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Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is a sandbox-style action-adventure game developed by Rockstar North. It is the second HD game in the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise and the seventh original game overall.

Michael De Santa[edit]

You forget a thousand things every day, pal. Make sure this is one of 'em.

Side missions[edit]


Trevor Philips[edit]


What happens in the dark, comes out in the light.

Crashing into a car[edit]

That was entirely your fault.

Using special ability[edit]

Helloooo, who wants some now?

Where are you assholes hiding?

Come here, somebody come here.


[Franklin and Lamar arrive at Franklin's house]
Lamar Davis: Wassup, can a loc come up in your crib?
Franklin Clinton: Man, fuck you. I'll see you at work.
Lamar Davis: Ah, nigga, don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful, nigga. Maybe if you get rid of that old yee-yee ass haircut you got you'd get some bitches on your dick. Oh, better yet, maybe Tanisha'll call your dog-ass if she ever stop fucking with that brain surgeon or lawyer she fucking with. Nigga...
[Lamar walks away]
Franklin Clinton: What?!

[Michael returns home and looks around]
Michael De Santa: Hey, Amanda? Tracey? Yo! [steps out of the house and lights his cigarette and notices his wife and her coach's tennis racket laying beside the door and he walks back inside] Amanda! [walks upstairs] Amanda! Better not be... not my house!
Amanda De Santa: [holding her towel] Fuck you, Michael, go away!
Michael De Santa: I'm paying that turd one hundred and fifty bucks an hour to fuck my wife, in my own bed?!
Amanda De Santa: Michael, go away! [he enters their bedroom and finds her coach Kyle Chavis in his underwear standing on top of her bed]
Kyle Chavis: Whoa, I'm sorry, bro! She said you have arrangement!
Michael De Santa: [chasing him around the room] You and I gonna have an arrangement! I'm gonna arrange your fucking funeral!
Kyle Chavis: [Amanda holds Michael's arm] I'm sorry, bro! I'll comp the session! I promise!
Michael De Santa: You're a dead man! Fuck, dead! [Kyle jumps into the window breaking it, knocking the flower box down as he jumps off] COME HERE!!!
[Franklin Clinton arrives as Michael and Amanda rush downstairs]
Amanda De Santa: [To Franklin] Hey, you! Stop him!
Franklin Clinton: What's up, man?
Michael De Santa: Get out of my way.
Amanda De Santa: Michael, calm down!
Franklin Clinton: [confused] What the fuck is going on?
Amanda De Santa: Nothing happened. It was just a misunderstanding.
Michael De Santa: [To Franklin] She fucked a prick in my bed.
Franklin Clinton: You bullshitting me?
Amanda De Santa: It wasn't like that!
Michael De Santa: You in?
Franklin Clinton: Fuck it, I'm in. Let's roll, let's get this motherfucker.
Amanda De Santa: [Franklin and Michael walk toward their truck] Just don't kill him! [rushes back inside and slams the door shut]

[Michael is eating a bowl of potato chips while watching TV, Jimmy De Santa is in his room playing video games and shouting insults in his headphone and Michael turns the TV volume up, but he can't hear the TV voice as Jimmy De Santa is continuing insults and turns it off]
Michael De Santa: [gets up from the couch and walks toward to Jimmy's bedroom] Goddammit! Jimmy! Goddammit! [enters his bedroom] The fuck you're doing?
Jimmy De Santa: Nothing.
Michael De Santa: Really? Cause I keep hearing "hermaphrodite" this, "suck cock" that.
Jimmy De Santa: Go away.
Michael De Santa: What?
Jimmy De Santa: Go watch your linear entertainment. Go watch porn. Just go away.
Michael De Santa: You fuck lazy shit! [picks up a chair and smashes Jimmy's TV with it] FUCK YOU!!!
Jimmy De Santa: [drops his control pad and gets up from his bed] What the fuck?!
Michael De Santa: [throws the chair on the floor] Disrespectful little asshole!
Jimmy De Santa: I can't believe you did that! That's my TV!
Michael De Santa: [sternly] You don't talk to me like that!
Jimmy De Santa: I can't believe you... Mom was right about you. You don't know any better and you can't help it. But, you're an asshole.
Michael De Santa: Yeah? Well, why don't you do something, then? Besides just stand there. Why don't you hit me?
Jimmy De Santa: Is that what you want? To be hit by your son?
Michael De Santa: Yeah... No! [calms down] I just want you to do something besides sit there... [looks and points at Jimmy's bed] eating.
Jimmy De Santa: [angry and sadly] Yeah, great. Thanks for the fucking guidance, dad. It means a lot. [about to step out of his bedroom]
Michael De Santa: Wait! I was just trying to help you. [puts the chair back up]
Jimmy De Santa: [depressingly] Well, nothing says 'I love you' like smashing my fucking TV. Nothing at all! [sits on his bed weeping]
Michael De Santa: [ashamed] I'm sorry. I just wish we could do things together.
Jimmy De Santa: Yeah, what things?
Michael De Santa: I don't know. Go for walks. Play ball.
Jimmy De Santa: You know I have bad glands.
Michael De Santa: Bike ride then.
Jimmy De Santa: Bike ride? You want to go on a fucking bike ride? [stands up from his bed] Fine! Fine, let's go on a fucking bike ride! [Walks out of his bedroom. Michael looks at Jimmy's smashed TV and walks out to follow Jimmy]
Michael De Santa: [softly] Fuck me.

Michael De Santa: [takes off only his shirt; to Jimmy] This is the reason you brought me here, isn't it? You fuck! [runs to the edge, dives into the ocean, and swims over to the boat]

[Michael has just rescued his daughter Tracey from what should have been a "fun afternoon" with her friends]
Tracey De Santa: I see, I see that traitor! [runs to Jimmy] Jimmy! You, you fucking asshole!!!
Jimmy De Santa: Hey, he's the fucking asshole, okay?! He smashed my TV and took me to the beach. The beach! With my skin!
Tracey: So what, you send him out so he could spoil my day too?!
Jimmy: I didn't know he was coming to come get you, I just told him where you were. You know, he got the crazy look in his eyes. You know, like he gets sometimes? And he just went!
Tracey: I'm getting a cab.
Jimmy: I'm coming with you.
Michael De Santa: How about I just drive us home?
Tracey: [in tears] You ruined my life! [walks off and Jimmy follows her]

[Johnny Klebitz is furious at Trevor for having sex with Ashley]
Johnny Klebitz: Trevor! I'm talking to you, motherfucker!
Trevor Philips: [faces him] Are you? What are you sayin'?
Johnny: [suddenly cowed] Fucking my girl, man. It's wrong.
Trevor: Oh, I gotta fuck someone. You want me to fuck you instead? Is that the problem here? [whispers] Take off your pants, cowboy, alright? Let's... let's fuck.
Johnny: You think this is funny?
Trevor: Get them off!!
Ron: I told him to leave it, Trevor. I told him. Leave it. Leave it.
Trevor: Shut up, Ron. I'm about to fuck me a meth head, ain't I, cowboy? Get my boy sucked from his toothless gums.
Johnny: Fuck you, Trevor.
Trevor: Oh.
Johnny: I still love her.
Trevor: Alright, cowboy. Hey, I know. Hey, c'mon. [puts his arm around Johnny reassuringly] Shh... hey...
Johnny: I don't mean nothing by it, man. I just, I just...
Trevor: I know.
Johnny: I messed up.
Trevor: I know, cowboy. I know, man. Gimme a hug, yeah... [hugs Johnny] Shh...[grabs Johnny by the neck and throws him to the ground, throws his beer bottle at Johnny's face, creating a large cut, and begins to stomp on his head.] YOU FUCKING SHIT!!! CUNT!!! CUNT!!! CUNT!!! [Stomps one more time] Augh, cunt! [Stops stomping on his head] Who the fuck are you speaking to?! Who?! Who?! I'm talking to you, huh? You fuck!
Ashley Butler: Johnny!
Trevor: Next time, don't get in my fucking face! I just saw a fucking ghost, and I got to hear your crap?! Get up! Get up! [Realizing that he has killed Johnny] Fuck you then! [angrily walks to his truck]
Ashley: [runs to Johnny's body and holds him in her arms] Johnny! [Begins weeping. Wade tries to walk over to comfort her]
Ron: Wade. [Wade follows Ron and Trevor]
Trevor: [Frustratingly] Fuck. Now we got to speak to Johnny's recently bereaved brothers. That dopey cowboy's forced our hand. Now we gotta find the rest of the Lost.

[Having rescued Michael from an abattoir, Franklin asks what happened in the past with Trevor]
Michael de Santa: [miffed at Franklin bringing up details] I know what you meant. [pause] Look, I made a judgment call. I don't know if it was the right one I did what I thought had to do. I had a young family, Franklin. I was running with a crew of crazy motherfuckers with nothing to lose. I saw an out, a future for me, for my family. I took it.
Franklin Clinton: You took it? Man, you burned every motherfucker you've ever known.
Michael: It was that or die. [Franklin groans] Look I know it sounds cold I don't expect you to understand it, not yet but you will when you got ties of your own. Look, you wake up one day and your legs, they just give... and you just can't run anymore.

[If Franklin Clinton is spotted by the De Santa family during the Complication mission]
Carlos: Mr. De Santa! Someone is here!
Jimmy De Santa: [notices Franklin Clinton enters his room] Holy fucking shit, bro! [drops his control pad and gets up] Dad! Dad, there's a dude! Dad, help! Dad!
Tracey De Santa: [gasps seeing Franklin Clinton entering her room] Who the fuck are you?! Dad! AHHHHHHH! Dad! AHHHHH!
Amanda De Santa: [laughing then screams upon seeing Franklin Clinton] Who the fuck are you? Do something!
Kyle Chavis: Can I help you? Help! Help! He... he's black! Help!

[If Trevor Philips did not use adrenaline on Ferdinand Kerimov during By the Book mission]
Steve Haines: Now hold on, hold on, wh-what the fuck, hold on... [looks at a limped Ferdinand then to Dave Norton and Michael De Santa on the line] Forget it. [hangs up] He's fucking dead.
Trevor: [puts his fingers on Ferdinand's neck to check his status] Oh yeah, poor bastard, man.
Steve Haines: [angry] You are a fucking moron.
Trevor: Whoa. [pointing at the lifeless Ferdinand] Hey, I just spent the past few hours torturing a seemingly innocent guy to death, and I don't even know why I did it. [getting angry] So does that make me a fucking moron?!
Steve Haines: [Threatening] You'll going down punk. At the exact moment I get bored with you, your little racket... will end. [walks away]
Trevor: Yeah... yeah, you love those fucking tough guy lines don't you, huh?! [swings a kick] Fuck you! [walks off]

Amanda De Santa: You are such a fucking animal! A deranged animal!

About Grand Theft Auto V[edit]

  • GTA is an action-adventure video game situated in a fictional highly violent game world in which players are rewarded for their use of violence as a means to advance in the game. The single-player story follows three criminals and their efforts to commit heists while under pressure from a government agency. The gameplay focuses on an open world (sandbox game) where the player can choose between different behaviours. The game also allows the player to engage in various side activities, such as action-adventure, driving, third-person shooting, occasional role-playing, stealth and racing elements. The open world design lets players freely roam around the fictional world so that gamers could in principle decide not to commit violent acts.
  • Within the scope of the present study we tested the potential effects of playing the violent video game GTA V for 2 months against an active control group that played the non-violent, rather pro-social life simulation game Sims 3 and a passive control group. Participants were tested before and after the long-term intervention and at a follow-up appointment 2 months later. Although we used a comprehensive test battery consisting of questionnaires and computerised behavioural tests assessing aggression, impulsivity-related constructs, mood, anxiety, empathy, interpersonal competencies and executive control functions, we did not find relevant negative effects in response to violent video game playing. In fact, only three tests of the 208 statistical tests performed showed a significant interaction pattern that would be in line with this hypothesis. Since at least ten significant effects would be expected purely by chance, we conclude that there were no detrimental effects of violent video gameplay.
    This finding stands in contrast to some experimental studies, in which short-term effects of violent video game exposure have been investigated and where increases in aggressive thoughts and affect as well as decreases in helping behaviour have been observed. However, these effects of violent video gaming on aggressiveness—if present at all (see above)—seem to be rather short-lived, potentially lasting <15 min. In addition, these short-term effects of video gaming are far from consistent as multiple studies fail to demonstrate or replicate them.

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