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God of War II is a 2007 video game released for the Playstation 2 console and developed by SCE Santa Monica Studio. It follows Kratos as he seeks the Sisters of Fate to prevent his betrayal and death by the hand of Zeus.


  • [after destroying the Colossus of Rhodes] Do you see, gods of Olympus?! Do you need more proof than this?!
  • A choice from the gods is as useless as the gods themselves.
  • [riding Pegasus] Turn back to Olympus, beast! I must face Zeus! [Pegasus ignores him] YOU DEFY THE GOD OF WAR?!?
  • [After learning Sparta has been destroyed by Zeus] ZEUUUUUUS! Is this how you face me?! Coward! I am through doing the bidding of the Gods! Come down here and face me now, Zeus!
  • Zeus, your son has returned! I bring the destruction of Olympus!
  • [after a dying Athena tells him that all the gods will oppose him] If all of Olympus will deny me my vengeance, then all of Olympus will die. I have lived in the shadow of the gods for long enough! The time of the gods has come to an end!


  • It did not have to be this way, my son. This path is of your choosing.
  • Even now, as you draw your last breath, you continue to defy me?! Everything that you have ever known, Kratos, will now suffer because of your sacrilege. [whispering] You will never be the ruler of Olympus. The cycle ends here.
  • [during the Great War, said before using the Blade of Olympus to end the war] I banish you to the darkest pits of Tartarus!
  • I underestimated you. A mistake I do not intend to repeat!
  • [before growing to massive size] Now I will show you the true power of a god!!
  • Know this, my son. You have started a war you cannot possibly win. The Fates have already deemed me victorious!


  • Enough, Kratos! With every city you destroy, the wrath of Olympus grows. Soon I will no longer be able to protect you.
  • [when Kratos reaches the Garden of the Gods in the Temple of the Fates] Kratos, you know not what you do. There are things far more important than your revenge. Zeus did what he must to protect Olympus. Gaia speaks nothing but half-truths and falsehoods. The Titans are not to be trusted. In you, Zeus feared the destruction of all he stands for.
  • [with swords locked against Kratos' Blade of Olympus] I do not want to fight you Kratos, but I will defend Olympus!
  • God after god will deny you, Kratos. They will protect Zeus. Zeus must live, so that Olympus will prevail.


  • It was I who deemed the Titans to lose the Great War, and I who have allowed you to come this far.
  • You do not defy fate, Kratos! For we have woven the events of your life.
  • I'm through playing games with you, Kratos! This power was never meant for a mortal like you!


  • It is through my threads that all life is born. You must not tamper with destiny, Kratos. You will destroy everything!
  • You were not meant to travel through the Mirrors of Destiny. You are meddling with powers that you do not understand.
  • You will never control your thread, Kratos!


[Kratos hobbles toward the Blade of Olympus, which holds his godly powers, when an eagle - which he thought was Athena - lands and changes back into its true self: the King of Olympus himself, Zeus ]
Kratos: You?!
Zeus: Yes, I am forced to attend to this matter myself. Athena refused to undo her mistake. Imagine caring for a creature such as youself...
Kratos: Why? Why would you betray me?
Zeus: It is you who would betray me! Am I to stand idly by while Olympus is threatened?! [grabs the Blade of Olympus] Your hands are already stained by the blood of a god. I will not let Ares' fate be my own.
Kratos: The gods are petty and pathetic, and your rule is weak.
Zeus: I grow tired of this insolence! I am the king of Olympus, [holds the Blade of Olympus to Kratos' neck] and it is my way that is the way of the gods. You must vow to forever serve me!
Kratos: [pushing the Blade away] I serve no one!
Zeus: Then you leave me no choice!!
[after a short battle, Zeus grabs Kratos by the throat and throws him to the ground]
Zeus: Submit!! [tries to stab Kratos]
Kratos: I would rather die!!! [attempts to hold the Blade back, but is stabbed in the torso]
Zeus: It did not have to be this way, my son. This path is of your choosing.
Kratos: A choice from the gods... is as useless as the gods themselves.
Zeus Even now, as you draw your last... [pushes the Blade deeper] breath, you continue to defy me?! Everything you have ever known, Kratos, will now suffer because of your sacrilege. [whispering] You will never be the ruler of Olympus. The cycle ends here. [uses the Blade to generate a energy field that destroys both Rhodes and Sparta's armies]
Kratos: [weakly] You will pay for this, Zeus... Be certain of that... [coughs up blood, then falls over]

Gaia: As the life drained out of Kratos, the arms of Hades reached out to claim their prize. [skeletal arms emerge from the ground and drag Kratos into the Underworld] But there was more resting on Kratos' shoulders than he could know. Kratos was destined to bring about change so severe that it would shake the very pillars of Mount Olympus. His death was something that I could not allow.
[Kratos sees images of his life; his battles, his service to Ares, the murder of his family]
Gaia: [in the form of Ares] Fight, Spartan. [In the form of one of Kratos' mistresses] You're not meant to die here. [in the form of Kratos' daughter] This is not the end.
[Kratos comes to a halt, suspended in midair in a lightless pit]
Kratos: Who...are you?
Gaia: [reveals her face] I am the Titan, Gaia; ever-present Mother of Earth. I have watched you become a powerful warrior, and I have been with you through all the events of your life, but I can no longer simply watch. [other Titans stand beside Gaia] We will help you defeat Zeus. Death is an escape, Kratos. You are a warrior of Sparta; not a coward. Only a coward accepts death.
Kratos: [defiant] I am NO coward!
Gaia: Then you must fight. I will show you the way to the Sisters of Fate. Only with their power will you defeat Zeus.

Icarus: Go back. Go back, warrior. There is no passage here. You will never make it across! You think you can, but you cannot! [Kratos glances at him in annoyance and attempts to step past] DO YOU HEAR ME?! It is my wings that will make it across! It is my test! [Kratos pushes him away] Do you not know who I am?! Have you not heard of Icarus? It is my fate to make it across! NONE OTHER! This is my test! The Sisters will grant me an audience, not you! You will die, white warrior, you will die!
Kratos: [grabs him by the throat] I will reach the Sisters of Fate. And I will use your wings to do so.
Icarus: The Sisters will not allow you, a fallen god, to bathe in their light!! [frees himself and clambers onto Kratos' shoulders to attack him]

Atlas: Who breaks my chains of torment?! [grabs Kratos with thumb and forefinger] You are strong, but you are far too small, even for an Olympian, to be a god. [sees Kratos and growls] Kratos! [tries to crush Kratos between his fingers] You dare show your face to me, after what you have done?! I will make you suffer, Kratos.
Kratos: [pushing Atlas' fingers away and yelling] ATLAS! You must trust me! Much has passed since we last met!
Atlas: [tries again to crush him] Why would I ever trust a servant of Zeus?
Kratos: [pushes Atlas' fingers again] Because I seek to destroy Zeus! [drops down onto Atlas' hand]
Atlas: [laughs] Kratos, still the arrogant and foolish warrior! You have not changed. Hmmm. And how do you plan to defeat the king of the gods?
Kratos: By taking the Blade of Olympus back and driving it into Zeus' heart! It holds the power I once wielded as the god of war.
Atlas: The Blade of Olympus. [shows Zeus' hand summoning thunderbolts at the time of the Great War, then summoning thunderbolts with the other hand into a funnel-cloud] I have not heard that name in many years, since... Since the end of the Great War. Bloodlust and power raged within Zeus. His desire to rule over mortals was intolerable to us. [scene changes to Hades using his claws to defeat Cronos, but Atlas intervenes and saves Cronos, but is targeted by Poseidon, who weakens him, and Hades, who uses his claws to take Atlas' soul] The war between the Titans and the Olympians forged the landscape of the mortal world; it was a war that we knew the Titans must win. If we lost, it would mean an end to the Golden Age of the Titan rule. Peace and prosperity for mankind would be no more. [Zeus enters the funnel cloud and crashes to the earth wielding the newly-forged Blade of Olympus] The battle continued despite my capture. Then Zeus created a powerful weapon, to end the Great War. A weapon forged from the heavens and the earth--the Blade of Olympus.
Zeus [during the flashback] I banish you to the darkest pits of Tartarus! [stabs the Blade into the ground, creating a large funnel that creates a great wind that pulls to the skies, then suddenly creates a force-field that envelopes the Titans]
Atlas [in the present] I awoke in the torment of the Underworld, banished to the darkest pits of Hades! I would have destroyed Zeus if you had not put me here, slave of the gods!
Kratos I no longer do the bidding of the gods, Atlas. I have stomached their betrayal for the last time! Show me the way to the Sisters, and I will kill Zeus once and for all!
Atlas: What Gaia says is true, Ghost of Sparta. You are a powerful warrior and a worthy ally of the Titans.
Kratos: Then tell me how to find the temple of the Sisters of Fate.
Atlas: None, not even a Titan, would know how to reach the Sisters' temple. But it is said he who finds it will wield great power. I have given you the last of my magic, Spartan, and I will help you across the Great Chasm, but that is all I can offer. [pushes his hand with Kratos to the surface] May fate grant you passage, Kratos, for many rely on your success.

Gaia: [in the form of Krato's deceased wife] All is not lost, Kratos. You must go on. There is much at stake here.
Kratos: I cannot defeat the Gods.
Gaia: Victory favors you, Kratos. But you must grab hold of your destiny and command it! There is a war on the horizon, and we need you to lead us into battle.
Kratos: To what end?
Gaia: The death of Zeus. If you relent, Zeus will torment you still. He will not rest knowing you live, and when you die, his brother Hades will see that your soul is tortured for all eternity! You will have no rest until you destroy him. [gives Kratos more power] Take within you this fire that burned your beloved Sparta. Let it fuel your rage and hasten your steps towards destiny! The time to act is upon us, Kratos. This battle is just the beginning of the great war that is to come!

Theseus: [laughs] The Ghost of Sparta! Then what they say is true!
Kratos: Theseus.
Theseus: Of all the fools who'd try, you would be the last I would expect to seek an audience with the Sisters of Fate.
Kratos: And you are the last one I would expect to become a servant of the Fates.
Theseus: I serve and protect the Sisters of Fate for the glory of Zeus!
Kratos: The time of Zeus is coming to an end.
Theseus: Hmm... You seek the Sisters to kill Zeus! [laughs] You no longer possess the powers of a god, Kratos! I doubt you're capable of killing me, let alone the King of Olympus!
Kratos: Let me pass, and I will let you live, old man.
Theseus: I do not think that is your choice to make. [twirls his double-bladed sword] Come forward. Let us finally see who is the greatest warrior in all of Greece! [Kratos draws out his Blades of Athena]

Lahkesis: We've been expecting you.
Kratos Out of my way!
Lahkesis: Your resolve is admirable, even if it is misguided. None can change their destiny, Kratos. We Sisters determine the fate of all. It was I who deemed the Titans lose the Great War, and I who have allowed you to come this far. It is not your destiny to kill Zeus.
Kratos: You no longer control my destiny.
Lahkesis I see Gaia has filled you with her lies.
Kratos: [grabs her by the throat] I have warned you. Let me pass!
Lahkisis: [frees herself and floats above him] You have always amused us, Kratos. But know this, mortal: there is no power greater than the Sisters of Fate. If you challenge us, you...will...die!
Lahkesis: You do not defy fate, Kratos! For we have woven the events of your life... [summons Atropos from her body]
Atropos: And now, that life is at an end! [cackling madly, grabs Kratos and takes him back to his battle with Ares, dropping him on the Blade of the Gods] We control your destiny, foolish mortal! With a whim, we can end your life or allow you to live. Search your memory, Kratos. The sword which you stand on delivered your victory against Ares; without it, you will be the one who dies this day, not Ares! We can change your past and set your future; this is the power of the Fates! [cackles and damages the blade with an energy blast]
[After preventing Atropos from destroying the blade, Kratos is transported back to the Throne of Lahkesis, with Atropos sealed in the past and Lahkesis awaiting him]
Lahkesis: I'm through playing games with you, Kratos! This power was never meant for a mortal like you!

[Back in Rhodes, Zeus has stabbed Kratos, but Kratos from the future comes through a portal]
Zeus: Even now as you draw your last... [stabs the Blade of Olympus deeper] breath, you continue to defy me?! No matter... [pushed by Kratos; surprised] What?! How can this be? The Sisters of Fate have aided you. Unexpected.
Kratos: The Sisters... [takes the Blade out of his past self] are dead.
Zeus: Hmm... I underestimated you. A mistake I do not intend to repeat. [charges at Kratos, who also charges; carries Kratos up to the Summit of Sacrifice, where Kratos lands; levitating above Kratos] Now I will show you the true power of a god! [grows to immense size, while Kratos looks unwaveringly]

Zeus: [in giant form, on the losing end] I am through playing with you, Kratos!! [uses his full power to summon an electrical storm, which Kratos struggles to resist with the Blade of Olympus]
Kratos: I lay down my arms, Zeus! [stabs the Blade into the ground and kneels with his back to Zeus, now in normal size] Release me from this torment of my life.
Zeus: [taking the Blade] I will release you from your life, my son, but your torment is just beginning!
[Kratos deflects the blow with the Golden Fleece, stabs Zeus with one of his Blades of Athena, kicks him toward the altar, breaks his blade hand, and smashes his head on both sides of the altar. Zeus attempts to reach the Blade, but Kratos pins both of Zeus' arms to the altar with his Blades, taking the Blade, and after some resistance, stabs Zeus several times]
Athena: [appearing and rushing toward Kratos] You cannot do this, Kratos! [locks her twin-swords against Kratos' Blade]
Kratos: You dare stand against me, Athena?!
Athena: I do not wish to fight you, Kratos, but I will defend Olympus!
Zeus: [weakened, gets up] Know this, my son. You have started a war you cannot possibly win. The Fates have already deemed me victorious.
Athena: [broken away by Kratos, who goes for the killing blow to Zeus] No, Kratos!! STOP!!! [throws herself in the path of the Blade and is impaled; Zeus flees]
Kratos: Athena! No!! Why do you sacrifice yourself? [takes the Blade out]
Athena: To save Olympus.
Kratos: I do not seek to destroy Olympus, only Zeus.
Athena: Zeus is Olympus.
Kratos: He brought this to himself!
Athena: Because of fear, Kratos. A fear felt by his father Cronos. A fear that brought the Great War. A fear that drove Zeus to kill you... his own son.
Kratos: His son?!
Athena: Just as Zeus was compelled to destroy his father Cronos, you are compelled to do the same! No son should ever destroy his own father.
Kratos: [feeling robbed of revenge; unbelievingly] NO! I have no father!
Athena: [dying] God after god will deny you, Kratos. They will protect Zeus. Zeus must live, so that Olympus will prevail.
Kratos: [angrily, defiantly] If all on Olympus will deny me my vengeance, then all on Olympus will die. I have lived in the shadow of the gods for long enough! The time of the gods has come to an end!! [watches as Athena's body disintegrates and explodes, releasing a green wave]
Gaia: Remember, Kratos: you have the power to control time itself.

[Kratos travels back through time to the final moments of the Great War]
Kratos: GAIA!! [Gaia turns around to face him]
Gaia: We have been expecting you, Ghost of Sparta. [gestures to the battle raging around them] The gods are too powerful for us to defeat now.
Kratos: All on Olympus tremble at my name! Zeus is weak, Ares and Athena are dead and I wield the Blade! We can win the Great War, but not in this time! Together, we will destroy the petty gods, and we will see Olympus crumble before us! Come with me, Gaia! [uses the power over time upon himself, Gaia and the rest of the Titans] Return to my time! Victory awaits!
[on Mount Olympus, Zeus addresses Poseidon, Hades, Hermes and Helios]
Zeus: We have faced far worse than this one fallen mortal. But we are the Gods. We, whom the mortals worship. We, who rule over this land. We, who will not be swept aside by this petulant fool! Brothers, put aside the petty grievances that have splintered us for so long. We will unite, we will stand together, and I will wipe out this plague! Olympus will prevail!
[At that moment, an earthquake shakes the mountain. The gods race to the edge and look over, to see Gaia and the Titans scaling Mount Olympus towards them.]
Kratos: [standing on Gaia's back, brandishing the Blade] Zeus! Your son has returned! I bring forth the destruction of Olympus!


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