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Global Exchange is an advocacy group and non-governmental organization (NGO), based in San Francisco to promote human rights and social, economic, and environmental justice around the world.


  • Honduras is a country that has been dominated by the United States for many decades, hosting large US military bases since the 1980s.The unvarnished truth is that, the tragedy of Honduras with its oligarchs and mafias that drive the “exodus” is a uniquely bi-partisan, Made in USA kind of problem. The sooner we recognize this the sooner we can start trying to deal with the underlying issues.
  • Imagine the caravan as a protest against decades of self dealing policies — Reagan Republicans who used Honduras to launch a dirty war on Nicaragua right through Obama Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton who helped preserve a 2009 military coup that was condemned by virtually every other country in the hemisphere.
  • It is time to look in the mirror. We almost never hear about the reality of the US military footprint in Honduras or how what is wrong in Honduras is living testament to the stupidity of the drug war and the suppression of genuine democracy that the US has promoted there for generations. We can and must change that.
  • Global Exchange’s 10 Top Corporate Criminals of 2018
  1. Asia Pulp and Paper: For continued destruction of the Indonesian rainforest...
  2. CoreCivic (formerly CCA) (repeat offender) and Geo Group: For profiting from the incarceration of immigrant families and children and Americans in abusive conditions..
  3. Johnson & Johnson: For marketing and selling vaginal mesh implants which caused serious medical complications...and more.
  4. Lockheed Martin: For being the largest U.S. government contractor and the largest weapons producer in the world..
  5. Monsanto/Bayer: For selling seeds for pesticide ­resistant crops (GMOs) and also making the pesticides, cashing in twice on farmers who become ever more dependent on its products.
  6. Navient student loan services: For charging millions of students, including military service members, excess interest..
  7. Royal Dutch Shell and Chevron: Shell took the top spot from Exxon Mobil as the biggest oil/gas corporation in the world in 2018...
  8. Sig Sauer: For being the largest seller of firearms to Mexican military and federal and state police forces...
  9. Walmart: For boosting corporate profits by forcing employees to work off the clock; cheating them...
  10. Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase: Wells Fargo for forcing customers to buy unnecessary auto insurance policies and charging the poor unfair mortgage fees..

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