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Good Vibes is an American adult animated sitcom created by David Gordon Green and Brad Ableson and Mike Clements for MTV. The series follows the exploits of recent New Jersey transplant Mondo and his new best friend Woodie as they live their life in Playa Del Toro, a fictional Southern California beach town.


  • Face it. In a world full of Kardashians, I'm the Khloe.
  • You know the rules Miss Shartz girl. It's time to say "Later" to those hosen.


  • Oh, he left a while ago. He didn't really want to study. He didn't even bring any books. Just this porn video.
  • Wow that's a crazy mix.


Woodie: A sleeping pimp is a dead pimp.
Lonnie: Don't forget, there is a human being attached to those breasts. And that human being is loco in the cabesa, 'cause she'll steal your money, rip your heart out, and take those cans to a time share in Lake Havasu! Sadie!
Loser At the Bar: So, let me get this straight. To get to the princess, I need to go through Bowser.
Ms. Teets: Settle down, gonads. Oh, sweet Jonas it's cold out here.


  • Montgomery "Mondo" Brando / Baby Mondo / Officer / Crowd Member #1 / Male Student / Various Background Characters (Josh Gad)
  • Woodford "Woodie" Stone / Hunky Man / Lifeguard / Various Background Characters (Adam Brody)
  • Barbara "Babs" Brando / Female Officer / Female Lifeguard / Various Background Characters (Debi Mazar)
  • Winthrop Aguilera Wadska / Bingo Player #2 / Bank Teller / Various Background Characters (Tony Hale)
  • Jeena Wadska / Worker #1 / Girl #1 / Various Background Characters (Olivia Thirlby)
  • Dirk Kirk "Turk" / Lifeguard / Deputy / Loser at the Bar / Various Background Characters (Jake Busey)
  • Milan Stone / Girl #3 / Maid / Announcer / Various Background Characters (Kari Wahlgren)
  • Voneeta Teets /Bingo Announcer / Man on Radio / Various Background Characters (Danny McBride)
  • Lonnie / Principal David / Kid #1 / Various Background Characters (Alan Tudyk)
  • HJ & BJ Kuntz / Fan #2 / Various Background Characters (Cree Summer)

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