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Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 is an expansion pack for the 1997 action-adventure game Grand Theft Auto, developed by Rockstar Canada and published by [[Rockstar Games. It was released for personal computers (MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows) and the PlayStation in April 1999. The expansion adheres to the same gameplay mechanics of the main game and takes place in a fictionalised version of London during the 1960s. Like in the main game, players assume the role of a criminal who works for several London-based criminal syndicates, and complete levels by achieving a set score, within an open-world environment that allows them to do whatever they wish alongside jobs to achieve their goal.


Harold Cartwright: Listen right. We're lookin' for a lad who can do his stuff. I've heard you're a bit tasty, no messin' around or you'll get a slap. Remember, I'm the monkey, and you're the cheese grater. So no messin' around.

Jack Parkinson Just a little bit pleased with yourself, ain't ya? And rightly so, rightly so. You're on the way to being a big face in this filthy cesspit. You've done me a few favors, so I am going do you a very big favor. You're with me now and the Crisp Twins are getting on a bit. In a few years I'll be takin over the whole bread basket. And if you've got that special something, you can too. Now stop loafin around and get to work.

Albert Crisp Alright my boy. Pretty little thing ain'tcha. And we want to keep you like that. Things have been getting out of hand and we need you to mend a few broken pipes. Fix a few ungrateful little gits. Or Archie'll lose his temper and nobody'll be happy.

Albert Crisp Gordan Bennett that was some firework. Look... There must have been some mistake flower. Well look... Just so you don't come at us with a bleedin A-Bomb next time. We're getting out of here. Archie's off to Devon, and I'm leaving the country. Heading for Thailand actually... Very posh.

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