technological world, while keeping the natural aspect of our environment; we want the progress, while maintaining the traditions; we want organization while preserving individual freedom; we produce at a large scale while looking for unique products; we want clearness in our relationships, while we like to play with the ambiguity; we wish everlasting happiness while seeking incomparable magic moments… In reality, from all these contradictions, we are looking for only one thing: ASTONISHMENT. We would life to astonish us every day! That’s why we all, human beings, love playing, because games are synonymous of risk and astonishment. Games are enactments, and the act of playing is an illusion of the illusion of the reality.
    • Make Your Own 3D Illusions (2014).
  • Your eyes see what your brain expects to see...
    • Optical Illusions (2017).
  • Open your eyes wide and immerse yourself in your dreams without any hesitation!
    • Optical Illusions (2017).

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