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Goliath II is a 1960 American short animated comedy film produced by Walt Disney Productions. Directed by Wolfgang Reitherman and written by Bill Peet, it is narrated by Sterling Holloway and stars Kevin Corcoran. It was released to theatrically in the United States on January 21, 1960 alongside the live-action Toby Tyler (also starring Corcoran).

Directed by Wolfgang Reitherman. Produced by Walt Disney. Written by Bill Peet.


Goliath II's Mother: [seeing that Eloise is about to walk on Goliath II without notice] ELOISE!
[Eloise stops as Goliath II plays with a butterfly]
Goliath II's Mother: Why don't you watch where you're going, you... you clumsy ox!
Eloise: [furiously] Now, don't you 'clumsy ox' me! I can't watch out for your precious little brat; that's your worry. If you think I'm going to pussyfoot around the rest of my life just because...
Goliath II's Mother: [seeing that Goliath II is about to be eaten up by a crocodile] Goliath! GOLIATH!
[Goliath's mother snatches him by the tail saving him as the crocodile chomps into nothing]
Goliath II's Mother: [worried] Oh, Goliath, what on earth will I ever do?

[The mouse has scared all of the elephants away and into the river, except Goliath II, who doesn't budge]
Mouse: [to Goliath II] What's the trouble, buster? Scared stiff?
Goliath II: I'm not scared at all.
Mouse: You're not?
Goliath II: I'm just as big as you are.
Mouse: But that's not the point, kid. I'm a mouse! You're an elephant. At least you look like one. You got a trunk. [pulls on Goliath's trunk] Flappy ears! [tugs and flaps on Goliath's big ears] Ho-ho-ho! Baggy pants! [kicks Goliath in the rear]

Mouse: [to Goliath II] Look, kid. I'll give you a break. I'm gonna count to three, and then, if you're not gone, I'LL TEAR YA TO SHREDS! Here goes... One. You better get movin'.
[Goliath doesn't budge]
Mouse: Two. I'm warnin' ya, kid!
[still, Goliath doesn't budge]
[The mouse headbutts Goliath and they get into a tussle]

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