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Butter, rye-bread, and young cheese: whoever cannot say that is not a true Frisian.

Pier Gerlofs Donia (c. 148028 October 1520) was a Frisian warrior, pirate, freedom fighter and folk hero. He is most known by his Frisian nickname "Grutte Pier" (in the old Frisian spelling "Greate Pier"), or by his Dutch aliases of "Grote Pier" and "Lange Pier".


  • Bûter, brea en griene tsiis: wa't dat net sizze ken, is gjin oprjochte Frys.
    • Translation: Butter, bread, and green cheese: whoever cannot say that is not a true Frisian.
    • According to legend, Pier forced his captives to repeat this shibboleth to distinguish Frisians from Dutch and Low Germans.
  • "De biezem yn'e mêst," sei Grutte Pier "wy sille de Sudersee skjinfeie!"
    • Translation: The Hollanders are like dunes, Donia said, We shall clean the South-Sea from them!
  • Nae Myn Heer ta
    • Translation: To my Lord.
    • After an old enemy of Pier Gerlofs asked him where he'd want to go in afterlife, he anwered that he wanted to go to God.

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