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Goodnight Sweetheart (1993–1999) is a BBC television sitcom created by Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran. It stars Nicholas Lyndhurst as Gary Sparrow.

Series 1 (1993)[edit]

Rites of Passage[edit]

Fools Rush In[edit]

Is Your Journey Really Necessary?[edit]

The More I See You[edit]

I Get Along Without You Very Well[edit]

Yvonne: Don't push your luck, Ron! Now I am angry! What really happened? And it's no use covering for him.
Ron: I can't, Yvonne. He's my mate. You shouldn't ask mates to grass on mates.
Yvonne: Spare me this male bonding.
Ron: But Yvonne...
Yvonne: Tell me, otherwise you won't have anything male left to bond with! Now where the hell is my husband?

In the Mood[edit]

Yvonne appears at Ron's workplace
Ron: "The cool blonde sashayed into the office. Marlow tipped back his fedora, and inspected her through a thin curl of cigarette smoke. She sat opposite him, crossed her silk-stockinged legs, and through full, moist lips huskily said..."
Yvonne: Stop pissing about! I'm worried about Gary!

Series 2 (1995)[edit]

Don't Get Around Much Anymore[edit]

I Got it Bad and that ain't Good[edit]

Just One More Chance[edit]

Who's Taking You Home Tonight?[edit]

Wish Me Luck...[edit]

As You Wave Me Goodbye[edit]

Would You Like to Swing on a Star[edit]

Nice Work If You Can Get It[edit]

Let Yourself Go[edit]

Don't Fence Me In[edit]

A man from the brewery has come to call
Phoebe: Gary, this is George Harrison.
Gary: No, it isn't. The hair's all wrong for a start.

Series 3 (1996)[edit]

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea[edit]

It Ain't Necessarily So[edit]

One O'Clock Jump[edit]

Where is Margie living now?
Reg: I can't remember. Saint something.
Gary: Saint. Er...St Leonards? St Ives? St. Louis, Missouri?
Reg: Got it! St Reatham.
Gary: St mean Streatham, you pillock!

It's a Sin to Tell a Lie[edit]

Reg: No, I'm sorry. Losing your penis is no excuse for betraying your country.

Change Partners[edit]

Goodnight Children Everywhere[edit]

Turned Out Nice Again[edit]

There's Something about a Soldier[edit]

Someone to Watch over Me[edit]

The Yanks are Coming[edit]

Let's Get Away From It All[edit]

Series 4 (1997)[edit]

You're Driving Me Crazy[edit]

In the Mood[edit]

Out of Town[edit]

And Mother Came Too[edit]

Gary: I'm sorry. I'm just so happy!
Ron: A man's dead, your best friend's in jail and you're happy. What's it gonna take to make it a real zip-a-dee-doo-dah sort of day? An outbreak of bubonic plague?!

The Leaving of Liverpool[edit]

How Long Has This Been Going On[edit]

Easy Living[edit]

Come Fly With Me[edit]


Careless Talk[edit]

The Bells Are Ringing[edit]

Series 5 (1998)[edit]

A Room with a View[edit]

London Pride[edit]

When Two Worlds Collide[edit]

Mairzy Doats[edit]

Pennies From Heaven[edit]

We Don't Want to Lose You...[edit]

But We Think You Have to Go[edit]

Have You Ever Seen a Dream Walking[edit]

Love The One You're With[edit]

My Heart Belongs to Daddy[edit]

Series 6 (1999)[edit]

Mine's a Double[edit]

All About Yvonne[edit]

California Dreamin'[edit]

Grief Encounter[edit]

Gary: Right now, I've got an urgent meeting. It could be an all-nighter.
Phoebe: Phone in sick.
Gary: I can't, Phoebe. England expects every man to do his duty.
Phoebe: So do I. Phone in sick.

The 'Ouses in Between[edit]

Just in Time[edit]

How I Won The War[edit]

How to deal with a group of German soldiers
Gary: (disguised as Hitler) Gott im Himmel! Achtung Spitfeuer! Mönchengladbach! Donner und Blitzen! Bundesbank! Vorsprung durch Technik! Now! (signal for ambush)

Something Fishie[edit]

Flash Bang Wallop[edit]

Accentuate the Positive[edit]

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