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Green Lantern: The Animated Series (2012-2013) was an American computer-animated television series based on the DC Comics superhero Green Lantern. The series aired on Cartoon Network, as part of their "DC Nation" television block.

Season 1[edit]

Beware My Power Part 1 [1.01][edit]

Carol Ferris: That bridge came down an hour ago, and you let me think you were dead all this time?
Hal Jordan: Oh... well, I landed in the desert, I had to hike to the freeway...
Carol Ferris: Typical!
Hal Jordan: So... you were worried about me?
Carol Ferris: You - you're replaceable! That was a billion dollar fighter jet!

Hal Jordan: Initiate Ultrawarp now.
Aya: Ultrawarp protocols require at least 43 minutes to calculate.
Hal Jordan: Aya, listen to me. Kilowog and I are Lanterns. We help people. And right now, there are some other Green Lanterns in trouble at the coordinates I gave you.
Aya: It is unsafe to bypass protocols.
Hal Jordan: Green Lanterns risk their lives to save others. Aya, please!

Beware My Power Part 2 [1.02][edit]

Sayd: If the truth does come out, many will wonder why it isn't recorded in the Book of Oa.
Ganthet: Because Sayd, history is written, or unwritten, by the victors...

Razer: This is YOUR fault! You Green Lanterns might enjoy destroying worlds, but I do not!
Kilowog: In case you haven't been keeping up with current events, you guys put this thing here and pressed the button! You want to help? Stop fighting us!
Razer: I won't listen to your lies! I'll destroy you both!
Kilowog: And what, become a mass-murderer by blowing up the planet? We know what you're fighting against, kid, but what are you fighting FOR?

Razer's Edge [1.03][edit]

Hal Jordan: The Red Lanterns abandoned you, Razer. Left you for dead. I think that calls for a little payback, don't you? Help us. Tell us what you know.
Razer: I do hate the Red Lanterns for what they've made me. But I haven't stopped hating Green Lanterns. It just means I have more people to hate.

Hal Jordan: Okay, squid, start talking. Kilowog here loves seafood and has a big appetite.
Kilowog: What?
Hal Jordan: It's an old interrogation method from Earth- Good cop, hungry cop.

Into the Abyss [1.04][edit]

Captain Goray: I heard of you Green Lanterns. I know you're brave and all, but you're crazy to go back.
Hal Jordan: Brave, crazy, it's a fine line.

Kilowog: Try something like that again, and I'm blowing my ring charge on you, pinhole or no pinhole.
Razer: I'm not afraid to die.
Hal Jordan: You should be. You'll live longer.

Heir Apparent [1.05][edit]

Aya: I can now assemble myself in 2.1 seconds.
Kilowog: And up until two days ago, you weren't much more than a real smart disembodied voice. Jordan, back me up here.
Hal Jordan: Any girl who can get ready in less then three seconds has has my stamp of approval.

Hal Jordan: Iolande, your name sounds like a waterfall.
Kilowog: Worst line ever.

Lost Planet [1.06][edit]

Hal Jordan: I called this meeting so we could assess our situation.
Razer: Easy. We'll be dead within a month.
Hal Jordan: How about we leave the tactical analysis to Sgt. Kilwog?

Razer: Taste the power of my ring!
Saint Walker: Rage has no real power, or taste for that matter. It's the orphan child of fear and despair.

Reckoning [1.07][edit]

Razer: Congratulations. After weeks of stalking Shard, you've unlocked the secret of when they dump their garbage. Can total victory be far behind?

[Razer recites the Red Lantern Oath to charge his ring]
Razer: With blood and rage of crimson red, we fill men's souls with darkest dread and twist your minds to pain and hate. We'll burn you all, that is your fate!

Fear Itself [1.08][edit]

Aya: Green Lantern, Hal, and Sergeant Kilowog, these are the last of your emergency provisions. A constant need for food seems to be a drawback of organic lifeforms.
Hal Jordan: Tell me about it. You don't have to eat grilled cheese in a can.

Kilowog: What is... "cheese," exactly?
Aya: It is curdled lacteal milk from a female bovine species on Earth.
Kilowog: From now on, how about you eat that in a closet or something?

...In Love and War [1.09][edit]

Queen Aga'Po: Long ago, we were of one race with your masters.
Kilowog: You and the Guardians? Thanks for putting THAT in my head.
Hal Jordan: And usually hot girls don't go for the nerds.

Carol Ferris: But if Earth needs someone fighting for us out here, they couldn't have chosen a braver or more resourceful champion than you.
Hal Jordan: Handsome. You forgot handsome.

Regime Change [1.10][edit]

Aya: The Red Lanterns have blocked our access to the ship.
Hal Jordan: That's what we get for parking in a bad neighborhood.

Appa Ali Apsa: Ganthet, you are hereby banished, sentenced to live out the rest of your days cut off from your species and your civilization. I almost feel the base emotion pity for you.
Ganthet: Only almost, though, Appa? And there's the pity.

Flight Club [1.11][edit]

Aya: I am receiving an incoming transmission from Oa. Guardian Appa Ali Apsa.
Hal Jordan: After what he did to Ganthet, let it go to voice mail or something. I don't feel like talking to that backstabbing blue munchkin pain in the...
Kilowog: Ahem, Jordan.
Appa Ali Apsa: Yes, communication with you, 2814, is equally unpleasant. However, the Guardians have need of you.

Hal Jordan: Underconfidence has never been my weakness. But my ring doesn't work here, and Bumpy just beat the wall and ceiling with Kilowog, who taught me most of what I know about hand-to-hand.
Byth Rok: I got you covered. Bumpy can't see out of his right eye. Approach from that side and grab on to his back, it'll slow him down.
Hal Jordan: If you knew his weak spot, then why didn't you take him down?
Byth Rok: Well, that's how I ended up here. He saw me coming, my wings are too large and beautiful. You're small and skinny, you have a better chance.
Hal Jordan: This had better work!
Byth Rok: Trust me.
Hal Jordan: Well... strange being on the other side of that saying for a change...

Invasion [1.12][edit]

Atrocitus: Tell me the code to the lighthouse. Now.
Byth Rok: For two thousand...
Zilius Zox: Money? You dare haggle with Lord Atrocitus as if he were a stinkin' lop fruit vendor?
Byth Rok: One thousand?
Zilius Zox: He did come down 50%, Master. That's a pretty good deal.

Hal Jordan: She totally disobeyed my order.
Kilowog: Oh, yeah, you especially should get mad when someone breaks the rules.

Homecoming [1.13][edit]

Kilowog: So that's it? That's your plan? Fine. I just got one question. ARE YOU NUTS?!?
Hal Jordan: Okay, this harebrained scheme makes my other schemes seem well-thought-out and practical. But what else can we do?

Hal Jordan: You're right! What the Manhunters did to your sector was a tragedy! Your rage is earned! But destroying life here isn't going to change what happened there. Let's work together to find a solution. A way to make things better for the people of the Forgotten Zone. Let us help!
Atrocitus: You can help, earth man. Your dying screams will help soothe the restless souls of our dead!

The New Guy [1.14][edit]

Hal Jordan: What are you waiting for? Afraid of the dark?
Guy Gardner: Hey, it's my little sidekick. Stay outside if I need you. At never o'clock!

[Gardner and Jordan fist-bump]
Hal Jordan: Finally! I can never get a fist-bump out there.
Guy Gardner: I know, right? Thousands of species in the Corps and we're the only ones who fist-bump.

Reboot [1.15][edit]

Hal Jordan: Look, my gut tells me that there's an outside force orchestrating this. We need to assemble as many GLs as we can and find the puppet master. Tomar-Re will back me up.
Tomar-Re: I hate to disagree with Hal Jordan's digestive juices, but I have found no controlling signal.

[after Jordan loses to Ch'p]
Kilowog: Okay, I'll get my gear and wait you on the Interceptor.
Hal Jordan: But I lost the bet...
Kilowog: I was going to go with you anyway. I just wanted to see you fight the squirrel.

Steam Lantern [1.16][edit]

Steam Lantern: We named it "Hardtofindium" because it's really, really...
Hal Jordan: Yeah, I get it. So, you're basically wearing a nuclear reactor you cobble together with chicken wire and string?

Steam Lantern: For the best then. I don't think I want to live on a world without sunrise.
Lady Catherine: Me, neither. How would we know when it was time for tea?
Hal Jordan: Oh, enough with the stiff-upper-lippery. No one is going to die on my watch.

Blue Hope [1.17][edit]

Saint Walker: You judge too quickly, Razer. Everyone and everything deserves love.
Razer: Says the man playing fetch with a giant worm.

Razer: It's pleasent to see you all. (looks at Kilowog) Even you.
Kilowog: Looks like Razer, definitely smells like Razer, but you ain't acting like Razer! What have you done with the angry guy?
Razer: Hopefully destroyed him. The old Razer was responsible for great evil. I came to Odym to ask the Blue Lanterns for help. Since their power negates my own, I thought this would be a great place to become someone else... someone less angry.

Prisoner of Sinestro [1.18][edit]

Kilowog: He's an undisciplined hothead who bends the rules to whatever he needs them to be that day.
Hal Jordan: Like I said, awesome. And taught me loads of useful tricks.
Kilowog: That's part of your problem.

Aya: Green Lanterns, I just had the strangest encounter with Razer.
Hal Jordan: Strange in what way?
Aya: He was very... friendly.
Hal Jordan: Oh... um, that's nothing to be worried or ashamed of. You see, Aya, some carbon-based lifeforms have these things called "hormones"...

Loss [1.19][edit]

Hal Jordan: Our presence is the symbol of the newly formed alliance between the Red and the Green Lanterns. A chance for peace in the galaxy for generations to come.
Kilowog: You know, you sound like one of those professional... what's it you're always telling me about?
Hal Jordan: Politicians?
Kilowog: No, liars.

Science Director: Excuse me, please, but Zox, it occurred to me. Perhaps we should consider putting a large monument to the Red Lanterns right here in this area. Something heroic.
Zilius Zox: Yes, that is a good idea. I know that a statue or two thousand of me might be just the thing to boost morale in the Forgotten Zone. Give them hope: a new leader rising heroically from the ashes.

Cold Fury [1.20][edit]

Razer: Do you share my opinion that the sweet embrace of death would be welcome today?
Hal Jordan: No, I do not.

Hal Jordan: Calm down, Aya. Something's wrong with you.
Aya: Incorrect. For the first time, everything is working properly. But you, all of you, are flawed, driven by your emotions. You cause only pain and suffering. I reject you and your kind. I reject you all.

Babel [1.21][edit]

[Razer prepares to attach his Red Lantern battery to the Interceptor]
Razer: By the way, if we do explode, you two are acceptable souls to be vaporized with.
Kilowog: Wait--what now?
Hal Jordan: No time for goodbye speeches. Fire up the engine.

Razer: That citadel is easily 25 kilometers away.
Kilowog: Nothing like a brisk mid-day run for our lives. Try and keep up.

Love is a Battlefield [1.22][edit]

Kilowog: Jordan, look at this map. There are fifteen near misses in the Anders Nebula alone. No human brain can react fast enough to get through that alive.
Hal Jordan: Flying is mostly instinct. There's no brain involved. (Kilowog stares) You know what I mean.

Hal Jordan: The Star Sapphire ring doesn't let you drag just anyone across the universe.
Carol Ferris: It was either you or my high school prom date, and he's an accountant in Tucson.

Larfleeze [1.23][edit]

Larfleeze: More thieves! Do you know what happens to thieves here?
Hal Jordan: You're the thief! You killed the Orange Lantern Corps and stole their power battery! It never belonged to you!
Larfleeze: Liar! It's mine-mine-mine-mine-miiiiine!
Razer: He's insane.

Razer: The sooner we leave, the sooner we can use our new secret power to help Aya.
Hal Jordan: What do you mean OUR secret power! The Orange Lantern is MINE, ALL MINE!
Razer: Something's not right...
Kilowog: You think?

Scarred [1.24][edit]

Kilowog: How do I let you talk me into these things, Jordan?
Hal Jordan: Because I'm the best and brightest recruit you've ever had.
Kilowog: Evidently the most delusional.

Kilowog: Lame-o, you're supposed to warn us about hostiles!
L.A.N.O.S.: Previously you asked me to "shut up." I successfully executed your orders.

Ranx [1.25][edit]

[Hal finds out that Guy Gardner has been promoted to Honor Guard]
Hal Jordan: So wait, if you're here, then who's the new Green Lantern of Earth?
Guy Gardner: I dunno, some other Earth guy, what's his name... Jon Stewart.
Hal Jordan: The fake news guy?

Guy Gardner: You probably just broke your ring. Did you leave it out in the rain?
Hal Jordan: Were you dropped on your head as a child? Never mind.

Dark Matter [1.26][edit]

Aya: You will be all right, Razer. You must be all right.
Razer: I will be... now that you have come back to me.
Aya: I was a threat to everything. To all life. In that one moment, you could have struck me down. Why didn't you?
Razer: How could I kill you? My red energy constructs are powered by hate, and there is no hate in my heart for you, Aya. Only love.

Razer: Don't leave me alone.
Aya: You will never be alone. You have a family now. And somehow I know I will be with you, too. Watching over you always.
Razer: I don't understand.
Aya: I do not, either. It is just... a feeling.

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