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Ginger Stanley Weeki Wachee Springs, Florida 1951.jpg

Ginger Stanley (December 19, 1931–) is an American model, actress and stuntwoman.


  • We just dreamed it up, water would go into Ricou's eye-holes, so the only way he could see me was to turn upside down. During the whole sequence, he was supposed to be swimming underneath me and I wasn't supposed to know he was there. Every now and then I'd feel this scaly hand come up and skim my leg or my bottom and I'd say, 'Oh, Ricou must be there.'
  • I miss the fun of the underwater more than I miss the fashion shows, to dream up all this stuff and do something unique was fun. Where else could you do that? It didn't pay much money, probably $60 a week at Silver Springs, but it was plenty for me to live on. What I did was what other people considered hard work, but I thought it was fun.

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