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glasses, also known as eyeglasses (formal) or spectacles, are frames bearing lenses worn in front of the eyes. They are normally used for vision correction. Safety glasses are a kind of eye protection against flying debris or against visible and near visible light or radiation. Sunglasses allow better vision in bright daylight, and may protect one's eyes against damage from high levels of ultraviolet light. Specialized glasses may be used for viewing specific visual information (such as stereoscopy). Sometimes glasses are worn simply for aesthetic or fashion purposes.


  • You’re actually socially isolating yourself with your phone. I feel like it’s kind of emasculating. This Google Glass really takes away that excuse.… It really opened my eyes to how much of my life I spent secluded away in email or social posts.
    My vision when we started Google 15 years ago was that eventually you wouldn’t have to have a search query at all — the information would just come to you as you needed it. This is the first form factor that can deliver that vision.
  • "The optimist looks at the world through rose-tinted spectacles." ~ English proverb
  • "Men seldom make passes / At girls who wear glasses" ~ Dorothy Parker
  • "When you're a kid that sees through plastic
    With a harness of elastic
    So the girls all think you're icky
    And the boys all think you're queer" ~ John Sebastian, "Four Eyes"
  • "Rose-colored glasses are never made in bifocals. Nobody wants to read the small print in dreams." ~ Ann Landers

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