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The pursuit of love is like falconry.

Gil Vicente (c. 1465 – c. 1536), called the Trobadour, was a Portuguese playwright and poet who acted in and directed his own plays. Considered the chief dramatist of Portugal, he is sometimes called the "Portuguese Plautus," often referred to as the "Father of Portuguese drama" and as one of Western literature's greatest playwrights. Vicente worked in Portuguese as much as he worked in Spanish and is thus, with Juan del Encina, considered joint-father of Spanish drama.


  • En la huerta nasce la rosa:
    quiérome ir allá
    por mirar al ruiseñor cómo cantavá.
    • The rose looks out in the valley,
      And thither will I go,
      To the rosy vale, where the nightingale
      Sings his song of woe.
    • En la huerta nace la rosa — "The Nightingale", as translated by John Bowring in Ancient Poetry and Romances of Spain (1824), p. 316
  • Viera estar rosal florido,
    cogí rosas con sospiro:
    vengo del rosale.

    Del rosal vengo, mi madre,
    vengo del rosale.

    • I saw the rose-grove blushing in pride,
      I gather'd the blushing rose—and sigh'd—
      I come from the rose-grove, mother,
      I come from the grove of roses.
    • Del rosal vengo, mi madre — "I Come from the Rose-grove, Mother", as translated by J. Bowring in Ancient Poetry and Romances of Spain (1824), p. 317
  • Quem não é senhor de si
    Porque o será de ninguém?
    • Who himself cannot control
      Why should he o'er others rule?
    • Farsa dos Físicos (1512?), tr. Aubrey F. G. Bell

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