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God of War Ragnarök is an action-adventure game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.


Atreus: Time is running out. The prophecies say Fimbulwinter lead to Ragnarok. War is coming. Whatever Loki's supposed to be doing, he's supposed to be doing it now. My story doesn't end hiding in these woods. I should be out there, finding out who I am, who Loki is!
Kratos: I will not allow you to pick a fight with gods.
Atreus: I don't want to fight anyone. I just want answers.
Kratos: And if those answers lead to war with Asgard?
Atreus: Maybe that's what Mother wanted...
Kratos: We do not know what Mother wanted!
Atreus: Looks like we never will.

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