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Glory Road released in the year 2006 is a movie based on the game of basketball.The coach Don Haskins takes his team Texas Western to 1966 NCAA championship title.For the first time in history 7 blacks are in the starting line up.His team had 7 blacks and 5 whites. His team becomes the first black team ever to win the championship amidst all the ridiculing and mocking.

Winning changes everything. tagline

Coach Don Haskins

  • You'll play basketball my way. My way is hard.
  • Hey, hey, Winnaker, Winnaker, do you want me to get you a skirt? I'll get you a skirt if you keep playing like a girl!

Adolph Rupp

  • [after a pass is stolen by Bobby Joe Hill] That's what happens when you don't talk to each other!


Coach Don Haskins: Jason, Don Haskins, Texas Western.
Jason Stevens: Western Union?
Coach Don Haskins: Texas Western down in El Paso. Hey, after the game, when you get a minute I'd like to talk to you about playing for me.
Jason Stevens: Play for you at Texas Western? Thanks, Coach, but I'm partial to winning.

Coach Don Haskins: [while recruiting Orsten Artis] Brother, without a little work I don't think you can get past an old timer like me
Orsten Artis: Get past you... I will go past you, through you, over you, under you, around you. As a matter of fact I will spin you like a top, twist you in a pretzel, eat your lunch, steal your girl and kick your dog at the same time...pshh get past you.


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