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Green for Danger is a 1946 film about a murder at an English country hospital during the Blitz. When a local postman inexplicably dies while undergoing a routine operation, suspicion falls on the six doctors and nurses present. After one of the six is stabbed to death while investigating the incident, a police inspector arrives to take up the case.

Directed by Sidney Gilliat. Written by Christianna Brand (story), Sidney Gilliat and Claude Guerney.

Inspector Cockrill[edit]

  • The police force hasn't a monopoly on fallen arches, Dr. Barnes. Ask any chiropodist.
  • [last lines] [dictating] In view of my failure — correction, comparative failure — I feel that I have no alternative but to offer you, sir, my resignation, in the sincere hope that you will not accept it. Full stop.


Dr. White: I do hope everything can be arranged discreetly.
Cockrill: Umm, shouldn't think so for a moment.
Dr. White: Why not? Press? Do they have to be seen?
Cockrill: Can't keep 'em out.
Dr. White: Oh, dear.
Cockrill: I don't mind; they always give me a good write-up.

Dr. Barney Barnes: I gave nitrous oxide at first, to get him under.
Cockrill: Oh yes, stuff the dentist gives you, hmmm — commonly known as "laughing gas".
Dr. Barnes: Used to be — actually the impurities cause the laughs.
Cockrill: Oh, just the same as in our music halls.


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