Green Lantern: First Flight

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Green Lantern: First Flight is a 2009 direct-to-video animated superhero film adaptation of the DC Comics Green Lantern mythology. Centering on the first mission of Hal Jordan (Christopher Meloni), the first human inducted into the Green Lantern Corps, the film is written by veteran DC Comics animation collaborator Alan Burnett, produced by Bruce Timm, and directed by Lauren Montgomery.


  • [to Hal] Let me tell you, friend. The only way to operate out here is by fear. They hit, I hit harder. They attack, I annihilate. I am the one constant, unassailable force against their chaos and you made them forget that. You think I enjoy this? Look at the universe the Guardians have created. We have the greatest power in the cosmos and what have they made us? Garbage collectors! We pick up the trash. [blasting away at garbage with Power Ring] A thief here, a killer there. Scum, dirt, filth! There's no end to it, but there could be. It's my dream that one day all of this rot will be wiped away. A new order will prevail, one that will end the chaos but it won't be built by the faint of heart. You got soft on me back there, Earth boy, and that I will not tolerate.

Abin Sur

  • [last words] You are now a... Green Lantern... One of the protectors of the universe... The Guardians... will send for you... Use... the ring... wisely.


  • [steps on Sinestro's hand and crushes his ring] Excuse me, poozer.


[first lines]
Hal Jordan: I'll tell you, Carol, it's quite a sight up here. All those stars, the blue water. Reminds me of that night in Cabo. Remember the restaurant?
Carol Ferris: Hal, stay on the flight.
Hal Jordan: A lot of sangria that night. Boy, could you put it away.
Carol Ferris: Hal.
Hal Jordan: I don't know how we ever made it back to the hotel...

Appa Ali Apsa: You must understand, earthling, the Green Lantern Corp is a privileged organization. Not just anyone can join. There are tremendous commitments. Each Lantern is responsible for patrolling one of 3600 sectors of the universe. But...
Hal Jordan: Sort of like one cop per precinct.
Appa Ali Apsa: Uh, yes. I suppose.
Hal Jordan: My uncle was a cop.
Appa Ali Apsa: Yes, fine...
Hal Jordan: Thirty years on the Coast City police force. He used to let me turn on the siren. Nice guy.
Appa Ali Apsa: But more than that, the Green Lantern ring is a complex tool. It takes someone with fierce concentration.
Hal Jordan: I think I pretty much got the hang of it.
Ranakar: [incredulous] He's got the hang of it.
Appa Ali Apsa: Ranakar.
Ranakar: Why are we even entertaining this? He's a human.
Ganthet: Yes, hard to get past that.
Appa Ali Apsa: I'm afraid the human race of Earth does not have the most stellar reputation.
Ranakar: The fact is humans are crude, base, fearful and untrustworthy.
Guardian: And then there's the smell.

Hal Jordan: So what now?
Sinestro: Now, I own your ass.

Ganthet: You can't condemn an entire species.
Ranakar: You said it yourself, Ganthet. It's a wonder they've lasted this long. Maybe you'd like me to list their atrocities. Maybe our human can help us. Maybe he has a few of his own.
Hal Jordan: Listen, buddy, I didn't ask for this ring. You want it back, because I've had just enough of this crap.
Ranakar: Well, it appears we can add impertinence to their many qualities.

Hal Jordan: What did the Guardian mean when he said the Energy-Rod might have been helpful?
Boodikka: Kanjar Ro controlled it through his thoughts. Though it might contain some psionic information.
Hal Jordan: Like where he put the yellow element?
Kilowog: Ranakar doesn't know his butt from his poozer.

Appa Ali Apsa: Where are you going?
Hal Jordan: I've gotta go punch a clock with my other boss. [as he's flying off] I can see where this is going to be a long commute.

Kilowog: [Hal's been asked to lead the oath] What's the matter?
Hal Jordan: I just learned the thing this morning.

Kilowog: The poozer's not even trained.
Sinestro: Someone's been practicing. And without a manual.

[Kilowog saves a falling Jordan using a giant fan and a cushion]
Hal Jordan: Clever!
Kilowog: Hey, I got a few tricks of my own too.

[Hal sees Abin Sur for the first time]
Hal Jordan: My God! [runs to help him]
Abin Sur: No... it's all right... my time has come.
Hal Jordan: You speak English?
Abin Sur: No... it's the ring. [Sur's ring floats off his hand] It has chosen you. Take it...


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