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The following quotes are from God of Thunder


  • You find a shovel...With your face. - Odin, when Thor finds a shovel in a dark level
  • Sorcery & Such
Our 33rd year of going out of business
  • Odin: You’ve found a child’s doll. Put it under your shirt…and P-L-E-A-S-E don’t let anyone see you carrying it!
  • WILL YOU PUT THAT AWAY! What would Hercules think if he saw you playing with that? -Odin, on use of the doll
  • Thor: What's with the doll
Hermit: Miss Muffy is NOT a doll!
  • Thor: What's with the doll
Hermit: Shhh... She might hear you!
  • Thor: What's with the doll
Hermit: She's my only friend
  • Thor: What's with the doll
Hermit: It's a personal matter
  • Thor: What's with the doll
Hermit: Mind your own business!
  • Relg: Hi and welcome to Relg’s TV and Bridge Repair. We can fix ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING.(As long as it’s a TV or a bridge.)
  • Relg: Which bridge needs fixed?
Thor: My dental bridge
Relg: Dammit Thor, I’m a TV and bridge repairman, not a dentist!
Thor: London bridge
Relg: Sorry, we only work in a fifty mile radius
  • Odin: You have found Nognir’s Lair, my son! He is very powerful, but if you are patient and do not panic you will defeat him!
  • Welcome to Ken’s House of Wonders. If you survive your trip, it will be well worth it! -Hermit outside
  • Child: If you’re entering town, watch out for the Red Guards. They will throw you in jail for almost anything! You sure don’t want to end up there…or do you?
  • Sign Outside Lokisburg:Have a pleasant stay, but remember these few rules:
No cussing
No smoking
No spitting
No Jaywalking
No speeding
No rebellions
No kissing your Mother or Father ‘goodbye’
No Golden Apple Selling
No Door-to-door sales
No Drinking
No Unlicensed Pets
No Unauthorized Opinions
No People taller than Sixteen Pixels
No Bad, Inside Jokes
No Dropping Ice Cream on the Governor’s Foot
And especially,
NO Red haired Thunder Gods!
  • Child: Do ya think that the Force will be with us since we’re the Rebels?
  • Woody: Here at Woody’s we have everything you need for the home, office or local rebellion.
  • Woody: What can i get for ya?
Thor: Hammer
Woody: Sorry, we're sold out of that
Thor: Chisel
Woody: Sorry, we're sold out of that, too
Thor: 'C' clamp
Woody: Sorry, we're sold out of that, also
Thor: Screwdriver
Woody: Sorry, we're sold out of that, also too
Thor: Tonic & Gin
Woody: You don't catch on very quick, do you?
Thor: Electric Saw
Woody: This just might be your lucky day! I think I have one of those left ............ Ah yes, here it is, But I don't know where you're going to plug it in.
  • Odin: Use your Electric Saw! I will power it with my…uh…my…Omnipotent Odin-ness!
  • Odin: You found A Mystic Mushroom. It could probably be used to cast magic spells…But not by you.
  • Odin: {Thor tries to use Mystic Mushroom} You chant the ancient spell you heard as a child. Fleegad…Hepturk…Seepwon…Zraxik…Hike! Nothin’.
  • Man in Lokisburg: {Hears his wife told him to get some food from the pantry while she gathered firewood} WHAT! Well, what does she expect me to eat….a couple of pop-tarts? I’m a meat and potatoes man! Keep the silly key, I need REAL food!
  • Andy’s Armor Repair
You scuff ‘em, we buff ‘em
  • Thor: How many licks does it take?
Surtur: Let’s find out. A one…Ta-whoooo…{Eats the sucker}I guess the world will have to wait a while longer for that one.
  • Thor: Why can’t you tickle yourself?
Surtur: I don’t know. And that IS the correct answer to your question.
  • Odin- {Thor kills someone in Part One} My son, I know it is fun to shoot people but if you kill all the good guys you’ll never complete your mission. You lose points, too!
  • Odin- {Thor kills someone in Part Two} Didn’t I tell you not to shoot your friends…back in Part I…Remember?
  • Odin- {Thor kills someone in Part Three} Ok, have it your way, kill all your friends. Then you’ll probably have to order a hint book to finish the game.
  • Child- You’re my hero! They should make a comic book about you!

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