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Gifted is a 2017 American drama film directed by Marc Webb and written by Tom Flynn. It stars Chris Evans, Mckenna Grace, Lindsay Duncan, Jenny Slate and Octavia Spencer. The plot follows an intellectually gifted 7-year-old who gets caught up in a custody battle between her uncle and grandmother. The film was released on April 7, 2017, by Fox Searchlight Pictures and has grossed $32 million worldwide.


Mary: Is there a God?
Frank: I don't know.
Mary: Just tell me.
Frank: I would if I could. But I don't know. And neither does anybody else.
Mary: Roberta knows.
Frank: No. Roberta has faith and that's a great thing to have. But faith's about what you think, feel. Not what you know.
Mary: What about Jesus?
Frank: Love that guy. Do what he says.
Mary: But is he God?
Frank: I don't know. I have an opinion. But that's my opinion. I could be wrong. So why would I screw up yours? Use your head. But don't be afraid to believe in things either.