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Gooby, is a 2009 children's film directed by Wilson Coneybeare featuring the voice of Robbie Coltrane as the voice of Gooby, a living teddy bear, and Matthew Knight as Willy, an 11 year old child who is scared of his new house.


Willy: Goob, you're supposed to wait 'till I come out to the backyard!
Willy: If we move into the new house, bad things will happen like hoonies for real.
Gooby: Actually, most grown-ups forget a lot of things.
Gooby: I think I can decide what moves these boys, and my boy Willy here needs to see, and if they want to see a movie with violence and gore, then I say let 'er rip!
Willy: This looks like plaster!
Gooby: I was after marshmallow cookies.
Mr. Nerdlinger: Hello, I'm sure you're all familiar with the Flesherten Fish series of books.

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