Gold Diggers of Broadway

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Gold Diggers of Broadway is a 1929 musical comedy film starring Winnie Lightner and Nick Lucas.

Directed by Roy Del Ruth. Written by De Leon Anthony.
Girls! Songs! Dances! Color!


  • [last line] I... I am... I... Oh, damn it, I forgot my second line!


Jerry Lamar: Uncle Steve, you are wonderful!
Stephen Lee: Jerry, last night when I was in a somewhat toodle-loo condition, I said several things. I distinctly remember saying one thing. I asked you to marry me. I see now that I was a little hasty and I wish to apologize.
Jerry Lamar: Why should you apologize if you didn't mean it?
Stephen Lee: What makes you think I didn't mean it?
Jerry Lamar: I've been told that a man doesn't mean anything he says after 2 AM, when he's toodle-loo.

Stephen Lee: Oh, Jerry, I love you. I love you very much! Won't you please marry me?
Jerry Lamar: Lookout, Uncle Steve. You don't know what you're letting yourself in for. There's quite a family of us. There's mother and Bobby.
Stephen Lee: Bobby?
Jerry Lamar: Bobby's my little brother. He lives with mother. Just five, Uncle Steve. I've always looked after him and I must keep on doing so. Oh, but Bobby needs so many things. A pony and lots of clothes and he eats so much. Then, of course, he'll grow up and you'll send him to school and to college and start him in business. Then, there's Uncle Charley and Cousin Minnie...
Stephen Lee: Jerry! What are you doing to me?


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