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Gotham Girls is a 2000-2002 web-cartoon series set in the DC Animated Universe. It stars Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Batgirl.

Season One[edit]

The Vault[edit]

Poison Ivy: Find something else to do with your mouth other than yap.
Harley Quinn: [Thinking] Rhymes with rich.

More Than One Way[edit]

Catwoman: Only one of us can steal it.
Harley Quinn: Rock, Paper, Scissors?

Season Two[edit]

Season Three[edit]

Gotham in Pink[edit]

Gotham in Blue[edit]

Among Thieves[edit]

Signal Fires[edit]

James Gordon: Who the heck is th- Barbara? What are you doing up here?
Barbara Gordon: I was looking for a place to talk to you in private. I knew that would get your attention. [she points at the Batsignal] I wanted to talk to you about Batgirl and Mr. Freeze.
James Gordon: Who told you about that?
Barbara Gordon: Detective Reesedale. He told me you had proof it was Batgirl who kidnapped all the men.
James Gordon: 'He'? What are you talking about?
Barbara Gordon: Just tell me. Do you really have evidence connecting Batgirl to the crime?
James Gordon: Absolutely.
Barbara Gordon: I'm really sorry to hear you say that... Dad.

Cold Hands, Cold Heart[edit]


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