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Grandia is a 1997 RPG Video Game created by Game Arts.


  • Liete: Welcome, he who holds the Spirit Stone
  • Justin: Father... I'm sorry. I couldn't tell Mom after all. Father...and Grandfather, too. I'm going to the New Continent. I'm going to travel the world just like you did. Thanks to your Spirit Stone, Father! The Stone told me that Angelou isn't a myth. It's on the New Continent. Now I know. You must have felt like this on the morning of your first adventure, too. [He turns, looking the Spirit Stone in his hand] Father... do you.... Do you think I can really be like you? Everyone that Mom tells me about was much stronger, and much braver than me. Much, much more like an adventurer. [The Spirit Stone gleams; Justin backs talking to his father's picture] ... ... ... You're right! This is nothing like me at all! Right, Father? I'll leave my picture here for you! I promise that I'll become an adventurer greater than you. Good bye, Mom! [Justin affixes a picture of him with hammer and nails] I'm going!
  • Feena: An adventurer's as free as the wind.


  • Sue [about the guitar on the table of the House 2 in Parm]: A first-rate lady should be able to play an instrument like this as a sign of good breeding.
    Justin: Don’t’ give me that! It’s much more important to polish my swordsmanship! When a monster comes after you, this thing won’t be any use at all!
    Sue: If you’re not an adventurer, that’s not a worry!
  • Feena: Oh! What a beautiful morning! Good morning, Justin! Did you sleep well?
    Justin: Huh? Oh, uh....
    Feena: Oh, I see.... Hey, Justin, do you know where the wind is coming from?This wind starts in the mountains over there, and it carries the birds'calls and the scent of the forest. I was thinking about the wind a lot last night. What does the wind see? If we were flying like the wind, I wonder if the things that you see would be the same things I see.
    Justin: Feena?
    Feena: I love the wind. I'd forgotten how this feels, thanks for helping me remember. Let's go, Justin. Let's go where the wind starts!
    Justin: Oh yeah! Let's go, Feena!! So when do we leave?
    Feena: Naturally. We're leaving right now! I wouldn't wait another second for this feeling...this moment!
  • Justin: Wow! Murals! Look at the murals, Leen!! I wonder... Are these murals of the Icarians? These murals.... Why did they draw such sad-looking scenes? That's just too weird! I mean, the Angelou Civilization was a wonderful and awesome world, right?
    Leen: Justin, do you really think that a past civilization could have been so wonderful?
    Justin: Huh? What do you mean?
    Leen: If it was such a great civilization, then it wouldn't have perished.Don't you think, Justin? Also...why do you suppose they built that huge wall at the End of the World, dividing the continent in two? Perhaps the world of the Icarians and the Spirit Stones was really awful. Maybe it's not a world that we would want to live in....
    Justin: Don't imagine such awful things. Why would your Forces be interested in an awful world? Oh, sorry... I'm not supposed to ask. I promised.
    Leen: I'm so...sorry. I, uh... I was....
    Justin: Hey, no problem! Don't worry about it. Let's go, Leen.
  • Justin: YESS! We did it!
    Gadwin: Ha ha ha! Indeed, Justin!
    Sue: Now Justin and Feena don't have to be sacrificed!
    Feena: Aah... Justin, what's that glittering? Look, look. Over there, too.
    Justin: Huh? What, Feena? I see. These are the same things we saw at Typhoon Tower.
    [The volcano rumbles.]
    Justin: Wow. What's happening?
    Gadwin: The volcano has come back to life. It will start erupting right away!
    Sue: Yikes! This is the crater here. If it erupts, we'll all be sacrificed. No, more like sacri-fried.
    Feena: No time for word games. If we don't get out quickly, we'll all be toast.
  • Dight inhabitant [In House 2]: That old saying is true, "You don't know happiness until you've lost it".
    Feena: Right. I suppose that living a "normal life" is probably the happiest way to live. I'm already happy, and I wouldn't want to destroy this happiness. On the one hand, "I can recognize that I'm happy where I am" is pretty insightful for a fifteen year old. On the other hand, "Fuck you, adult person! I'm happy doing what I am right now and I don't ever wanna change!" is decidedly less insightful, and more teenager-y. But the game seems to be hinting at the former interpretation.
  • Sue: ... ... Ahhh, am I really just a kid? Huh, Dr. Alma? Isn't Justin kinda selfish? You know, leaving me behind like this. And now he gets bigger and bigger, all by himself!
    Alma: know, at his age, the boys shoot up like weeds. Girls, they blossom like flowers. You'll be grown up in another five years.
    Sue: Another five years, huh? Until then, I'll...I'll just...I'll just, uh...oh, I don't know.
  • Baal/Gaia: We know you...we know you want something.
    We know you hate something.
    We know that all humans were born to hate what is richer than ourselves and strive to TAKE it.
    Even if you were to take all the riches that are left in the world your greed will NEVER be satisfied.
    Justin: Humans were NEVER born to fight and steal! We were born to open up the same path TOGETHER!

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