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God of War Ragnarök is an action-adventure game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.


  • War is not a joke. Especially where gods are concerned.
  • I do not seek war... but if Odin has stolen my son, do not doubt the lengths I will go to!
  • [to "Tyr"] Are you not a soldier? Are you not a leader of men?! MASTER YOURSELF! My son brought us to this place for you! LOOK AT HIM!
  • Be glad you have a home to remember fondly. In Sparta, we were taken from our homes as children and raised in the agoge. We marched or we drowned. Fought for scraps or starved. Our elders beat us till we could not stand. At night we made our way home, alone, or were food for wolves. That is how Spartans are made.
  • [to Freya] Do not tell me to kill again. I kill to protect my son, to aid my friends, but I will be no one's monster. Never again.
  • [to Freya] I do not regret saving your life, and never will. But the choice between life and death should have been yours to make. I should not have robbed you of that choice.
  • [about Heimdall] I have killed gods greater than him.
  • [After Brok's death, Atreus speaks about continuing to bring Odin to justice] Justice?! No. We seek vengeance! Every path I walk... leads back to vengeance.
  • There was an old man who chopped wood for his village. Every evening, he bore the logs on his back and delivered them to his people. But the logs were heavy, and he grew weaker as time went. Then one day, he threw down the logs, as he could no longer bear their weight, and he called for Death to come to him. And when Death arrived, he asked why the old man had called for him. Seeing Death before him caused the old man to reconsider his request. After a moment, he asked that Death help him lift the logs onto his back, so that he may continue on his journey.
  • Son... listen closely. You feel their pain because that is who you are. And you must never sacrifice that, never. Not for anyone. I was wrong, Atreus. I was wrong. Open your heart. Open your heart to their suffering. That is your mother's wish... and mine as well. Today, today... we will be better.
  • We do not need to do this!
  • No! I did not—!
  • Thor! Listen to me!
  • Odin does not—!
  • You must listen!
  • [to Mimir, regarding his grudge against the Berserkers] I know how it feels to be wronged, and how it feels to achieve vengeance. I would hope to spare you the disappointment.
  • [capturing a Lindwyrm] Stop squirming.
  • [Thor: Don't you know, what I've DONE?!] Yes! But what will you do now?
  • [Thor: We don't change. We, are DESTROYERS!] No more. No more. For the sake of our children. We. Must. Be. Better.
  • [Before Atreus leaves] Loki will go... but [voice starts shaking] Atreus... [places hand on heart] Atreus remains. [He and Atreus embrace]
  • [To his younger self] What can I say to you? I remember how it felt to take that throne. All that it meant. And all that it did not. A god of war... a god of pain. Of suffering. Of destruction. The Norns said I chase a redemption that I know I can never deserve. What does that make me? God of fools! A god of... Hope. "When all else is lost..." You lost everything. And everyone. And you became... There is no forgiving you. You chose! I chose. What now? Should I, this same man, should I sit? Take? Proclaim? Lead? Place myself in service? In service... Should I... lose everything and everyone... will there still be enough left inside so that I do not become you? I do not know. But I have hope. You are cruel, and arrogant, and selfish. But you are more than that. You have always been more than what others saw. You are more than that.


  • Bloody Draugr Holes! We've got to clear out all these undead bastards!
  • Thor! The lad seems to think you've changed! Prove it and stop this!
  • [After Kratos throws the coin Odin gave Atreus] And keep the change, you bastard!
  • [Sindri: See? No permanent damage.] I'll show you permanent damage, ya wee fuck! Kratos! Throw me at him; Horns first!
  • [Atreus calls Kratos an asshole] Laddie! You know that's no way to change a man's mind!
  • [Falls off of Kratos' belt and sees him killing Heimdall] Brother! BROTHER! This isn't who you want to be!
  • [After watching Kratos brutally kill Heimdall] Kratos... that was... I don't know if we're breaking fate, or fate's breaking us.
  • A symbol can't be slain, destroyed, or ignored. The best measure is often to reclaim it. Redefine it. Remind us it's not the throne, but the god who sits in it.
  • You're on fire, Kratos! It will pass.
  • [Atreus: There was a wolf... in Hel... He was in chains, I set him free, and...] Garm?! Great bleeding fuck lad, you freed Garm?!
  • [About Odin impersonating Tyr] He counted on us to be sympathetic instead of sceptical. I'll never believe compassion is a weakness, but he sure used it as one!
  • [Kratos talks of how he used the powers of the Sisters of Fate to travel back in time to fight Zeus] Aye. And if Odin had it, we'd be five shades more fucked than we are already.


  • [in Kratos' house] You seem like a calm and reasonable person. [dips his fingers into his mead, wipes them on Mjolnir's head] Are you a calm and reasonable person?
  • [during his first duel with Kratos] You think you can come here, become a daddy, get a clean slate? That ain't how it works. You're a destroyer, like me. [shoves Kratos back and bludgeons him with Mjolnir, nearly killing him] Oh no… I say when we're done. [shocks Kratos back to life] I'm not leaving 'til I see the REAL you. Get up!
  • [clutching Kratos's neck] I see why my sons fell to you. Even this... lesser version of you. But I am NOT MY SONS! And your boy? Allfather has plans for him. [Kratos headbutts him, then hits him with a right hook, roaring in rage; Thor chuckles] There he is. [pulls a tooth out, throws it] There's the God of War. Consider your debt paid. Be seein' ya. [flies off]
  • [drunkenly] Let it be known... the god of thunder is good for two things: killing Giants... and PISSING MEAD! [Einherjar laugh and cheer] Any man who disagrees... will greet Mjolnir... [slams his hammer onto the table] with his face.
  • [during the tavern fight in Asgard; drunken] Thinking too mucccchhhhh....
  • [seeing Kratos near Thrud during the final battle] STAY AWAY FROM HER! [slams into Kratos, carrying him away through the air] I am DONE with you and your son! [they crash in front of the Great Lodge] NO MORE FUCKING GAMES! And this time... I'm allowed to kill you.
  • Everything was fine before Loki showed up! He almost convinced me! Had me believing things could change!
  • Come on!
  • Make your move!
  • Let’s end this!
  • Keep her name OUT OF YOUR DAMN MOUTH!
  • [to Kratos] Don't you know, [he hits his chest as he says this] WHAT I'VE DONE?!
  • [to Kratos] We don't change... We... are DESTROYERS!


  • You know who I am.
  • Do they not have metaphor in your homeland? Or rather did they? I'm sorry, that's not fair.
  • [as Tyr; stabbing Brok] Do you never... [voice changes back to his own as his disguise fades] SHUT UP?! Of all the things...!
  • [after Atreus destroys his mask] No! NO! NO---! WHY DID YOU DO THAT?! WHAT WAS IT ALL FOR?! YOU CHOOSE TO BE NOTHING?! [screams in anger] So be it.
  • You've ruined everything! Everything I worked for! Everything I've killed for! I just wanted answers! If you'd just played your part, none of this would have happened! What was it all for?! ANSWER ME, LOKI! WHAT'S IT ALL FOR?!
  • [as Freya traps him in vines] You use these on our son too?!


  • [if Atreus approaches Thor and Sif's bedroom door] That's where mom and dad sleep. Ever hear a thunder god snore? 'Cause... you're gonna.
  • [on becoming a Valkyrie] First I train till I'm the best I can be, then I wait till Grandfather notices, and then I hope he and my dad can convince Mom it's okay...
  • Whoa, you can turn into a WOLF?!
  • [Atreus turns into a wolf again] Sic 'em, boy! Haha, that is so sweet!
  • [Atreus turns into a wolf again] That's a Giant thing, isn't it? Wish I could do that!
  • [while freeing Garm] All right, let's start with the lock not near its teeth...
  • Friends don't bring the end of the world to each other's doorstep, Loki!


  • [upon finding a dimensional tear] Hey - try stickin' your hand in that thing. [Kratos does; enemies burst out and attack] I WAS KIDDING, YA SCRUFF-SCARFER!
  • [after hearing about Heimdall's death] I knew our spear would do the trick! Well, Happy Ragnarok, everybody! Let's drink!
  • [Sindri: Oh, so you expect them to sneak into Asgard blowing a horn that sounds across all the Realms?!] I expect you to bite my blue butt-cheek!
  • [during a game of riddles with Mimir] What gets bigger the more you take away from it?
  • [after realizing that Sindri resurrected him with an incomplete soul] Fuck... FUCK! DAMMIT, SINDRI, YA LYING SCAT-SCRUBBER! I knew it! I died! I FUCKING DIED...! [Kratos interrupts him by striking the floor with the Draupnir Spear] The fuck you want?
  • [blessing the Draupnir Spear] May this weapon strike true; may it be wielded with wisdom; may it be put down when its job is done.
  • [his last words, to Sindri] I know what you done. And I forgives ya. But y'gotta stop. Y'gotta let go.


  • Durlin: A fine. [Atreus looks at him confused] Improper transport of a rotting head, um, two demerits for speaking the Allfather's given name, and uh... oh yeah. FOR FUCKING UP MY DESK!
  • Bygvir: You mean, do I miss the Light? The truth? I still feel its pull. You want nothing else when you're near it. And away from it, you're only biding time until you can drink again from the Light. But then again... the Light does not make good food. It doesn't play music, or tell jokes, or open your eyes to new things. It makes you run in place. The more I am away from it, the more I see it for what it really is. And I don't need it anymore.
  • Beyla: From birth, we are taught the Light is everything. The Elders say it is why we fight. But all of that? It's shit. I am more than the hive. More than a soldier. Light Elves, Dark Elves... all Elves are the same! Stubborn, brainless as moths, blinded by their Light. I know better now. I looked into the shadows... and there I found my people. My home. There. That is all I have to say. You can go away.
  • Surtr: [to Atreus] Have you ever been...in love? It's pretty good.
  • Heimdall: [last words to Kratos as he strangles him] Monster...
  • Tyr: A man at war with himself places a deficit upon his focus. He is impatient, emotional, easily surprised. A man at one with himself has a clearer mind, sharper instincts. That man is ready to win. That man is ready to progress.
  • Helios: [to Kratos] A mighty chain... auspicious sign! You've always had such luck with chains.
  • Tyr: Perhaps you are finding a truth similar to the one I discovered so long ago -- that as we desire to protect peace in the world, it becomes necessary to honor and satisfy the fighter within us.
  • Tyr: Box or no box, Kratos... hope and fear and love and hate exist in every one of us. The question is... which will you choose to let guide your actions?


Atreus: Time is running out. The prophecies say Fimbulwinter lead to Ragnarok. War is coming. Whatever Loki's supposed to be doing, he's supposed to be doing it now. My story doesn't end hiding in these woods. I should be out there, finding out who I am, who Loki is!
Kratos: I will not allow you to pick a fight with gods.
Atreus: I don't want to fight anyone. I just want answers.
Kratos: And if those answers lead to war with Asgard?
Atreus: Maybe that's what Mother wanted...
Kratos: We do not know what Mother wanted!
Atreus: Looks like we never will.

[Thunder strikes Kratos' house]
Atreus: What's happening?
Kratos: Your bow!
[Atreus grabs his bow, as Kratos grabs his axe. LIghtning blasts a hole into Kratos' roof. An ominously tall figure looms a few yards from Kratos' door. He bears a hood, cloak, and boots. His face is covered, except for a red beard.]
Kratos: WHO ARE YOU?!
[The figure's left hand suddenly shifts to the side, revealing a short-handled hammer, with lightning sparking off of its head. Thor.]
Thor: Can I come in? [reaches behind him, pulling out a bottle] I have mead.
Kratos: You would not find me good company!
Thor: Oh, I'm sure we'll find lots to talk about.
Kratos: [whispers to Atreus, the thunder muffling his voice] Hide Mimir.
[He waves Thor in, and Thor, compared to Kratos, is like a giant. He walks into Kratos' house, followed by two ravens, Huggin and Munnin. Thor glances around Kratos' home]
Thor: Nice place.
[Kratos motions for Thor to sit down at the table, to which Thor complies. Thor places Mjolnir on the table with a THUD, and Kratos places his Leviathan Axe on the table carefully, yet a THUD rivaling Mjolnir's still erupts. Atreus comes out with two wooden cups and places them before the two gods as they stare unitimadatedly at one another. Thor pulls out the bottle of mead and pours himself a cup, before hesitating to pour Kratos'. He tries to place the cup near Atreus, but Kratos grabs and moves Thor's arm back with a shove.]
Thor: Coulda told me before I poured. [grabs his cup and takes a long sniff of the mead]
Kratos: Why are you here?
Thor: Just, uh....Being polite. [places his cup down as one of the ravens lands before Thor, cawing] You seem like, a calm and reasonable person. [dips his fingers in his mead, and wipes them along Mjolnir's head] Are you...[places his hand on Mjolnir's head] A calm and reasonable person?
Kratos: If the moment calls for...calm.
Thor: I'd say the moment calls for calm. [chuckles] Yeah.
[A knock at the door is heard. Atreus goes to open it, and comes face to face with a man with a short white beard and wearing an eyepatch over his left eye. It is the Allfather himself. He absorbs the two ravens into his arms and lets himself in without permission.]
Odin: You know who I am.

[After Odin offers Kratos peace]
Kratos: [slight pause] No.
Odin: [starts to walk out; whispers to Thor] Don't take all day.
Thor: [sighs, before rising] 'Bout time. [snaps his fingers. Mjolnir flies to his hand, and he knocks Kratos out of his home, crashing through the roof. Kratos tries to shove off the hammer, but it doesn't work. Thor flies in, clutching Kratos' head.] I've been waiting for this! You're not from here, we got a tradition called "blood payments". It means I get a piece of you for what you took from my family. You'll pick it up. [Kratos lands several blows to Thor's face, before the two crash into an ice cavern. Thor slams Kratos' head on the ground.] That was for Baldur. Now show me this "God-killer" I've heard so much about! [they fight, before Kratos blocks Thor from further attacking with his shield.]
Kratos: You know of my past?
Thor: The "Ghost of Sparta" thing? Yeah.
Kratos: Then you know what I'm capable of. [holds his hand out, calling for his axe]
Thor: Show me! [Kratos then slashes his axe into Thor's stomach, leaving an unhealable gash thanks to the Eitir from Jormundgandr] Now we've got us a fight! [he and Kratos continue fighting. Kratos is then sent outward into the air, near the base of Tyr's statue. Thor arrives and tries to hit him] That's for Magni! [he and Kratos fight some more, before they land in front of Tyr's temple] Sorry about your statue Tyr, you preachy old stiff! [Kratos hits him with a pillar] If you're not fighting dirty, you're not fighting at all! [he and Kratos continue fighting] Was it luck?! Did my sons die to blind, fucking luck?! [He throws Mjolnir at Kratos. He pushes it off and it snaps back to Thor's hand, hitting the back of his head] Dumbass! [he tries to crush Kratos with his hammer, as Kratos holds back] You think you can come here, become a daddy, get a clean slate? That ain't how it works. You're a destroyer, like me! [Kratos tries to hold him off until Thor finally lands a hit. Kratos.... has fallen. Until...] Oh, no. I say when we're done. [He electrocutes Kratos back to life] I'm not leaving until I see the real you. Get up! [unfortunately for Thor, hubris is the downfall of many. He grabs Kratos and ascends high into the air, cackling as Kratos pummels his face. He throws Kratos a good distance away from him as he slides on his shield on the ice.] This is for MODI! [He and Kratos throw their hammer and ax respectively. The weapons clash as the two walk around the struggle]
Kratos: You put him last, even in death!
Thor: The FUCK you say?!
Kratos: Modi sought us in fear of you. He died of the wounds you gave him!
Thor: Oh, we got a MODEL FATHER here! [Their weapons return, and they clash once again. A bolt of lightning encased in ice appears before them.] This feels familiar...
Kratos: What?
Thor: Don't matter. [he and Kratos continue battling. He hits Kratos' shield and it breaks. He clutches Kratos by the throat] I see now why my sons fell to you. Even this. . . lesser version of you. But I, am not my sons! And your boy? Allfather has plans for him. [Brought to his peak of anger at the mention of Atreus, Kratos breaks free and hits Thor with a right hook. He roars in anger, as if he were a Spartan facing Zeus once again. Thor steps back, chuckling] There he is. [he nonchalantly pulls out a tooth and throws it aside] There's the god of war. Consider your blood debt paid. Be seeing ya. [he flies off, finally ending the fight]

[Kratos, Atreus, and Mimir enter the Huldra Brother's home; about travelling between realms]
Sindri: Well, that would require the head's help.
Mimir: [smugly] Oh-ho! The Huldra Brothers finally require the assistance of The Smartest Man Alive.
Brok: [after seeing an older Atreus] How'd that get in here? What the Hel is it, anyway?
Kratos: That is my son.
Brok: [looks at Kratos with a "Really?" expression.] Well what in all of Jarnsmida happened to him? He's too damn tall now! And he looks like... That. [points to Kratos] I blame you.

[After chasing through Svartelfheim mines after Tyr, Kratos sees Atreus trying to calm him down]
Atreus: [Upon seeing Kratos; to Tyr] This is my father. We help people.
Tyr: Please, I don't belong out here, it's worse when he's angry!
[Kratos suddenly grabs Tyr by the shoulders and pins him to the wall]
Atreus: Father-!
Kratos: Are you not a soldier? Are you not a leader of men?! Master yourself! My son brought us to this place. For YOU! LOOK AT HIM!
Tyr: [looks at Atreus] You? Why? You don't know me.
Atreus: I know what you stood for! You helped the Giants. We're returning the favor.
Tyr: "We"?
Kratos: WE are leaving. Are you coming with us?
[Tyr nods reluctantly. He rises to show his true height, dwarfing Kratos and possibly being able to look Thor in the eye.]

Kratos: Atreus. Eat.
Sindri: Oh! Careful, careful!
Tyr: Thank you. Enjoy! Enjoy, my friends.
Brok: We'll see about that.
Tyr: Here you are... a meal fit for a Champion.
Kratos: Enough. I said we would speak no more of that.
Tyr: Yes, of course. Didn't mean to offend.
Atreus: I'm not offended. It's just a word.
Kratos: A word that clouds your judgment.
Atreus: So... you really don't think it means anything? After the journey Mom sent us on? Everything we saw in Jotunheim? What was it all for? Don't you ever think about that?
Kratos: Every day. But I cannot believe her purpose was to inspire you to take foolish risks.
Atreus: But what if the Giants are counting on me?
Kratos: What Giants? I am counting on you. To be safe. To be smart. To use the judgment of a man and not of a child.
Atreus: But what if Loki going to Ironwood is the only way that--
Kratos: [slamming the table] YOU... are Atreus. My son. And nothing more. Do you hear me?
Atreus: I'm not hungry anymore.
Tyr: Forgive me, Kratos. My words were chosen carelessly.
Sindri: You really should eat. Some people swear by it on almost a daily basis.
Atreus: I just don't understand! Why is there all this stuff about Loki and the Champion and Ironwood if none of it's real?! He's just so...! [stabs a barrel in frustration]
Sindri: Mind if I give you the best advice you've heard all day, and possibly ever? Sleep. That's when all the troubles of your mind work themselves out.
Atreus: Sure. Fine, sleep? Sounds great.
Sindri: I mean it.
Atreus: I do too. Get outta here already.
Sindri: Already gone.
Atreus: Ironwood...

[After Atreus wakes up in Midgard, he attempts to return back to Sindri's via the gateway, but he runs into Kratos]
Kratos: What were you thinking?
Atreus: I... I wanted to visit Fenrir.
Kratos: For two days?
Atreus: I--
Kratos: Do not lie to me again! Why did you come here? Alone? Do you seek death?
Atreus: No more than you.
Kratos: [desperately] Then why?! Why...? What is it you will not tell me? I have tried to walk this path with you. We follow your every whim--
Atreus: But you don't believe in any of it!
Kratos: --and still, I follow! Because all that matters is that you are safe.
Atreus: But that's not all that matters. Who's keeping you safe?
Kratos: I do not need you to protect me.
Atreus: You sure about that?
Kratos: What do you know?
Atreus: I can't talk about it, but I just need you to trust me. You kept secrets, but I trust you.
Kratos: That is not the same.
Atreus: Why not? You hid things, Mother hid things; you had good reasons, and so do I! Why can't you just...?! [Kratos pulls him away from a blast of ice magic]
Kratos: Later.

Sindri: [to Kratos, after spending time alone with Atreus] You better screw his head back on. And I mean tightly.
Atreus: So you're back.
Kratos: Are you ready to answer me?
Atreus: About what?
Kratos: Where did you go? Who did you see? Was it Odin?
Atreus: What? Is that what you think?
Kratos: Do you deny it? [raising his voice] ANSWER ME! Did you go to Asgard?!
Atreus: No! Of course not! But so what if I did? It's my future, it's my life!
Kratos: You are my son!
Atreus: Then why don't you trust me?!
Kratos: If you want me to trust you, then tell me the truth!
Atreus: The truth is you're being a complete asshole!
Mimir: Laddie! You know that's no way to change a man's mind!
Atreus: He doesn't have any faith in me! It's fine if he keeps secrets, it's fine if Mom did--
Kratos: It is not fine! Her secrets haunt every step of this path!
Atreus: Oh, okay, so you don't believe in her anymore either?
Kratos: This is not about your mother! What you have done is lie!
Atreus: [sarcastic] Wonder where I learned that?
Mimir: That's quite enough!
Atreus: Since when do you always take his side?!
Mimir: Since he became the one making sense!
Atreus: Look... I was only thinking about going to Odin. But I swear it's for a good reason--
Freya: There is no good reason to go to Odin.
Tyr: He'll only cloud your mind.
Atreus: But I'd be going for us! I gotta stop something bad from happening--
Mimir: Something bad DID happen! Look at me! At Freya, at Tyr! Odin did this to us!
Brok: [stepping in] What's got everyone caterwaulin' all-a sudden?
Sindri: Atreus wants to go to Asgard.
Brok: Asgard? He get kicked in the head or something?
Atreus: Great. I guess everybody's against me now.
Kratos: [stepping over to him] You must choose who you are going to be! Are you going to continue to lie and keep things from me? Or are you my son? [lays a hand on Atreus' arm]
Atreus: [incredulous] Choose? I never get to choose. Just leave me alone.
Kratos: [gripping him tighter] Listen--
Atreus: [struggling] Let go of me!
Kratos: Listen!
Atreus: [snapping] I SAID LET GO! [shoves Kratos away and transforms into his bear form with a roar]
Brok: What the FUCK?!
Sindri: [as Atreus approaches him, growling] Atreus! It's Sindri. J-Just try to keep control...!
[Atreus knocks Sindri aside with a swipe of his paw, then charges out of the house and towards the gateway, shifting back to his boy form on the way]
Atreus: [hammering on the door] Come on...!
Kratos: [screaming in utter fury] BOY!!!
[Atreus gives his father a last scornful look, then shoves against the door, falling through]

[In Asgard, after humiliating Atreus, Heimdall bends down to get to his eye level]
Heimdall: Wow, Loki. I must say, I am profoundly... unimpressed. You should probably stay down. [rises and turns around, only to hear thunder; sighs in annoyance] Great... [Atreus shoots an arrow behind Heimdall, who catches it. Mud staining his face, he tries to turn around to attack Atreus, only to be met with Thor]
Thor: Knock it off. Like it or not, he's Allfather's guest.
Heimdall: [sniffs the air] I thought I smelled something. [he tries to get by, only to be blocked by Thor]
Thor: Take one more step, you're not gonna like how this ends.
Heimdall: Really? And how do you intend to stop me?
Thor: [menacingly] Look into my eyes. You tell me.
[Heimdall does just that, and drops the arrow]
Heimdall: [shaken] You are a sick man.

[After forging Draupnir Spear, Odin appears before Kratos in Svartelfheim]
Kratos: You came to speak. Speak.
Odin: You don't really want war, do you, Kratos? All that blood on your hands, on your son's hands? I want peace as much as you do! Perhaps we can find it together.
Mimir: He's lying.
Kratos: [whispering] I know.
Odin: That boy of ours... he's everything I expected. So clever, kind - you sure he's yours? I kid. You really ought to be very proud. He is the key to peace in our age, to break free from all this fate and prophecy!
Kratos: My son is not your key.
Odin: Oh, do they not have metaphor in your homeland? Or rather did they? I'm sorry, that's not fair. I know you're not the god you once were. And now is your chance to prove it.
Kratos: Return my son... or you may meet the god I once was.
Odin: And what kind of god is that, Kratos? What do you even know of godhood? In your lifetimes, has anyone ever worshipped you? Ever prayed to you? Can you even imagine that kind of love?! No! You don't care about mortals. You don't care about anything beyond yourself. Beyond the monster who kills without cause. You fear what you can never even hope to understand. Is it any wonder... that your boy is in no rush to come back to you? [disappears in a flurry of ravens]
Mimir: Don't listen to him, brother. He's just trying to get in your head. Superior bastard! The nerve of him, showing up here! At least you rattled him as much as he rattled you!

[Whilst in Helheim after hunting for Garm, Kratos takes a seat on an ice chuck]
Atreus: What's wrong?
Kratos: I have been falling back into my old ways. Angry. Distrustful. With you, now and before. I... I chased you away.
Atreus: Without you, I got reckless. Overconfident. Made stupid mistakes. I don't know why I thought I could do this alone. You were right.
Kratos: No. On our journey together, you have grown into a warrior. Worthy of your namesake. [Atreus smiles] I... was the one who was not ready.
Atreus: You don't have to be who you were just because I'm not there. Let's make a promise. I'll listen for your voice in my head, when you're not there. To guide me. And you do the same. Right? I need to know you'll be okay without me.
Kratos: Atreus... I am sorry.
Atreus: Don't be sorry, father. Be better. [Kratos cracks a dry smile] Let's go home.

[In Vanaheim, after Freya launches a signal flare, Gulltopr and Heimdall arrive, clashing into Kratos' shield]
Heimdall: Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Completely giving away your position. [laughs] What idiots. [Freya shoots and arrow at Heimdall, who cacthes it.] Oh. if it isn't Queen Mistletoe herself. Hilarious, by the way. Been a while.
Freya: Heimdall.
Heimdall: [To Kratos] And you must be the little half-breed's father. [slaps his knee] Lucky day! You have a lot to answer for, sunshine. [To Mimir] You too, traitor.
Mimir: Better a traitor than Odin's lapdog. [Heimdall Snickers. Gulltopr bellows]
Kratos: Go. The burden is mine.
Freya: I can help. [a distant explosion sounds off]
Kratos: I know. But you are needed elsewhere.
Heimdall: He's right, you know. Sizzles wasn't looking so hot last I saw.
Freya: I know you didn't want this, but we know how this ends. See you soon. [she leaves]
Heimdall: Oh, we both know that's not true. [laughs] But don't worry, Frigg. I'll be coming for you and your brother as soon as I am finished here. [Kratos draws his spear as Gulltopr roars] Now...Whatcha got?
[Kratos and Heimdall commence battle. After a bit, Gulltopr pins Kratos to a wall, and the Spartan sees a sharp rock sticking out, giving him an idea. Heimdall kicks him in the face]
Heimdall: Having fun yet? [Kratos throws Gulltopr off him, then grabs the creature by the horns and impales it against the sharp stone, before wrapping his chains around its neck, and slitting its throat with them, killing the beast. Heimdall kicks Gulltopr's corpse before it disintegrates] Ah well. You and me then! [Kratos attempts to hit him with the spear, but to no one's shock, Heimdall dodges it easily.] Oh, wait. You expected the stick to give you an advantage? [Kratos throws the spear at Heimdall, who catches it. The spear detonates, and Kratos rushes him, swinging his fists. Heimdall is unaffected.] Ooh. I can feel your frustration, y'know. It is IMMENSELY satisfying.
Mimir: What now, brother?
Kratos: The spear remains our best chance.
[Throwing the spear at Heimdall's feet, they detonate again, discombobulating the Aesir. Kratos rushes him again, and swings faster, yet Heimdall still dodges, but Kratos lands a hit... on his bracers. So close!]
Heimdall: Hey, careful! These are new bracers.
[Kratos continues to exploit Heimdall's openings, until he rushes him again. Swinging faster and faster, Heimdall raises an arm for another block, but....BAM! Kratos successfully lands a punch! Heimdall steps back, no doubt shaken, and wipes the blood from his wound]
Heimdall: You... You ACTUALLY hit me!
[No doubt becomming more and more arrogant, Heimdall begins to leave himself open to more of Kratos' attacks. He eventually holds Kratos' spear and pushes back]
Heimdall: Luck! That's all this is! [But in actuallity, it's not. Kratos pushes him against a wall, and drives his spear into the Aesir's arm] AH! OKAY, STOP! STOP! [Kratos halts a further attack. Heimdall looks up at him in confusion] Wait... what is going on in that empty... head? Oh no no no, You...Are going to spare me...Out of PITY?! [wheezes maniacaly]
Kratos: Let it go and you may live.
Heimdall: Is this about the little runt? Oh now I am definitely going to gut him... [Kratos stamps his spear, detonating it and blowing Heimdall's arm off. He collapses and screeches in pain]
Kratos: This is your final warning.
Mimir: Don't think a warning's going to cut it.
Heimdall: You think you get to just... walk away? No. That is not how this works. [with roars of pain, Heimdall regenerates an arm purely out of Bifrost] You do not get to decide... MY... FATE! [chuckles sinisterly] You are dead, sunshine!
[As the two continue to battle, Kratos snaps on Heimdall, not using his spear, he knocks Heimdall to the ground. Mimir falls off of Kratos' belt, and has to watch the horror. Kratos bashes Heimdall's head into the dirt, before turning him around and strangling him. Staring deep into Heimdall's eyes as he does this, Mimir seems disturbed]
Mimir: Brother! BROTHER! This isn't who you want to be!
Heimdall: [Stares deep into Kratos' eyes, and sees no doubt the horrors of his life in Greece. The atrocities, the crimes, the bloodshed. His last breath fading, he musters one word through strangled breath] Monster...
[Heimdall's glowing purple light fades. He has died. Kratos, panting, rises as he comes to realization. He lost control. He became the same god-killer, method-wise, as he was in Greece. Calming down, he turns Heimdall's corpse over, and takes Gjallarhorn. He slowly walks towards Mimir, who has no doubt been traumatized]
Mimir: [shaken] Kratos....That was....[Kratos grunts in denial]....I don't know if we're breaking fate, or fate's breaking us.

[Thor saves Atreus from falling as they reassemble Odin's mask]
Atreus: Phew, that was close... Um, thanks, Thor.
Thor: Wasn't about to lose that mask.
Odin: [transporting in] Loki, you did it! We are on the verge of great things! All of our work, together...
Thor: [dejectedly] You're welcome.
[Sif also enters with the Valkyries Hrist and Mist]
Odin: I'm sorry, you are here why?
Sif: [to the Valkyries, glaring at Atreus] His father murdered Heimdall, Forseti has proof. Take him.
Odin: [annoyed] No. Leave him alone, I command it.
Sif: You said no more Aesir blood would be spilled! You said family comes first! You don't think that this is retribution for him being here?! He's put your granddaughter in danger! He's made your son miserable!
Odin: Loki didn't kill Heimdall, his father did. Your daughter is old enough to make her own mistakes, and your husband started drinking again all on his own. Dismissed! [to the Valkyries] You two, a word. [takes them aside]
Sif: [to Thor] Can't you see what's happening? He's not protecting us. [laying a hand on his chest] Magni, Modi, our boys... we used to tell them stories by the fire, do you remember? We would carve those wooden horses. We would play and laugh, until the sun sank and they fell asleep in our laps. They were thrown at the All-Father's problems like brittle knives to a mountain face - and for what? What if Thrud's next?
Thor: [gently takes her hand and kisses it, then angrily turns on Atreus and points Mjolnir at him] You. You kill my sons, sleep in their beds, turn my father against me, my daughter...
Atreus: [nervously] I have no idea what's happening...
Thor: [chuckles darkly] You know, I finally thought of something I can teach you... jotunn. [prepares to strike him]
Odin: [noticing] Hey! Stand down!
Atreus: [to himself] Sindri better be right... Hvergi! [activates a portal with Sindri's key and escapes through it, barely escaping Thor]
Odin: NO!

Atreus: There's something I'm not sure I quite understand... In the Ragnarok prophecy Odin knows, all the Realms get destroyed, including Asgard. In the version Groa kept secret, Asgard still falls. Wouldn't Odin have tried to prevent it either way? What difference did her lie really make?
Mimir: I think of it this way: when it comes to subverting prophecy, knowledge is power. Without the full picture and context, the finer details can lead you to tragically incorrect interpretations. Back in my homeland, I was privy to the operations of a certain coven of heath-witches who were keen on destabilising the government. They picked an influential thane, an otherwise loyal man, and fed him a story of his own ascension to king. They dressed it up in enough details they knew would come to pass, so when they did, the thane took it as confirmation. Next thing you know, he's helping matters along. He murders his king, sleeping under his own roof. Murders many he once called friends too, thinking them fated to oppose him. Then, for a finishing touch, the witches revisit this usurper. With just a few details structured ever-so-misleadingly, they convinced the fool he was invulnerable to all threats--
Kratos, Atreus: "... physical or magical..."
Mimir: Aye, aye - but 'twas not so for him! All turned into a rather magnificent bloodbath, as they go. The thane ends up without his head, and a name so cursed, none dare speak it. All thanks to a subtly deceptive prophecy.
Atreus: You've really got to write these stories down one day, Mimir.
Mimir: Well, I try. Jaw tends to get sore. But thank you, lad.

Tyr: But... if you didn't get any answers from the mask, all you've done is steal Odin's greatest treasure. Just after your father killed his most loyal ally. None of us are safe, even here.
Freya: So we have no choice. We find Surtr, sound Gjallarhorn and bring Odin to justice, now.
Tyr: You'd incinerate every soul in Asgard and call it self-defence?
Freyr: Does he ever suggest plans, or just crap on everyone else's?
Tyr: The obvious plan is staring you in the face. We don't need Odin to use this. We can slip into Asgard and do it ourselves, right under his nose. We gain the knowledge we need to shatter this prophecy of war once and for all.
Sindri: Except, begging your pardon, you don't have a way into Asgard.
Brok: They got the big horn, don't they?
Sindri: Oh, so you expect them to sneak into Asgard blowing a horn that sounds across all the Realms?!
Brok: I expect you to bite my blue butt-cheek!

Tyr: I know I've been a burden to you all. I know you've questioned why you even pulled me out of that hole. I have too. But it's clear now. This is what I'm needed for. This is my purpose. One last time, I will pick up my spear, and... I will lead us to Asgard.
Brok: [suspicious] 'Scuse me... but if you got a way to Asgard, where's that idea been this whole fuckin' while?
Mimir: That's... rather a fair question, brother.
Kratos: You... withheld Asgard?
Tyr: You would have gotten us all killed. And we needed to give Loki time to find his destiny. [picking up the mask] Here it is! It's all led to this!
Freya: If we can get inside, [looking pointedly at Kratos] I'm going after Odin.
Kratos: I will not stop you. We can do both.
Mimir: Spot on, brother. If the mask doesn't give us an out, we'll still have the drop on him.
Freyr: [stifles a belch while snacking] Works for me.
Freya: Let's do it, then. And quickly, before he sees us coming.
Tyr: He does hate surprises... [starts to walk away, still holding the mask]
Brok: [stopping Tyr] Slow down, y'damn spruce! I still wanna hear the details on this, uh, "new way to Asgard" you got. Spill it!
Tyr: It's an ancient path. We can't reach it from here.
Brok: Where, then?!
Tyr: Let me collect my things and I'll show you--
Brok: You ain't got no things! And where you goin' with that mask?! [smacks it out of Tyr's hand]
Tyr: Brok--
Brok: That belongs to the kid! He earned it! All you done was make passable dirt-soup!
Atreus: Brok, it's okay--
Brok: No, it ain't! This ain't right. All the pieces ain't weldin' together true. Like, what's with him callin' you "Loki", anyway? [to Tyr] You know that ain't his name! HEY! I'M TALKIN' TO YOU--
"Tyr": [suddenly stabs him] DO YOU NEVER [voice becomes Odin's as his disguise fades] SHUT UP?!
Sindri: [rushing to his brother as he collapses] BROK!
Odin: [grabs Atreus and holds him at knifepoint] Of all the things...!
Kratos: Odin!
Freya: Let go of the boy and face me!
Odin: [backing towards a door] Tell your brother to throw me the mask, and you've got a deal.
Kratos: [through gritted teeth] Stop moving!
Sindri: [still by Brok] Freya!
Freya: If he dies--
Odin: Now, now. Wasn't part of the plan, but if he dies, we are square for Heimdall. And honestly, you got a bargain.
Freya I will kill you. Plan on that!
Odin: [amused] Mmm. So nice spending time with you again.
Sindri: Freya, please!
Odin: Ah-ah-ah. Can't be in two places at once, Frigg. [Freya reluctantly hurries over to Brok, while Kratos and Freyr close in on Odin] Hey! I don't move, you don't move. Don't do anything you'll regret.
Kratos: I regret many things. Killing you will not be one of them. Release my son!
[After a tense pause, Freyr throws the mask so that it goes over Odin's head, just missing his grasp. Atreus changes into a wolf and bites Odin's arm to escape, rushing back to Kratos as Odin grabs the mask]
Kratos: [worried] Atreus! Atreus...!
Odin: [summoning his ravens] Too bad, son. Looks like war after all.
[Before Odin transports away, Kratos throws the Draupnir Spear, knocking the mask out of his hand again and pinning it to the wall]

[Finding the body of the mother bear that Atreus killed]
Atreus: Everywhere I look, I'm reminded of my mistakes.
Kratos: [gently] Our actions have consequences. To be reminded of them is not punishment.
Atreus: Feels like it.

[Atreus and Kratos have found Sindri, confronting him after Brok's death. His armor is covered in Brok's blood and he is no longer wearing his gloves.]
Atreus: Sindri? Sindri, I... I am so sorry--
Sindri: No! No, I don't wanna hear it. You don't know what "sorry" means.
Atreus: We're not letting Odin get away with this!
Sindri: Would that be the Odin you invited into my home?!
Kratos: We were all fooled.
Sindri: Oh, but some of us were bigger fools than others. Aren't we? I gave you everything. My skills. My friendship. My home! My secrets, my treasures... and you just kept taking! [sobbing] And now what have I got?! [leaning over Brok's body] Not even my family...! You want "sorry"? This is what "sorry" looks like.
Atreus: I... what can we do?
Sindri: "We"? There is no "we". There's only you, no matter what the cost. So what you can do... is get the fuck outta my sight!
Kratos: Come, Atreus. Leave him be. [to Sindri] Mourn how you wish.
Atreus: I... I thought we were his family too.
Kratos: We were.

Atreus: I miss when the lake was still water. I feel like I want to get on a boat and just sail away from here. From everything.
Kratos: You cannot sail away from your mistakes. It is impossible to forget them. I have tried.
Mimir: Aye. They'll follow you no matter where you go, little brother.
Kratos: If you are to sail, do it toward somewhere.

Mimir: Brother, what of your story? You faced the Fates of your homeland, yeah? The legends I heard about the Ghost of Sparta were surely exaggerated.
Kratos: Exaggerated?
Mimir: Oh, not in the "brazen bloodshed, righteous fury" part. The part where it's said you travelled back in time itself to undo a battle once lost. It strains credulity, obviously. I mean, a rumour about Thor knocking the World Serpent back in history from Ragnarök is one thing...
Kratos: It is the truth. The threads of fate span all life and time. The Sisters of Fate abused their power. When I challenged them, they threatened to undo my existence - so I killed them, and turned their power on Zeus.
Freya: That's the most dangerous and irresponsible thing I've ever heard. These Norns have no such magic, nor does anyone in these Realms that I've ever seen.
Mimir: Aye, could you imagine? If it existed, Odin would have it. And if Odin had it, we'd be five shades more fucked than we are already!
Kratos: I would not ask them to change the past, even if they could. I only want information.
Mimir: And that's quite dangerous enough, in my experience.

[While tested by the Norns' illusions, a vision of an angry Sigrun confronts Mimir]
"Sigrun": MIMIR!
Mimir: Sigrun?! Brother, hold off!
"Sigrun": Why did you never turn on Odin?!
Mimir: But I did! I tried to stop him, any way I could--
"Sigrun": [attacking Kratos] DON'T LIE TO ME!
Mimir: Sigrun, don't!
"Sigrun": You served Odin from the day you met till the day he put you in that tree! You sought his favour! You plotted his wars! You watched him mistreat everyone and everything! AND YOU NEVER GAVE A DAMN UNTIL HE TURNED ON YOU!
Mimir: I know, Sigrun! It's true, all of it! But for love of you, I became a better man, a counsellor for peace, an ally to all those who--
"Sigrun": Were you an ally to Freya in her suffering?! To Skadi?! To Groa?! Or Titania?! NO! YOU always took the side of the powerful MEN who used them!
Mimir: [to Kratos, who is fighting visions of more enemies] Brother, watch out! There's more of them!
"Sigrun": Even now, you see a violent god in need and you can't help but aid him, and call him "brother"! It's who you've always been! It's who you are! [as Kratos finally overpowers her and tears off her wings] And it's WHO... YOU... ALWAYS... WILL BE!
Mimir: Brother, no--!
Kratos: It is not her.
Mimir: [deeply shaken] No... of course... you did what you must.

Kratos: I came to these lands to escape my past. To start a new life. I can hide no longer. I do not want this war. We have suffered enough. Prophecy did not lead us here. Nor will it win this battle. Wars are won by those that are willing to sacrifice everything. If that is the cost of vengeance... so be it.
Freya: Odin has taken so much from us already. The realms have suffered enough. No matter the cost, this ends today.
Freyr: If going out in a blaze of glory means Odin burns too, then that’s where I’ll be. With a big, fat smile on my face.
Atreus: For Brok.
[Kratos blows Gjallarhorn, as the realm tower's doors open in bright flashes of different colored lights. The door to Asgard finally opens]
Kratos: Ready yourselves!
[They all run through Asgard's open realm door, straight into the battle of Ragnarök]

Atreus: The Great Lodge. That's where we gotta go.
Freyr: Yeah... they didn't wanna listen. That may not be our biggest problem right now. [Thor knocks the World Serpent back in time]
Atreus: Jörmungandr!
Kratos: Get back to your sister. You must hold back Ragnarök. This fight is mine.
Thrud: But if I could just---
Kratos: Take Atreus and the mask, and do not look back. My son trusts you, so I trust you.
Thor: [upon seeing Kratos near Thrud, he flies in and snatches him away] STAY AWAY FROM HER!
Thrud: Dad, wait!
Thor: I am DONE with you and your son! [Kratos lands several punches on Thor's face as they crash before the Great Lodge] NO MORE FUCKING GAMES! And this time... I'm allowed to kill you.

[after Kratos defeated Thor by impaling his hand with a knife, showing mercy]
Thor: What the fuck are you waiting for?!
Kratos: Your daughter... my son calls her friend.
Thor: If you try to hurt her...!
Kratos: I would not.
Thor: Don't you know... [slaps his chest as he says this] what I've DONE?!
Kratos: YES! [calls his axe] But what will you do now?
Thor: We don't change... We... are destroyers.
Kratos: No more. [quietly puts away his axe] No more. For the sake of our children. We. Must. Be. Better.
[After a tense pause, Thor lowers down his hammer. Odin suddenly appears]
Odin: Why isn't he dead? Are you talking? Who told you to do that?! You don't talk! You don't think! I think, you kill! It's a simple fucking concept!
Thor: Sif was right about you... I just didn't want to see it.
Odin: What is this?! Are you broken?! I am your father! Take the hammer and kill who I tell you to kill!
Thor: [turns around and looks at Kratos, then looks back at his father and drops Mjolnir] No.
Odin: [without hesitation, stabs Thor with his spear] I didn't want this. I did. Not. Want this.
Thrud: NOOOOO!!!!
Odin: [pointing at Kratos and Atreus] Thrud, this was all their fault! They've done this to us! To our family!
[With a scream of rage, Thrud tries to attack Odin, but he throws Mjolnir at her, sending her flying away]
Atreus: THRUD!
Odin: Looks like I gotta do everything around here...

Odin: So... was this everything you hoped for? Was your plan really all that much better than mine? I hope you got exactly what you want-- [a mystic rope wraps around his throat]
Freya: Not. Quite. Yet. Think you're the only one who can craft a binding spell? I've spent many long winters thinking about what I would say to you as I watched you take your last breath. But now, I realize there's only one thing I need you to know. You have no hold on me ANYMORE.
Odin: That's my Frigg. I forgot how good you look with wings.
Freya: Oh, husband. You always sought knowledge, well... now I'm going to teach you what it's like to lose everything. Bow to your Queen!
Odin: I always loved you, you know...
Freya: You've never loved anyone.
[A sudden explosion from Odin destroys the ground. The five of them fall into Odin's study, before the green rift]
Atreus: Father? Freya?
Odin: You did it, Loki! [Atreus raises his knife] No, no, no-- No more fighting. No. [Odin drops his spear] None of that matters now. This is your moment, Loki. Groa tried to hide you from me, but this is your destiny... Champion of the Jotnar. Only he can put on the mask, only he can gaze into the truth of creation, unfold the secrets of life and death. No more doubt, no more confusion. You were born for this. Put on the mask, Loki. Ask it... ask it the question.
Kratos: This is your choice, son. I trust you.
[after a tense pause, Atreus breaks the mask as it flies into the rift, closing it indefinitely]
Odin: NO, NO, NO--! Why did you do that?! What was it all for?! YOU CHOOSE TO BE NOTHING?! [screams in anger, sending the three backwards] So be it.

Odin: This was our chance, Loki! I could have had my answers! I could have learned the truth! You took that away from me! I could have made things better. We could have made the Nine Realms better!
Atreus: This was never about the Realms, or me! It was about you!
Odin: You've destroyed everything... my home! My family! My kingdom!
Atreus: You did those things! Your choices! You killed your own son!
Odin: It wasn't my choice, I had no choice...
Atreus: There's always a choice! You have to stop. You can choose to be better.
Odin: [last words] No, I can't. I have to know what happens next. I... will never stop.
Atreus: Why'd you have to say that?
[Atreus holds up one of Angrboda's marbles and starts chanting a spell. Odin collapses lifelessly, his soul drawn out of his body and into the marble]
Atreus: What do we do with him?
Kratos: [takes the marble and offers it to Freya] I swore I would never rob from you the choice between life and death.
Freya: [takes the marble and clutches it] I have waited so long... for this moment. [her fingers loosen] And now that I'm here... [after a moment, she hands it back to Atreus] I don't need this to make me whole.
Mimir: We stopped his madness. That's all that matters.
[Sindri suddenly snatches the marble and smashes it with his hammer, destroying Odin's soul]
Sindri: That's what comes next.

[After Atreus and Angrboda leave, Kratos closes the shrine foretelling all of the game's events. He walks behind it, only to find another shrine on the back of it. He opens it, and sees a shocking truth; It depicted him sailing away from Greece, he and Atreus spreading Faye's ashes, him fighting Thor, him killing Odin, and a panel depicting people worshiping and loving him. He, as a revered god. Upon seeing this final panel, Kratos begins to tear and choke up. He places his hand on the panel in disbelief, as for the first time in his godhood, people care for and respect him rather than fear him. He walks out from behind the shrine, and sees Freya standing before the outcropping of the still-snowy Midgard.]
Mimir: What did you see in there, Brother?
Kratos: A path. One I had never imagined.
Freya: And what now?
Kratos: There is much to do. Much to rebuild. Would you join me?
Mimir: Aye.
Freya: We will see to it. Together.

Mimir: Brother, I've heard my share of stories about your homeland. But I'd also heard that you once fought in a tournament.
Kratos: I fought in many contests.
Mimir: But this particular one... I heard you did battle with beasts, scoundrels, princesses, the undead, automatons and... history's greatest musician. That's not... that's not true, is it?
Kratos: I would not speak of this...
Mimir: Fair enough, brother.

Mimir: What do you intend to do with Skofnung now?
Kratos: I intend to use it.
Mimir: No...! Don't you understand the legacy that thing carries? Not to mention the souls of evil Berserkers!
Kratos: I will use it for good.
Mimir: That won't erase its history.
Kratos: No. But the story of this sword is still being written. Future generations will weigh its good deeds against the bad, and decide for themselves.
Mimir: You've come a long way from when I first met ya, brother.
Kratos: I have had good council since then, brother.

Mimir: Brother. I thought being dead had cured me of my appetite, but I can't help thinking about the smell of Tyr's stew! Awakened some cravings of food from my homeland, it did. Black pudding... Haggis and Meeps!
Freya: Porridge and honey.
Mimir: What about you, brother? Any pre-Fimbulwinter foods you're aching for?
Kratos: [slight pause] Olives.
Mimir: [genuinely confused] The hell's an "olive"?

[After Brok's funeral]
Mimir: A hole.
Kratos: What?
Mimir: It gets bigger the more you take away.


[Kratos and Mimir row forth onto a black-sanded beach, with hexagonal pillars mounding it.]
Mimir: Tell me, brother... why exactly are we doing this?
Kratos: I do not know.
Mimir: Oh! That's comforting.

Freya: You marched into Valhalla without even talking to us first?!
Mimir: Nice to see you too, my lady!
Kratos: It was a personal matter. And I would not take you from your duties.
Freya: You breached Valhalla -- consider it worth my time.

Mimir: Brother, I must admit... Freya's idea does make quite a bit of sense to me. What better God of War could the realms ask for than the general who won Ragnarök, and won it trying to save lives? With you on board, our whole peacekeeping council could really do some good!
Kratos: This... position. This title... I have held it before. You know what happened. She knows what happened.
Mimir: Of course we do. But why should who you used to be matter more than who you are now? Can't you see how far you've come?
Kratos: However far I have come, I have done it running from that life. That title. That throne.
Mimir: Aye...

Helios: So, what's new with you, Kratos? Murdered any good pantheons lately? Devastated any populations with the cataclysmic consequences of your actions? Turned on any once-trusted allies? You simply must bring me up to speed on your latest saga of blood-soaked vengeance...
Kratos: I am that no longer.
Helios: You don't mean to say you've gone soft! Never believe it. Once a Spartan, always a Spartan. No, there's no fooling me, Kratos. You know what they say -- you can't hide in the shadows from a sun god. At least, that's what they should say.

Tyr: Greetings, friends. Any questions, before you get started?
Mimir: I was wondering, actually - did Odin ever try his hand at Valhalla?
Tyr: Of course. He explored it very thoroughly, in seeking to gain control of the Valkyries, but in the end, he found nothing here he could use. You see, Odin always looked outside himself for answers... but Valhalla only reveals its secrets to those who do the work of looking within.

Tyr: Tell me, Kratos--truly, how did it feel to plunge your homeland into darkness?
Kratos: I did not intend the land to suffer. But I was indifferent, consumed only by rage and retribution!
Tyr: That is not what I asked. How did it feel, in that moment, your soul given over to darkness, bringing a darkness over everything you could see?
Kratos: It felt... true!

Tyr: I don't think you were indifferent, Kratos. I think you were hurt. Deeply hurt. And You handled it... unskillfully.
Mimir: Wait... is that you restoring the sun? You took Helios's chariot and put the sun back in the sky, but sacrificed yourself in the process.
Kratos: Yes. I fell to my death, then was saved by Helios. But... this memory happened before I killed him. My evils were yet to come. What is the point?
Tyr: That your legacy has always been a complicated one. That goodness is not a destination we arrive at, but a practice. Misfortune may drive anyone to darkness. We resist it only through wisdom and vigilance. You are not so unskillful now as you were then. Better voices in your head, you might call it.

Freya: Listen, I... know I made you feel like we expected more of you than you could give, and I just wanted you to know, I'm not asking you to change how you are or who you are. We had to break the old world to build a new one. Picking up the pieces and putting them together stronger, it's a rare opportunity. You made a difference here, in some circles a symbol of change. On many days, just knowing you're part of the council is enough.
Kratos: And other days?
Freya: You've earned a voice. How you use it is up to you.

Mimir: Brother, you've told me many times of mortals you've killed when in the gods' service. What is it about this boat captain?
Kratos: It would have cost me nothing to show him mercy. His life was in my hands. To be so casually cruel, I... this man did nothing to me, and I treated his life as nothing. He was not a god who had manipulated me, nor bound me in service. I can not hide behind my thirst for revenge. He was just a man afraid for his life-- attacked and swallowed by a monster he had no hope of defeating. But the Hydra was just an animal. I showed him what a true monster looked like.

[After Kratos crosses through the door, he sees one of his biggest foes yet: himself. The younger Kratos sits on the throne he took from Ares long ago, scowling]
Kratos: What can I say to you? I remember how it felt to take that throne. All that it meant. And all that it did not. A god of war... a god of pain. Of suffering. Of destruction. The Norns said I chase a redemption that I know I can never deserve. What does that make me? God of fools! A god of...! [slight pause] Hope. [he examines the bronze statue of Pandora] "When all else is lost..." [raises his arm and points to the younger Spartan] You lost everything. And everyone. And you became... There is no forgiving you. You chose! [the younger Kratos curls his lip, still scowling at Kratos' words] I... chose. [he turns away] What now? Should I, this same man, should I sit? Take? Proclaim? Lead? Place myself in service? In service... Should I... lose everything and everyone... will there still be enough left inside so that I do not become you? I do not know. But I have hope. You are cruel, and arrogant, and selfish. But you are more than that. You have always been more than what others saw. You are more than that. [Kratos looks back at the throne his younger self sat on, only to see that the younger Ghost of Sparta has disappeared. He walks towards the throne, and places his hand upon the arm of it. After a tense pause, he sits down, finally at peace with the monster he was and the demons of his past.]
Mimir: Well, looks like I missed everything. [Kratos picks him up and places him on the arm of the throne] Did you find what you needed? [Kratos grunts in affirmation. Mimir smiles] Glad to hear it, brother. We're done here then, so what now?
Kratos: Now? I believe I would like to sit here for a while.

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